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March 13, 2014 Updates

Mike Woodson, who hasn't been willing to sit here and talk about most of the issues the Knicks have had this year, opened up about the failed expectations Wednesday. "Well again, I mean every year we as coaches go into a season with high expectation and it should be that way," Woodson said. "In New York, it's even higher and with the injuries early on, and I thought with missing JR early on, we just weren't able to set the tone like I thought we could have coming out of camp. The chemistry just wasn't there. "We've been fighting with injuries and guys being in and out of rotations that we've had so many lineup changes. This time last year we had a set lineup and we had a nicely set rotation and it just hasn't been that way. So in that regard it's been frustrating from a coaching standpoint, but again, I'm not one to complain. I'm going to keep pushing guys to try to get over the hump and see if we can get this eighth spot." Celtics Blog

March 12, 2014 Updates

Out of respect for Woodson, Kerr wouldn't express interest for a job that's not currently available. "I understood the speculation, because I said publicly that I'd like to coach," Kerr told Newsday Tuesday during a CBS/Turner breakfast previewing the NCAA Tournament. "Then obviously there's my relationship with Phil. So people put that together and all of a sudden I come to New York and my phone was blowing up. "So I understand it, but it's not something I want to discuss. It's sort of unfair. Put it this way: I'm very uncomfortable talking about a job that doesn't exist and one that is occupied by someone that I have a lot of respect for. So I'm not even going to go down that road." Newsday

March 11, 2014 Updates
March 7, 2014 Updates

Yes, Mike Woodson has heard the Phil Jackson rumors and reports. But no, the Knicks coach does not want to comment on it. “I really don’t have an opinion on it. I really don’t,” Woodson said Friday before the Knicks faced the Jazz at the Garden. “As I sit here today I’m the coach of the New York Knicks. I’m not going to entertain anything about Phil. I have a great deal of respect for Phil, but I’m not going to entertain anything about Phil Jackson. My job is to get this team to play at a high level.” New York Post

Earlier this season, Knicks owner James Dolan voiced support of Woodson. Suffice it to say there has been no recent public vote of confidence. “I’m the coach of the Knicks. To me that means a lot,” Woodson said. “This is 30 years of me being in the NBA. I enjoy what I do. I enjoyed when I played. I enjoy my job as a coach. This has been kind of a roller-coaster ride for our ball club this year. On the flip side of that, we still have an opportunity to make the playoffs. Any coach, that’s the only thing you can ask, is getting in the playoffs. We got a long road ahead of us.” New York Post

The latest rumble in coaching circles holds that Madison Square Garden chairman Jim Dolan is keeping Woodson around purely because he knows that making major changes to the roster before next season -- given New York's lack of draft picks and cap space and limited trade assets -- will be extremely difficult. Which leaves Dolan, in terms of pitching Carmelo Anthony to stay this summer, with little else to say besides: Woody was the problem! ESPN.com

Sources say that, for all the Knicks' well-chronicled ties to Creative Artists Agency, there has been some sentiment within the organization to dump the CAA-repped Woodson as far back as Christmas. But Woody is still here, hanging on grimly, squirming in the NBA's hottest seat partly to spare Melo from uncomfortable questions about whether he wanted the coach to stay or go -- but mostly because Dolan needs an 82-game, start-to-finish scapegoat. ESPN.com

March 6, 2014 Updates

Mike Woodson said he spoke “in great detail” with Raymond Felton earlier this week about the point guard’s struggles on and off the court since his arrest last week on felony weapons charges. Felton responded with what the coach called his “best game of the season,” finishing with 18 points and eight assists in a controlled performance in the Knicks’ 118-106 slump-busting victory Wednesday over the Timberwolves. New York Daily News

“Those conversations, I’ve been having a lot of those lately with people who have a big impact in my life — my mom, a lot of people,” Felton said of his talk with Woodson, which took place after Monday’s loss at Detroit. “It definitely helps (with) everybody just being in my corner helping me through this tough time. “I had to sit back, clear my head, think of some things. I have a lot of people in my life who are in my corner. I got my son who looks up to me as a hero. . . . So I tried to clear my head and just play and be free. . . . My mind was in a different place tonight.” New York Daily News

March 5, 2014 Updates

Defiant Knicks coach Mike Woodson admits he’s “failed’’ in some areas but said he won’t “quit.’’ “I still think I was the guy for the job and I still think I’m the guy for the job,’’ he said Wednesday. New York Post

Asked by The Post if his message no longer is reaching the players, Woodson said, “When you lose, everybody tends to reach. Sometimes you might send the wrong message. I think you learn a lot about your basketball team when you do lose. They learn a lot about each other. The character changes a little bit. We’ve had some struggle, a lot of struggles. I don’t think they’re tuning me out. They’re still listening, but just not getting it done on the basketball floor. That’s the frustrating part of it. We’re in games. We’re competing. Then all of a sudden we forget how to compete. That’s strange as hell from a coaching standpoint. We got to keep working through it. I’m not going to quit. That’s just not my nature. I hope these guys don’t quit. I don’t think they are quitting.’’ New York Post

March 4, 2014 Updates

Entering Monday, opponents were shooting 51.2 percent against him at the rim, according to the N.B.A. Consider that the Indiana Pacers’ Roy Hibbert was limiting opponents to 41.1 percent shooting at the rim. In addition, more versatile players have had success drawing Chandler away from the basket, averaging .941 points per possession on shots attempted from 17 feet to the 3-point arc, according to Synergy Sports. “I mean, it’s not just Tyson,” Woodson said before the game. “I think when you’re talking about having a good team and winning games at a high level, it starts with everybody. We’ve kind of been missing across the board from a defensive standpoint. We just haven’t been able to sustain things over a 48-minute ballgame.” New York Times

March 3, 2014 Updates

The Knicks fired GM Glen Grunwald last summer, never really explaining what he did to deserve being dismissed after building the team that had the franchise's most successful season in 13 years. They brought back former MSG executive Steve Mills to replace Grunwald. Mills' relationships with CAA, which represents Anthony, Woodson, assistant general managers Mark Warkentein and Allan Houston, are being counted on to deliver Anthony this summer and beyond. NBA.com

Coach Mike Woodson looks beaten down, almost certain to be cashiered when the season mercifully ends. The rumor mill keeps trying to find a way to bring Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau to New York next season (not a chance in hell, you hear; Thibs may have his moments with Chicago's front office, but he has no interest climbing into that septic tank). NBA.com

Mike Woodson said before the game the Knicks weren’t willing to wait on the Glens Falls sharpshooter, who became a free agent when he was released by the Kings last week, and instead signed Shannon Brown and Earl Clark with their open roster spots. “We already made our moves with Shannon and Earl,’’ Woodson said. “Then [Jimmer] got released right after we made our moves. There really was no considerations there.’’ New York Post

March 1, 2014 Updates
February 27, 2014 Updates

Dime: Earlier this season, you made some comments about your displeasure with how the defensive schemes were being run. A couple of days later, coach Mike Woodson reportedly approached you about your comments. What exactly went on there? Tyson Chandler: I guess anything you say, people are going to write about it, and say what they want to say about it. People are going to pick it apart and make it be something else. Coach and I got together to reassure what was taking place. You know, during games you are going to make adjustments. Dime

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