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March 27, 2015 Updates

But Carter-Williams will also acknowledge his mind hasn’t been totally on basketball. His grandfather, Leroy “Mike” Carter died Sunday in Hamilton , Mass. , from an apparent blood clot. He was 86. Carter-Williams said he and his grandfather had a special bond and spent a lot of time together over the years. Leroy was a veteran of the Korean War before becoming the owner of Carter’s Stables in Hamilton . He was an equestrian who trained race and show horses. “When I found out my grandfather had died, it hit me pretty hard,’’ Carter-Williams said. “It still hurts. I was very close to him. He lived next door to my family my whole life. “It was a tough loss for me and my family.’’ Racine Journal-Times

March 26, 2015 Updates

After all, the Bucks practice facility is located on the grounds of the Archbishop Cousins Catholic Center in St. Francis, Wis., south of Milwaukee on the shores of Lake Michigan. How much security do they really need? I sat down in the lobby and tried to make eye contact. Nothing. Wake up, buddy! I wasn’t the first and won’t be the last to get fooled. It’s a sculpture, a very lifelike sculpture that has duped several people, including players, new employees and visitors. Legend has it Michael Jordan walked into the Bucks practice facility, said hello to Art, was ignored and complained to Bucks management that the security guard didn’t acknowledge him. For The Win

March 24, 2015 Updates
March 23, 2015 Updates

You keep saying you haven’t thought about your free agency. Come on, admit you have! Khris Middleton: No, seriously. I went out to eat with my agent last night [in New York], and he asked me if I wanted to talk about it. I said no. I wouldn’t talk about it with him, even. I just want to wait until the season’s over — focus on basketball and making the playoffs. Everything else will figure itself out. Grantland

March 22, 2015 Updates
March 21, 2015 Updates

“Sometimes you’ve got to look in front of you. … We’re here to build something, not to do something in six months,” Kidd said. “This is a bigger picture so we feel that we have a core here that will be around a long time and have success.” “You have to show more film (to younger guys),” Kidd said. “You have to spend a little more time on the floor, because there’s just not enough minutes under some of the guys’ belts when you talk about 20 years old. they just haven’t had enough of seeing what’s in front of them until they strike 22 or 23 years old, then you can say they maybe have seen a lot of things that an 18-, 19-year old hasn’t seen before.” The Brooklyn Game

While Milwaukee Bucks executives and their new design team scramble to get cost estimates for a new downtown arena to city, county and state officials, the franchise is signaling that its owners will not go beyond their $250 million commitment for the project. A source familiar with the team's planning said principal owners Wes Edens and Marc Lasry "do not intend to exceed" the amount they promised when they purchased the team from former Sen. Herb Kohl. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

March 20, 2015 Updates

Kidd was asked about balancing the long-term vision for the team with the desire to make the playoffs this season. "What we've accomplished up to this point, I don't think a lot of people saw this," Kidd said. "We're in a pretty good seat with draft picks. We have a lot of money to spend (in the off-season) and we have pretty much everybody on our roster coming back. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"There's one guy in Khris (Middleton) who we have in free agency. But we're pretty much in a good seat. You can see on a nightly basis those guys in that locker room believe they're getting better and that they can win." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

You reached out to Larry Sanders to wish him well. What'd you think of his video? Do you think that's a message that needs to get out a little bit more — that basketball isn't the only thing that you guys care about? Andrew Bogut: It's a tricky one because we're paid a significant amount of money to play basketball and most people that support the game are passionate about it, they'd love to do what we're doing. So for someone to come out and say that it's my job, people probably can't relate to it as much. Which is unfortunate. Because it is, it does become a job after a while. I still enjoy it, I think most people that play it enjoy it, but it has its ups and downs. I think what Larry was trying to say is he doesn't want basketball to define him, he wants to define himself. And I think that's when we go back to what guys are doing off the court and all that, you gotta have outlets that aren't just predicated on basketball because you'll drive yourself crazy. You'll get to a point where you retire, and you want to know what happens to a lot of those guys two or three years out of retirement? They get depression and then all hell breaks loose financially and emotionally and socially. So I think he made the right decision. CBSSports.com

Andrew Bogut: A lot of people think he's crazy leaving that money on the table, but mental health is an interesting one. I have some friends and family that had similar issues. And it's a tough one because you can't see it. It's not not like a broken leg where you have a cast on and people can feel sorry for you. It's in your head. And people kind of call you soft and a pussy for it. That's just the reality of being a professional sportsman. You're supposed to be tough and be able to fight through anything. But I think what Larry did is an even tougher thing than what most people could do. The time I spent with Larry, he was a really good teammate. I got along with him just fine. He was a young player, I had no problems with him and I really do wish him the best. CBSSports.com



Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is No. 1 in a list filled with old-school players at the top.


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