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The Magic have until Oct. 31 to exercise their third- or fourth-year options on several players’ rookie-scale contracts for the 2014-15 season. The Magic will exercise their third-year options on small forward Maurice Harkless and power forward Andrew Nicholson. Harkless will be paid about $1.89 million for the 2014-15 season, and Nicholson will be paid about $1.55 million for that season. Orlando Sentinel

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Magic rookie Maurice Harkless woke up at 4:45 Friday morning in a cold sweat. Did a nightmare about guarding Thunder superstar Kevin Durant on Friday night stir him from his slumber? Perhaps something more sinister was at work. The Magic stayed at the Skirvin Hilton, a 102-year-old hotel that, according to legend, is haunted by ghosts. Many, many years ago, the owner of the hotel, William Skirvin, supposedly had an affair with a maid that resulted in a pregnancy. The woman supposedly was locked in a top-floor room, grew despondent and eventually jumped out a window with the baby in her arms. Harkless heard that the hotel is said to be haunted. "I was aware of it, and I really don't like stuff like that," Harkless said, a smile crossing his face. "So I was a little paranoid." Harkless doesn't know what woke him up. Orlando Sentinel

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As additional subtext for Doug Collins' depressingly pessimistic take on how Andrew Bynum looked in his first team practice this season -- Collins basically said Bynum's absence killed the 76ers' season and he sees little chance of Bynum returning to change that based on how he looked -- sources say that Collins has been consumed (does he do anything any other way?) with tracking the boxscores and performances of Moe Harkless, the rookie forward the Sixers sent to Orlando as part of the deal that netted them Bynum. I can't say I've watched a load of Magic games this season or have a feel for the kind of season Harkless has had, but he's 19 and more or less has been in the rotation making a contribution all season long. That's more, obviously, than Bynum has done and it's not hard for me to imagine Collins torturing himself (and, quite possibly, others) with that fact. Sulia

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One has to wonder, deep down, if Harkless has revenge on his mind for Monday's game. Here he was, all settled in, waiting to start his career with the Sixers, and then came the trade. He laughed when asked if he wanted to prove the Sixers wrong, prove that he would've been a key addition. "At the end of the day it's business," Harkless said. "There's no hard feelings at all. I stood with those guys in the front office, and the coaches in Philly, you know, they're cool people. So, there's no hard feelings." He recapped how he heard the news on Aug. 9. Harkless was at a Wal-Mart in Queens with his uncle when his agent called and told him he'd be in Orlando by the end of the night. "I was surprised," Harkless said. "But I felt like it was a good opportunity in Orlando, and I'd try to make the best of it." CSNPhilly.com

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Rookie Magic SF Maurice Harkless is unhappy, and understandably so, after not playing in the last two games against the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls. Harkless started 20 consecutive games before being benched, the move coinciding with the return of Hedo Turkoglu. When I asked Harkless what coach Jacque Vaughn told him, Harkless said, tersely, "Nothing." Surely, Vaughn explained him his reasoning. "He didn't tell me anything," Harkless said. Orlando Sentinel

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