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But Coach Monty Williams said they will continue to restrict Gordon's minutes. However, Williams declined to say if he would play Gordon beyond the 24 minutes he played played last Saturday. ``He’s still on a minute restriction,'' Williams said. ``We’ll play it by ear on back-to-backs for now, and make sure we’re doing everything we can to keep him healthy, and keep him in top shape. ``At the same time, I don’t want everyone else backing off their game because Eric is back and playing. We went through this tough time, but we also had guys out there gaining confidence by doing things they’d never done before in an NBA game. We want to couple that confidence with what Eric brings to the table.” New Orleans Times-Picayune

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Last week, when Monty Williams was in Oklahoma City coaching the New Orleans Hornets, he heard about the Clackamas Town Center shooting. The former Trail Blazers assistant, who said he went to the mall at least 10 times with his kids, said he was instantly taken back to memories of his five years living in nearby West Linn, and coaching in Portland. “As soon as I got the news, I texted LaMarcus (Aldridge) just to make sure all the guys were OK, that nobody was in the mall,’’ Williams said. “I’m so tied to this area, I just didn’t want anybody to forget that I love them. But gosh, I would take my kids there and grab something to eat ... and you hear that news and you just don’t think something like that is going to happen in this community. When it does, it brings everybody back home.’’ Oregonian

"But the NBA isolates us a little bit, then when things happen, we think perspective, but that’s a natural reality for people in the Sudan, Johannesburg, third world South America. But for us, we live in a world where we read Hoopshype and RealGM everyday, and we don’t pay attention to what’s going on in the world.’’ Oregonian

When he gets back to New Orleans, he said he plans to meet with the schools of his kids. He wants to know what measures they are taking to protect the students. If they don’t convince him measures are being taken, he said he will pull his kids out. “You shouldn’t have to think of home schooling your kids for safety reasons,’’ Williams said. “That’s where I think we need to try harder to save our kids. Get rid of the red tape and bureaucracy. If we have to put policemen at all the schools in America, so be it. I mean, that’s what policemen are supposed to do, protect and serve. you shouldn’t be able to go and buy a bullet proof vest. That should throw a red flag to anyone who sells it.’’ Oregonian

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Without mentioning gun control specifically, New Orleans Hornets Coach Monty Williams, a father of five, said Friday night the Connecticut school shooting that left 20 young children dead among 27 fatalities calls for swift action to protect innocent victims. "It's past unfortunate; it's one of those situations that you don't have to have kids to have a load of compassion for all the families involved, even the kids who witnessed it and heard it," Williams said before the Hornets hosted the Minnesota Timberwolves. "At some point, we've got to get past bureaucracy and all the nonsense and do something about this so our kids can be safe. New Orleans Times-Picayune

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December 7, 2012 Updates

“It’s a great opportunity for me to develop my game, to develop my leadership skills, and I think this is a chance that I got to take advantage of because Coach Monty Williams really likes my game,” Vasquez said to HOOPSWORLD. “He likes what I do, and that’s important in the NBA when you get a coach that is really interested in helping you, he wants to help you, he wants to make you better, if you take advantage of that, you can really establish yourself in the NBA.” HoopsWorld

December 3, 2012 Updates

New Orleans Hornets rookie Anthony Davis is expected to be sidelined for another week because of a stress reaction in his left ankle that has forced him to miss seven consecutive games, Coach Monty Williams said Sunday. "If I have to guess, I think he’s a week away from us thinking about him ramping up his conditioning; let alone playing,'' Williams said. "So I just think it's still far off.'' New Orleans Times-Picayune

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"Austin is doing a decent job of trying to learn," Hornets coach Monty Williams said earlier in the week. "He's got to do a better job of picking up the NBA concepts. You're going to see flashes at times. You're going to see times where he looks like a college player, but he works hard. He's diligent about film work. He's going to get better because he works at it." SB Nation

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New Orleans coach Monty Williams talked about #Knicks success this season, saying Chandler is still underrated and Woodson has been the key in adding defense to the program. "They are a really good team,'' said Williams, a former first-round Knicks draft choice. "They have a lot of confidence. They’ve added some really good guys who complement what they already have. They don’t even have Stoudemire. Woody’s done a good job of implementing defense into that team and Carmelo is playing at a high level, Felton is playing at a high level and Chandler is the only defensive player of the year who is underrated.’’ Sulia

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"I work in a business where you just can’t say anything you want to say,’’ Williams said Wednesday after the Hornets' shootaround. "What I said was inappropriate and you have to deal with the consequences. My wife and I tried to turn it in a positive for my kids, but it’s unfortunate that it happened. You just try to move forward.’’ Before Saturday’s game, Williams didn’t appear happy that Davis could miss several games because he must complete a series of tests to determine if he’s fit to return under the league’s concussion policy. "The better he feels in the next couple of days, it helps the situation,'' Williams said before Saturday's game at the United Center against the Chicago Bulls. "But when you're dealing with the brain, I guess what's happening in football it's impacted everybody. So he got touched up a little bit last night and I'm sure that happens a lot in basketball. It's just that now you treat everybody like they have on white gloves and pink drawers. It's just getting old, but it's just the way the league is now.'' New Orleans Times-Picayune

New Orleans Hornets Coach Monty Williams said Wednesday his public comments critical of the NBA’s concussion policy were inappropriate and it was unfortunate that it happened. The NBA fined Williams $25,000 Tuesday because of his comments made prior to the Hornets’ game against the Chicago Bulls on Saturday. Washington Post

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