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March 18, 2014 Updates

For The Win caught up with Turner/CBS NCAA analyst Steve Kerr before the start of the NCAA tournament. 1. Talking about his future with the Knicks makes him a bit uncomfortable: With Phil Jackson’s new position with the Knicks, among the top immediate rumors to hit the Twittersphere/blogsphere/general cycle of sports news was that Steve Kerr would be one of the candidates in contention to replace Mike Woodson (who has been on the hot seat this season.) “It’s just speculation, it’s just rumors,” he said. “I understand the speculation just because of my relationship with Phil Jackson. You know it’s sort of uncomfortable to talk about [the Knicks job] because it’s a job that’s currently occupied by a guy I really like and respect in Mike Woodson.” Kerr, who is set for a full slate of work at the NCAA tournament and later with the rest of the NBA season wouldn’t be sitting at home waiting for that call regardless — and with the Knicks in a recent win streak, it’s possible that Woodson could hold onto the position when Jackson comes on board. For The Win

March 17, 2014 Updates

Tuesday Phil Jackson will be introduced as the President of Basketball Operations — the Big Kahuna — of New York Knicks basketball. Likely his first big move to alter the organization will come at the end of the season when Mike Woodson is let go as coach. People around the league think Steve Kerr is at the front of the line for that job. Kerr was on the Dan Patrick Show (which you can watch every morning on the NBC Sports Network) and Dan asked him about the rumors, which Kerr admitted was awkward. “It’s very awkward because it is just speculation. More than anything, you’re talking about somebody else’s job.” NBCSports.com

Other highlights of the conversation. • Kerr said he and Jackson have kept in regular communication over the years. • On coaching in general: “I’ve been talking about it the last couple years. I left Phoenix when I was the general manager knowing I didn’t want to get back into management but feeling like coaching would be a possibility at some point. I love being on the floor with the players and as a GM I was like there one percent of the time. I love the game.” • He said he would prefer a West Coast coaching job but sounded like he would listen to a Jackson pitch. NBCSports.com

Metta World Peace said he was OK coach Mike Woodson denied him a spot in the rotation, but he wasn’t OK when told to tone it down in the locker room and refrain from taking a leadership role. That’s when World Peace realized his Knicks stint was over and left the team, asking for a buyout Feb. 22 in Atlanta. World Peace had played the night before in Orlando but knew that was just temporary. “He had his set rotation and I wasn’t in it,’’ World Peace told The Post by phone from his Beverly Hills home. “I played in Orlando only because [Iman] Shumpert was out. I asked my agent to be professional, respectful, and ask questions, and my agent said, ‘I think it’s best to try to get a buyout and get ready for the next opportunity.’ ” New York Post

World Peace had a player option for next season at $1.6 million and got about $250,000 of that figure in the buyout package, according to a source. “I didn’t mind playing any role, but I didn’t see myself having a role, not even a leadership role,’’ World Peace said. “I was fine with being on the bench, but at times I wanted to help lead. But at times I tried to lead, it was met with resistance. I backed off a little and tried to blend in with the team. I tried to find where I could complement the players but I couldn’t find any room to complement.’’ New York Post

March 15, 2014 Updates
March 14, 2014 Updates

Mike Woodson is a long shot to survive the anticipated purge at MSG. However, he may have a job lined up sooner than later. According to a source, Woodson would be a top candidate at his alma mater, Indiana University, if current coach Tom Crean does not return. The source claims that several prominent IU boosters are pushing to buy out Crean and install Woodson, a product of Indianapolis, as the coach. New York Daily News

Woodson, according to a team source, has been resigned to the fact that this would be his last season with the Knicks even before last Friday, when the Daily News first reported that Madison Square Chairman James Dolan had offered Phil Jackson a front-office job. Jackson has said on numerous occasions that he is no longer interested in coaching. New York Daily News

“I would just love the chance to sit with him and talk basketball,” Woodson added. “He’s a basketball guy, I’m a basketball guy. This is 30 years I’ve spent in this league, so that’s what we’ll do. But until that happens, my focus is strictly on trying to get this team in the playoffs. That’s it.” New York Daily News

March 13, 2014 Updates

Mike Woodson, who hasn't been willing to sit here and talk about most of the issues the Knicks have had this year, opened up about the failed expectations Wednesday. "Well again, I mean every year we as coaches go into a season with high expectation and it should be that way," Woodson said. "In New York, it's even higher and with the injuries early on, and I thought with missing JR early on, we just weren't able to set the tone like I thought we could have coming out of camp. The chemistry just wasn't there. "We've been fighting with injuries and guys being in and out of rotations that we've had so many lineup changes. This time last year we had a set lineup and we had a nicely set rotation and it just hasn't been that way. So in that regard it's been frustrating from a coaching standpoint, but again, I'm not one to complain. I'm going to keep pushing guys to try to get over the hump and see if we can get this eighth spot." Celtics Blog

March 12, 2014 Updates

Out of respect for Woodson, Kerr wouldn't express interest for a job that's not currently available. "I understood the speculation, because I said publicly that I'd like to coach," Kerr told Newsday Tuesday during a CBS/Turner breakfast previewing the NCAA Tournament. "Then obviously there's my relationship with Phil. So people put that together and all of a sudden I come to New York and my phone was blowing up. "So I understand it, but it's not something I want to discuss. It's sort of unfair. Put it this way: I'm very uncomfortable talking about a job that doesn't exist and one that is occupied by someone that I have a lot of respect for. So I'm not even going to go down that road." Newsday

March 11, 2014 Updates

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