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March 6, 2015 Updates

His headiness as a player was all the more remarkable considering that he was stoned a large part of the time. “He was one of the few NBA players who could smoke marijuana and play the best 48 minutes you’ve ever seen,” said Danny Solomon, a former Hawks ballboy who is still one of Blaylock’s best friends. “And he was doing it for so long that it took a lot to have an effect.” Pot was one of his escapist pleasures, like the trout fishing vacations he took in Colorado or his golf habit. He first got in trouble for marijuana when he was suspended for the district championship game his senior year of high school. He was arrested for it twice during his career, including once in 1997, when he tried to take two ounces across the Canadian border as the Hawks boarded a flight from Vancouver after playing the Grizzlies. Smoking didn’t seem to diminish his focus; it takes an alert player to amass 2,075 career steals. Sports Illustrated

Athletes are famously fond of strip clubs, but Blaylock wasn’t an aggrandizing, make-it-rain type. Rather, he was a quiet afternoon regular who, according to Solomon, went by himself more often than not. “His thing was going to the strip club and looking at women all day. And I mean, all day,” Solomon said. The strip club was Blaylock’s safe place, where his status was validated, the parade of nude female bodies rendering verbose explanations unnecessary. At night, Crown Royal was his drink of choice—“If you had stock in Crown Royal, you’d have made a lot of money off him,” said Solomon—and his intake was extreme: a constant Crown on the rocks in his hand, plus seven to nine shots, according to Solomon. But he was mostly a calm drunk, the alcohol easing him into his own skin. “He’d get into his Crown and he’d have one or two women go downstairs with him. From time to time, there’d be a little extra money for some things. He’d get his regulars who he’d chit chat with, and of course the liquor brings the talking out, so it was perfect,” said Solomon. “I don’t know if you’d call it ‘partying,’ because he didn’t spend thousands. But he enjoyed getting out of the house. He enjoyed getting away.” Sports Illustrated

October 28, 2014 Updates

Former NBA player Daron "Mookie" Blaylock is sentenced to three years in jail after pleading guilty in a fatal crash. Blaylock agreed to a plea deal on Monday including seven years in prison, with four years suspended. He will then be on probation for eight years. 11Alive.com WXIA TV

May 1, 2014 Updates

Former NBA player Mookie Blaylock was indicted by a grand jury on 14 charges, including first-degree vehicular homicide, stemming from a car crash last year in Atlanta. Blaylock, 47, is accused of causing a May 31, 2013 head-on crash that killed a mother of five and injured her husband. If convicted, the former Atlanta Hawks star could face up to 33 years in prison, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He was indicted on Wednesday. Saul Star

March 26, 2014 Updates

Georgia prosecutors have upgraded criminal charges against former NBA player Mookie Blaylock in a head-on traffic crash last year that killed a 43-year-old mother of five, an official said on Tuesday. Blaylock, 47, was driving a 2010 Cadillac Escalade last May in Clayton County, south of Atlanta, when he crossed over the center line into oncoming traffic and struck a minivan, injuring a passenger, Monica Murphy, 40, who died hours later after undergoing surgery at Atlanta Medical Center, police said. Reuters

March 4, 2014 Updates

Blaylock, 46, pleaded guilty Monday to DUI and hit-and-run charges stemming from an incident last March, a spokeswoman for the State Court of Spalding County said Tuesday. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail, but was credited for the 14 days he served, attorney Don Samuel told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Within 48 hours of his release from jail, Blaylock must report to an in-patient rehabilitation program, Samuel said. On March 20, 2013, Blaylock’s 46th birthday, he was spotted staggering toward a grocery store and fell in the parking lot after allegedly hitting a vehicle, the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office report stated. Then on May 31, Blaylock allegedly caused a head-on crash in Clayton County that killed a 40-year-old mother of five, according to police. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

June 12, 2013 Updates

A Georgia judge has set bond at $250,000 for an ex-NBA player accused in a fatal suburban Atlanta car crash. Daron "Mookie" Blaylock appeared in court Tuesday on charges of vehicular homicide, driving on a suspended license, making an improper lane change and crossing the median in the head-on crash from May 31. The crash killed a 43-year-old woman. ESPN.com

