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February 28, 2015 Updates

If he had remained under contract with the Bucks, Sanders still would have been able to draw a paycheck despite not playing as long as he complied with a mental health treatment plan, according to sources. Now that he's off contract, there's no structure in place for him. "He could've gotten paid, gotten full treatment, support," another source close to the negotiations said. "But that would've meant going to practice, getting coached, being part of the team, stop smoking weed, doing the treatment." ESPN.com

Sources who have been active in arranging care for Sanders worry that the financial security that comes with the buyout of his contract with Milwaukee for "about 40 cents on the dollar" presents a real risk that he won't seek the treatment he, by his own admission, desperately needs and will fall into a routine of bad habits. One of these sources agrees with the characterization that surfaced in December reports that Sanders no longer wanted to play basketball. "This is an important issue, but Larry is not the person to be the public face of it," the source said. "He says all the right things, now he has no credibility. You have to ask, 'Does he sincerely want treatment, or just to be left to do whatever he wants?'" ESPN.com

"People don't take into account that we're all very young men," Sanders said. "Scientifically, the brain doesn't stop developing. ... A guy comes into the league and it's nine or 10 years before his brain stops developing, for them to be settled with their true emotions, their cognitive reasoning, their rationality. This is the last thing to develop. But we're put into these positions where we're put on a pedestal. But chemically, we're not even fully developed yet." ESPN.com

Sanders said he'd started seeing a psychologist after his first positive test result for marijuana, which requires a player receive treatment, during the 2013-14 season. He had torn a ligament in his right thumb and had his left eye socket fractured. He was prescribed Vicodin for the pain, he said, but hated it. In lieu of traditional painkillers, he said, he turned to marijuana. "I'd had a good run of not violating, but after the eye injury, because I didn't want to use the Vicodin," Sanders said. "The effects it has on the body -- there's a lot of medication out there that will really [screw] you up. For me, my health, my safety. That's important." ESPN.com

February 26, 2015 Updates
February 25, 2015 Updates

Larry Sanders: I love basketball, and if I get to a point where I feel I’m capable of playing basketball again, I will. I’ve had to make the difficult decision to follow my intuition, and allow myself the space and time to explore my true purpose in life. The Players' Tribune

February 24, 2015 Updates
February 23, 2015 Updates

Kidd said rookie Jabari Parker is on schedule in the early stages of his recovery from anterior cruciate ligament surgery. Parker, a Chicago native, suffered a torn left ACL in a Dec. 15 game in Phoenix. He played 25 games and averaged 12.3 points and 5.5 rebounds before suffering the season-ending injury. "It's tough as a rookie to have that type of injury," Kidd said. "But one, I think he's in good spirits. And two, he's done everything for rehabbing and he's excited to get back. He's around the team. He comes to shootarounds still, being able to learn the game from a different seat. When he comes back on the court, the game becomes a little easier for him because he's seen it all." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Rookie forward Johnny O'Bryant returned to the team Monday after his fiancee gave birth to a baby girl, Amara, at a Chicago hospital earlier in the day . O'Bryant was warming up before Sunday's matinee home game against Atlanta when he received the news his fiancee, Ariel Ward, was getting ready to give birth. So he hustled to Chicago and was on hand when the baby arrived around 3 a.m. Monday. "She told me I needed to come to the hospital," O'Bryant said. "I got on the road and high-tailed it." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel



Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is No. 1 in a list filled with old-school players at the top.


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