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December 20, 2014 Updates

Mike Miller was held out of Saturday's Cavaliers practice with a sprained right ankle he sustained in Friday's win over the Brooklyn Nets. Miller played on the ankle after rolling it, so it isn't being viewed as a significant injury. The sharpshooter was 7-of-8 from 3-point range in his first start and first game back from a concussion. Cleveland Plain Dealer

Mike Miller made his coach look like a genius Friday night. Miller, showing little rust from missing seven games with a concussion, scored 21 points on seven 3-pointers in his first start of the season, and the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Brooklyn Nets 95-91. Cavaliers coach David Blatt's decision to start Miller, who missed one 3-pointer in eight attempts and played 33 minutes, paid off in a major way. "When the fire is hot, you want to let it burn," Blatt said. "It was burning tonight." ESPN.com

When he was recovering from his concussion, he would put in extra hours of conditioning and shooting. He didn't want to just get back on the court. He wanted to be a force. It's another reason why his teammates adore him. "What makes me feel good is seeing my teammates succeed," James said of Miller. Cleveland Plain Dealer

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More than a decade later, Miller is no longer the slashing playmaker of his NBA youth. He’s now the smooth-shooting veteran on the revamped Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s a role he’s seemingly been preparing for his entire career: to be there at the right moment for the right shot or the right words. Wherever Miller has played, he has been a friend to the stars — and the scrubs, executives, coaches, and everyone in between. “He has the unique experience of playing in every situation,” said James Jones, a fellow Heat-to-Cavaliers transplant. “He’s been on rebuilding teams. He’s been on championship teams. He’s been on contending teams. He’s been a starter. He’s been the sixth man. He’s been out of the rotation. He’s been injured. He’s bounced back and came back. Every player in this league can relate to him on some level. That’s tough to find because you find that a lot of guys spend most of their time on the extremes. They’re either major rotation guys [who] get a lot of opportunities or they’re fringe guys that are grinding every day to maintain a position in the league.” Grantland

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"We’re a long ways away," Mike Miller was saying hours before the game while the media scrum hopped from LeBron James to Irving to Love. "But listen, there’s no substitute for talent. We have that. There’s no substitute for experience. We have that. There’s no substitute for youth and athleticism. We have that. So it’s a matter of things coming together. I tell people all the time, saying we’re going to sacrifice without knowing the outcome is very difficult to do. For the guys that have been through it and sacrificed and see what it’s worth, that’s where we can help. We’ll figure it out. Everybody wants it today. So do we. It’s just not going to be that easy." SB Nation

This is the other side of the LeBron effect. His presence not only guarantees a shot at a championship and the promise of meaningful basketball, it also brings a horde of media attention and scrutiny. Everything they do is magnified, whether it’s a sidelines out of bounds play or a handshake routine. "Any time you have expectations you’re going to have pitfalls and, ‘What the hell’s going on’ kind of deals," Miller said. "The one good thing about the whole Miami experience is even the media and fans realize that it isn’t going to be easy and it’s going to take time. When we started off 9-8 in Miami the world was coming to an end. We started off pretty slow this year in some aspects and it’s been, ‘Hey listen. It’s going to take time.’ We never had that in Miami. "The expectations are still the same and there’s going to be the criticisms, that’s all going to be there. We understand it. But there’s also a little bit of an understanding about the process and there was no understanding of the process the first go around. Not even the players. The players didn’t know either." SB Nation

November 1, 2014 Updates

It’s tough to simulate the atmosphere and energy of the playoffs, but Friday’s matchup between the Cavs and Bulls was as intense as an early November NBA game can probably be. That led to Kyrie Irving asking veteran Mike Miller if this is “similar to what a playoff game feels like?” Miller has 85 postseason games (and two championships) under his belt, so he’s definitely a good person to ask on the subject. Miller responded by saying it’s “a couple notches below it.” Larry Brown Sports

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