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April 18, 2015 Updates

In regards to the Lakers' philosophy for rebuilding, Kupchak said, "Our basic philosophy is to use the three tools available to us -- that's the ability to make a trade, the draft and cap room during the offseason. There's no way to etch a plan in stone that you know you can execute. You don't know who's going to be in the draft and we don't know which free agents are going to be free agents. "A lot of them don't have to declare until June 30. All you can do is set yourself up. We feel that we are set up to take advantage of all three of those ways to improve the team." ESPN.com

Kupchak acknowledged that the Lakers really don't know how free agents this summer will respond to the expected "windfall" in 2016 free agency. It might make sense to re-sign with existing teams on one-year deals and enjoy the deep 2016 market, limiting the Lakers' spending options this summer. "You really have to change the way you think about valuing players," Kupchak said. "A player today who is a $5 million player may be a $9 million player just a year from now. And that could be hard for a lot of people to wrap their arms around." Bleacher Report

The 76ers' rebuilding approach is one of the most aggressive and controversial in professional sports -- and Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak doesn't appear to be much of a fan. "I still don't understand what they're doing," Kupchak said Thursday at the Lakers' practice facility, where the team conducted exit interviews after its 2014-15 season ended the day before. ESPN.com

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