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May 14, 2015 Updates
May 12, 2015 Updates

The Milwaukee Bucks today announced that Suki Hobson has been added to the team’s training staff as Senior Strength and Rehabilitation Specialist. Hobson brings over 15 years of experience working with elite athletes in the fields of strength, power and injury rehabilitation to the Bucks organization. Hobson joins the Bucks full-time after previously running her own interdisciplinary athletic performance and sports consultancy company, Athlete Revolution International, which is based in Melbourne, Australia, and operated around the world. Regarded for her innovative, athlete-centered, goal-driven and scientific approach to training, Hobson is a leader in the fields of strength training and athlete rehabilitation, with a particular emphasis in rehabilitation from ACL injuries. She has previously worked with multiple Australian Football League teams as well as the Queensland Academy of Sport, where she trained Olympic athletes during two summer and one winter Olympic cycles. NBA.com

Frank Madden: Cool to see Bucks hire strength/rehab specialist @sukihobson. Her experience w/ACL rehab likely a big + for Jabari: https://movementsquared.wordpress.com/2014/10/23/suki-hobson-strength-and-power-training-post-acl-reconstruction/ Twitter @brewhoop

May 11, 2015 Updates

A trio of players who were projected by most NBA scouts to be mid-first round selections has decided not to enter the draft, which is June 25. Those players are Caris LeVert, a shooting guard from Michigan, Kris Dunn, a point guard from Providence, and Jakob Poeltl, a center from Utah. According to sources, the Bucks had more than a passing interest in the 7-foot Poeltl, a native of Austria who averaged 9.1 points and 6.8 rebounds as a freshman this season. The decision by Poeltl to remain in college certainly doesn’t help the Bucks in their quest to draft a big man. Racine Journal-Times

According to several scouts, the only center who could now be chosen in the middle of the first round -- the Bucks have the 17th overall selection -- is Frank Kaminsky of Wisconsin. Kaminsky is generally regarded a lottery selection, a top 14 pick. He figures to be a potential selection for Miami (which currently has the 10th pick) and Utah (currently No. 12). However, if Kaminsky doesn’t fare well in his upcoming individual workouts, it’s conceivable he could slip to the Bucks, who could definitely use another center who can rebound and shoot efficiently from mid-range. Racine Journal-Times

May 10, 2015 Updates

Do you see yourself ever playing in Europe? Giannis Antetokounmpo: “Maybe, when I’m forty… Seriously, I’ve thought about it! To take teams from the A2 to the A1. I’ll come and play in Greece after 40. I’ll be able to manage a good 20 minutes. I’ll sit at the low post and score 10 points, get 10 rebounds and distribute 5-6 assists. EuroHoops.net

We all know you from your first years in basketball and we know that you can shoot from a distance. Why did you attempt three-pointers so rarely this year? Giannis Antetokounmpo: “I didn’t shoot because coach Kidd didn’t want me to shoot! Ultimately, this was of great help! I understood that at this stage I have to start my offensive moves from deeper in the court. Three-pointers and lay-ups I attempted mostly in my first season in the NBA. Now I’ve already added a low post game and I’m at a very good level in drives. Within the season I added the mid-distance shot. Next season I’ll add the three-pointer too. I don’t have to start shooting a lot of three-pointers. From now on, when I’m free I’ll execute. When I decide to add an element to my game and I set that as a goal, I’ll manage it, without a doubt.” EuroHoops.net

Which means that in the near future we will get to enjoy more… perimeter elements that your basketball instincts contain? Giannis Antetokounmpo: “What happened this year was this. Coach Kidd trusted me and I trusted him. At the beginning, when he told me not to shoot I didn’t particularly like that. I wanted to shoot! But he was right. Everything has to happen in the right timing. At some point at the end of the season he said to me, Giannis, now you can shoot. You’re ready. I told him that now I don’t want to (laughs!). I told my coach, don’t worry. Next season I’ll get it out on my own on the court, spontaneously. It’ll come from my game and the work I do every day.” EuroHoops.net

Giannis Antetokounmpo: “What I feel now is that I want to play in the national team. Maybe at some point my legs won’t hold. Maybe I’ll feel a lot of wear and tear, have injury problems. You can never know what condition you are going to be in every time when the years are going by. For as long as I feel that I can endure, though, I’ll always be present. I know that one day, I’ll be an important part of the national team and that the team will need me. Then and now, I have to live up to the expectations and act exactly like the old guys who have honored this jersey so much.” EuroHoops.net

May 6, 2015 Updates

One league executive told Sporting News that Middleton will draw an offer around — brace yourself — $15 million per year. “That’s what Chandler Parsons got, but this guy plays much better defense,” the executive said. Parsons was granted a three-year, $46 million deal by the Mavericks last season to ensure the Rockets didn't match. Now the Bucks have that dilemma, for a player who averaged 13.4 points a game this season but was their leading playoff scorer. Sporting News

All signs suggest they will match any deal he gets, and they have the space under the luxury tax line to do so. But they will need to consider a future in which they have to pay Carter-Williams, Antetokounmpo and Parker. Sporting News

May 5, 2015 Updates

Milwaukee should enter the summer with about $15 million in cap room, though Khris Middleton could start the three-day clock ticking on that room by signing an offer sheet with another team after the stroke of midnight on July 1. Middleton uses the same agency that represents Jason Kidd, and it’s possible he might hang out in free agency so the Bucks can strike. Grantland



Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is No. 1 in a list filled with old-school players at the top.


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