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April 15, 2014 Updates

Knicks coach Mike Woodson said he hasn’t been kept abreast of the Lamar Odom negotiations, but wishes they had signed the forward for this season. Odom is expected to sign with the Knicks before the season finale on a deal with a second, non-guaranteed year. Odom would not play this season, but would begin to work out under the auspices of the team during the offseason. New York Post

“His name came up, but nothing ever materialized,’’ Woodson said of Odom. “But his name did come up. “I like him,’’ Woodson added. “I like Lamar. I don’t know much about it, but from what I hear from [the media]. I think he’s a talent. He could’ve been good for us earlier. He does a lot of things on the floor that help you win basketball games, that’s for sure.’’ New York Post

April 14, 2014 Updates

Knicks coach Mike Woodson on Sunday shouldered blame for his team's lack of achievement this season, apologizing to the club's fan base ahead of the team's game against Chicago. "We didn't get it done, and at the end of the day as the coach, I just have to apologize to the fans," the 56-year-old said a day after the Knicks had been mathematically eliminated from postseason contention. Wall Street Journal

April 10, 2014 Updates

Phil Jackson’s been around the Knicks this week. But he hasn’t been as “hands-on” with the team as some expected him to be. “He’s letting me coach. That’s all you can ask at this point,” Mike Woodson said after practice on Wednesday. “At the end of the day, we’re trying to get this team in the playoffs and I’m sure when the time comes for Phil and I to talk we’ll talk.” ESPN.com

“I gather he’s kind of staying out of the way and letting me do my thing in terms of trying to get this team in the playoffs,” Woodson said. “That’s OK. I’m sure when the time comes he and I’ll have a chance to sit down and talk and see where we are. But first things first, guys, make no mistake about it, we’re in a playoff race trying to get this eighth spot. That’s where everybody’s focus should be.” ESPN.com

April 4, 2014 Updates

For Woodson, however, making the playoffs means much more. His job is on the line. “No playoffs, no Woody,” one league source told SheridanHoops. “Without question he’s fired (if they miss the playoffs),” one Eastern Conference scout also told SheridanHoops. SheridanHoops

April 3, 2014 Updates

Derek Fisher on Wednesday denied rumors that he’s been targeted as a potential replacement for New York coach Mike Woodson. “I congratulated (Knicks president Phil Jackson) and we’ve spoken,” Fisher said. “But he hasn’t said anything to me about it, and I haven’t said anything to him about it. And so the reports that I have been reported to about, I’ve found them pretty funny myself because it’s not something that’s happened directly between the people that are being mentioned.” Oklahoman

“That is not in my radar or in my scope or anything that I’ve thought about, even coaching in general,” Fisher said. “I think I’ve been pretty consistent with not really having that decided in terms of what’s next, absolutely. I’m so committed to being a player that it’s even hard to see myself doing some other things in particular, coaching or something that puts me on the other side of the sideline so quickly. I have a lot of respect for the profession. I think there are a lot of great coaches and great men out there, and great women, that do a phenomenal job. But for me it’s just, I picked that number on my jersey for a reason. And until that’s concluded, I haven’t spent a lot of time in terms of what my definite pursuit’s going to be after that.” Oklahoman

March 26, 2014 Updates

Phil Jackson was in the stands sitting with other Knicks executives as Mike Woodson put his team through shootaround Tuesday morning. Jackson didn't address the team or "say much," according to Woodson, whose future as the Knicks' coach is in doubt, especially with a new president on board. "Until I'm able to sit down with Phil and see the direction he wants to go, all I can do is continue to coach and continue to do the best job I can," Woodson said. Newsday

March 24, 2014 Updates
March 22, 2014 Updates

Woodson, after a 16-1 Sixers’ run, finally got his main group back in the final 33 seconds, just in time to save the Knicks from an unthinkable loss that would have been all on the coach. The Knicks hung on, 93-92 and pulled within three games of the eighth seed with the Hawks losing at home to New Orleans. “They scared the hell out of us,’’ Woodson said afterward. New York Post

March 21, 2014 Updates
March 19, 2014 Updates

Interestingly, one coaching veteran who Jackson has always admired is Larry Brown, the current Southern Methodist coach. But the Knicks' last go-round with Brown ended in a 23-win season, a power struggle with team president Isiah Thomas (they both lost) and a lawsuit over the money Brown was owed on his contract. It was settled for $18.5 million. The Knicks later forced Mike Woodson to fire his agent -- the late Joe Glass, who also represented Brown -- before signing him to a contract extension. So let's just say Brown is not at the top of the Vegas odds to become Jackson's first coaching hire. CBSSports.com

March 18, 2014 Updates

For The Win caught up with Turner/CBS NCAA analyst Steve Kerr before the start of the NCAA tournament. 1. Talking about his future with the Knicks makes him a bit uncomfortable: With Phil Jackson’s new position with the Knicks, among the top immediate rumors to hit the Twittersphere/blogsphere/general cycle of sports news was that Steve Kerr would be one of the candidates in contention to replace Mike Woodson (who has been on the hot seat this season.) “It’s just speculation, it’s just rumors,” he said. “I understand the speculation just because of my relationship with Phil Jackson. You know it’s sort of uncomfortable to talk about [the Knicks job] because it’s a job that’s currently occupied by a guy I really like and respect in Mike Woodson.” Kerr, who is set for a full slate of work at the NCAA tournament and later with the rest of the NBA season wouldn’t be sitting at home waiting for that call regardless — and with the Knicks in a recent win streak, it’s possible that Woodson could hold onto the position when Jackson comes on board. For The Win

March 17, 2014 Updates

Tuesday Phil Jackson will be introduced as the President of Basketball Operations — the Big Kahuna — of New York Knicks basketball. Likely his first big move to alter the organization will come at the end of the season when Mike Woodson is let go as coach. People around the league think Steve Kerr is at the front of the line for that job. Kerr was on the Dan Patrick Show (which you can watch every morning on the NBC Sports Network) and Dan asked him about the rumors, which Kerr admitted was awkward. “It’s very awkward because it is just speculation. More than anything, you’re talking about somebody else’s job.” NBCSports.com

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