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October 11, 2014 Updates
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So maybe it shouldn't be surprising that Silicon Valley is transforming how teams scrutinize, optimize and fundamentally think about their players -- or that Dr. Leslie Saxon, executive director of the Center for Body Computing at the University of Southern California, contends that the NBA is leading society into the biometric revolution. "We've been inundated with all these companies coming up with different things to look at and test," says Gregg Farnam, longtime Timberwolves trainer and the chairman of the National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association. "It's the explosion of data and data collection." ESPN.com

October 6, 2014 Updates

Rubio has been after a five-year contract with the Timberwolves, and though he’d like that deal to be a max, there is no doubt Minnesota won’t go that high. In fact, while it has been reported that the two sides are far apart on a number, you can get a sense of just how far — league sources told Sporting News that the Timberwolves’ best offer thus far has been four years in the range of $48 million. Sporting News

The exact amount Rubio could get with a max deal won’t be known until next year’s salary cap is announced, but as of now, it would shape up to be $85 million over the five years. Obviously, that is a significant difference. The Timberwolves don’t want to give Rubio a five-year deal because they are only allowed to extend one player on the roster for a contract that long — all others must be four-year deals. With good young talent like this year’s top pick, Andrew Wiggins, on hand, general manager Flip Saunders doesn’t want to tie up his five-year extension in Rubio. Sporting News

Ray Richardson: #Twolves coach Flip Saunders expects to play 10 or 11 guys Tuesday at Indiana. No Kevin Martin (groin), who did light work on side Monday. Twitter @twolvesnow

“There’s a misconception nationally, they think we’re really a super, super, super young team,” Saunders said. “But we’ve got veteran guys who have played in the playoffs, who have won championships, have been All-Stars, and everything else. Let people think we’re young. Like I told our players, that’s OK.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

October 5, 2014 Updates

Q First thing I have to ask: When I do a Google image search for Zach LaVine, the first thing that pops up is a picture of your former UCLA teammate, Kyle Anderson. What’s up with that? Zach LaVine: I noticed that, too. I don’t know what Google’s tripping on. I mean, we’re both a little light-skinned, but I don’t think we look the same. Maybe Google has to get that fixed. Q What’s it like being a teenage millionaire? Zach LaVine: I don’t even think of it like it like that. I just think about how I have the best job in the world. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to get to this point, so I feel like this has all become reality now. Minneapolis Star-Tribune



Kevin Garnett remains unquestionably the No. 1 player in franchise history with only another Kevin threatening that position.


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