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December 22, 2013 Updates

Rod Boone: Noticed Billy King having a sitdown with Mirza after practice. Could've been telling him they're going to need him more now without Brook. Twitter @rodboone

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December 3, 2013 Updates

Mirza Teletovic said he didn’t know anything about a Bosnian television report in which his European agent said Teletovic wished to be traded by the Nets. Teletovic said he “feels awesome” being in Brooklyn. Lately, absolutely. He’s averaging 14.3 points over the past three games. Given the injury to Pierce and how good he’s been at shooting and scoring, it doesn’t seem like there’s a reason for the Nets to deal Teletovic. Still, this is something worth keeping an eye on moving forward. ESPN.com

The best B&H basketball player Mirza Teletovic will leave the Brooklyn Nets if his manager Miodrag Ražnatovic is able to agree on a transfer to another NBA team. The manager from Belgrade confirmed this and said that ‘’Mirza did not receive a minute of playing time as in the preparatory period’’. ‘’Now the situation is better. He will get a chance, but, generally, our idea is to try to find luck somewhere else. We will try in a quiet and civilized way to agree with the club and to come to a trade in the next month or two where he will get more playing time’’, said his trainer. Sarajevo Times

‘’I am absolutely certain that he can be one of the top NBA players because he has a shot that other top players do not have. It is up to us to be able to find the right place, where he will have a leadership position as he had in the national team and in Kaha Laboral’’, said Miodrag Ražnatovic for TV1. Sarajevo Times

November 26, 2013 Updates

I asked Teletovic if, two seasons in, he thinks he has a role on this team. "I don’t know," he admits. "I just hope for the best, man. Just when I get in, I kind of have a role, it’s to space the floor, but it’s tough, you know? Right now, for the time that I’ve played, it just takes time to develop your role and to know what you need to do.” The Brooklyn Game

The inconsistent time on the floor is tough for Teletovic, who led Euroleague in scoring prior to joining the Nets in 2012, and would have led Eurobasket in scoring this offseason had he played enough games to qualify. "If you don’t play and then you go back into the game again, you’re totally out of rhythm and totally out of control," Teletovic said. "You can practice as much as you want, but it’s not game shape. Game shape is game shape, you know? When you play, you get in game shape. I try, when I get in the first couple of minutes, just to play defense, get some rebounds just to feel the ball and then after that I try to do something.” The Brooklyn Game

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Brooklyn Nets big men Andray Blatche and Mirza Teletovic got into a scuffle during Sunday's practice and had to be separated. No punches were thrown, and the team quickly resumed drills. "It's great. That's competition. That's what it's all about," Nets coach Jason Kidd said. "This team is put together to compete at a high level, and you saw that. There's nothing wrong with competition. Tempers might flare, but it's all out of respect, because we're all working hard, and as a coaching staff and as players, that's what you need." ESPN.com

October 13, 2013 Updates

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