June 11, 2013 Updates

After hearing a long list of his prior DUI arrests, Clayton County Chief Magistrate Judge Daphne Walker set a $250,000 bond for a man accused in a May 31 car crash that killed Monica Murphy, a mother of five. #Daron "Mookie" Blaylock, 46, was wheeled into his first appearance hearing Tuesday afternoon sporting bandages from the same crash. He was released from Atlanta Medical Center Monday and surrendered to Jonesboro police. He is being represented by Atlanta attorney Don Samuel, who attended the hearing. News-Daily

June 10, 2013 Updates

Former NBA All-Star Daron "Mookie" Blaylock is out of the hospital and in jail, charged with vehicular homicide in a car crash south of Atlanta. Blaylock is also charged with driving on a suspended license, making an improper lane change and crossing the median in the head-on crash that killed a 43-year-old woman in Jonesboro on May 31. Blaylock surrendered Monday and is being held without bond. Blaylock's attorney has said the former player blacked out just before the crash. Authorities have said Blaylock was also wanted elsewhere for failing to appear in court on a DUI charge. 13wmaz.com

"You could tell Mr. Blaylock was experiencing some pain," Jonesboro Police Chief, Franklin Allen, tells WSB. "He was still wearing his hospital wristband, he had a slight limp and he came into our facility with the help of a walker." Blaylock, who made the All-Star team in 1994, is charged with vehicular homicide, driving on a suspended license, and other charges stemming from the May 31 wreck on Tara Boulevard. WSB Radio

Allen says after turning himself in, Blaylock was taken to the Clayton County jail. There a hold was placed on him by authorities in Spalding County. Blaylock faces additional charges in Spalding of failure to appear on a DUI charge, along with drug related charges. WSB Radio

June 5, 2013 Updates

The fatal wreck involving former NBA star Mookie Blaylock was caused by a medical emergency and not a criminal matter, his attorney said Wednesday. “He had a blackout and what caused it, whether it be from his NBA career or something else, we’re trying to get to the bottom of it,” Don Samuel, a high-profile attorney, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Blaylock was seriously injured in the head-on wreck, which killed Monica Murphy, a 43-year-old mother of five, in Clayton County. He is accused of crossing the center of Tara Boulevard and colliding with a vehicle driven by Murphy’s husband, Frankie, who sustained a broken ankle in the crash. The former Hawks guard remains hospitalized at Atlanta Medical Center, but is conscious and aware of what has happened, Samuel said. “He’s terribly terribly upset about what happened,” Samuel said. “Being remorseful is an understatement to how he feels.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Investigators have said neither alcohol nor drugs were believed to be involved in the wreck, but toxicology tests have not been completed. Preliminary tests at the hospital revealed no alcohol or drugs, Samuel said. Mosley said if Blaylock was under the influence, his charges likely would be upgraded. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

June 3, 2013 Updates

A Cadillac Escalade driven by former NBA All-Star Mookie Blaylock came hurtling toward his van, Murphy said. "Oh, no, oh no," Murphy said he shouted, adding he had no time to get out of the way. The head-on collision -- Blaylock had crossed the median, going north in the wrong lane -- killed Murphy's wife. Monday, Blaylock was charged with second degree vehicular homicide, failure to maintain his lane and driving on a suspended license. Jonesboro Police Chief Franklin Allen said Blaylock had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in Spalding County on a DUI charge and his license had been suspended. USA Today Sports

Tasha Mosley, the Solicitor General for Clayton County, Ga., said the toxicology reports on Blaylock's blood test at the hospital after the accident have not been made available and are being handled by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. "He was driving on a suspended license. He shouldn't have been driving at all," Murphy said. "If he hadn't been driving, my wife would still be here." USA Today Sports

According to Bryan Bennett, Blaylock's brother-in-law, the former NBA star had seizures recently and the family wonders if it was a seizure that caused Blaylock to lose control of his vehicle. Mosley said a seizure would not mitigate or lessen the charges against Blaylock. "He has lawyered up," Mosley told USA TODAY Sports. "Their attorney is flying in from out of state." USA Today Sports

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