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October 14, 2013 Updates

Brooklyn Nets big men Andray Blatche and Mirza Teletovic got into a scuffle during Sunday's practice and had to be separated. No punches were thrown, and the team quickly resumed drills. "It's great. That's competition. That's what it's all about," Nets coach Jason Kidd said. "This team is put together to compete at a high level, and you saw that. There's nothing wrong with competition. Tempers might flare, but it's all out of respect, because we're all working hard, and as a coaching staff and as players, that's what you need." ESPN.com

October 13, 2013 Updates
October 9, 2013 Updates

If Deron Williams has to do this every time Mirza Teletovic hits a three this season, Williams is going to build up those pecs — Teletovic can knock that shot down. During Brooklyn’s exhibition game Tuesday night, in the fourth quarter when Teletovic hit a three, teammates waived over D-Will to do a few pushups (Teletovic was 3-of-7 from three but it only happened once). NBCSports.com

September 26, 2013 Updates

Meanwhile, in an interview with Bosnian TV, Teletovic talked about how he had fielded offers from various European teams "throughout the summer" but that he wants to win a ring with the Nets. Asked by the interviewer if he thought his value had risen after Eurobasket, he smiled and said, "I hope so." "Throughout the whole summer, there were offers ... from European teams to NBA trade offers but I am standing behind what I said when I signed with Nets. My big desire is to stay with Nets and win a ring with them. For me, there is only one team and that team is the Nets," he told the interviewer.. "I think that we have super team. We brought in great new players and a coach, who was before everything else a great basketball player. He knows everything about basketball and I think that I will get my real chance and that we will all together do some big things in NBA." NetsDaily

September 12, 2013 Updates

Teletovic, who is 28 years old, carries a heavy load for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and his shooting percentage—38.6 from the field—reflects that. But he is second in the tournament with 21.0 points per game, and averages 7.8 rebounds. Bogdanovic, who is 24 and had hoped to sign this summer, is ninth in scoring (16.7 points) in the European tournament. Both players are in high demand around the league. But, as one general manager told SN, “The Nets don’t seem to have any interest in getting rid of either guy. Plenty of teams have asked, but they are not moving them, not right now.” Sporting News

In an interview with Bosnian reporters, Mirza Teletovic talked about how he is emotionally and physically spent from his team's failure to make the second round of Eurobasket Monday. Bosnia had to beat Lithuania by 10 to advance but they fell short when he missed a 30-foot buzzer beater. No problem, he told reporters. He's headed back to the US soon to join his teammates in informal workouts at the PNY Center. He said "someone" from the team had contacted him, asking when he was returning. The Nets have Media Day on September 30, then fly south that night to start training camp. But in the meantime, a number of Nets players have been working out informally at the Nets training facility. "Some players have already started to work, it would be good if I was there as soon as possible and begin to fit in," he said, adding "I think I will soon travel to America." NetsDaily

September 2, 2013 Updates

One of Bosnia's all-time greats,, now working with the front office of Fenerbahce in Istanbul, told a Bosnian newspaper Sunday that the Turkish team will continue to pursue Mirza Teletovic after failing to recruit him this summer. NetsDaily

Damir Mrsic, who played for Fener, said he had contacted Teletovic but that the "transfer" didn't work out. He told the interviewer that he believes "It would be great for both for him and for his family" to join Fener which has hired Europe's top coach, Zeljko Obradovic this summer and signed some of Europe's top players. Mrsic said the team, rebuffed by Teletovic, will continue to pursue him. "We did not give up the desire to bring Mirza to Fenerbahce Ulker. " However, a Turkish blogger reports that Teletovic's agent has denied the reports. NetsDaily

August 25, 2013 Updates

Q. You finished your first year in the NBA and lots of European players have played in the NBA with mixed results. Talk about your experience, what you learned in the NBA this last year and how are you applying it this summer and preparing for the next season. Mirza Teletovic: It's tough for all the European players during the first year in the NBA, especially if you don't get a lot of playing time, you can't get confidence, you can't really get into rythm. I couldn't catch five, six games in a row. I was always one game out... You're missing the confidence, you're missing your game... so I think for me it's important to come back here to Europe and still have lot of minutes to play here, and have other things and lots of practice. YouTube

August 18, 2013 Updates
August 7, 2013 Updates

Petrovic, Drazen Petrovic's brother, said some of his star's problem was to due to his experience in the NBA, "14 months not playing and frustration," meaning his limited use by the Nets. Petrovic did say the dispute was not irredeemable, but in his most biting comment said, "Mirza must understand that there is no player in the world, including Drazen Petrovic , who played without teammates" The accusations required Teletovic to issue a statement in which he promised "I will do even more in order to fulfill all the ideas selector have, because our goal is all the same, and it's a better result at the European Championships in Slovenia." The dispute was laid out on Twitter by Bosnian blogger, Ademir Avdic. NetsDaily

August 6, 2013 Updates

It's big news in Bosnia. Mirza Teletovic, the captain of the Bosnian national team, and Aco Petrovic, his coach, became embroiled in a controversy Friday when Petrovic told reporters, including those for Bosnian national TV that the 6'9" power forward showed up for training camp in bad shape and had a different view of how he fit into the team. Petrovic, Drazen Petrovic's brother, said some of his star's problem was to due to his experience in the NBA, "14 months not playing and frustration," meaning his limited use by the Nets. Petrovic did say the dispute was not irredeemable, but in his most biting comment said, "Mirza must understand that there is no player in the world, including Drazen Petrovic , who played without teammates" NetsDaily

July 23, 2013 Updates

Over the last couple of weeks, there've been rumors that Mirza Teletovic was ready to return to Europe, specifically Fenerbahce in Turkey or F.C. Barcelona in Spain, and abandon his NBA dream. League sources in the US denied it. They pointed out that the Bosnian player has no "out" in his contract. Nor had he asked for one. Over the weekend, Teletovic again said what he's been saying for months: despite disappointments last season, he isn't giving up on his "dream." "Before I went to the NBA, I had offers from European teams, which were financially generous," he told reporters at a Bosnian camp run by US AID. "I followed my dreams and went to the NBA. Last season was the way it is, but I have everything to motivate me and prove to all what I can." NetsDaily

In addition to speculation about his return to Europe, there were rumors about the possibility of him being traded by the Nets. He denied those too. "There is none of that. Nets are my team and no one else," Teletović told Sport Sport Bosnia. NetsDaily

July 22, 2013 Updates

In comments made at Thursday's press conference, and reported by al-Jazeera Balkans, Jason Kidd called Mirza Teletovic an "important" part of the team and said he's likely to have a bigger role this season than last when he was mostly nailed to the bench by Avery Johnson and P.J. Carlesimo. "Mirza will be an important part of this team. He's the guy who can contribute to the defense and has a good shot. These players that we're introducing today are very important. However, also very important are those players who have a specific role." NetsDaily

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