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March 17, 2015 Updates

Mychal Thompson, the father of Warriors guard Klay Thompson, is unhappy that the team was able to rest healthy players including his son at Denver on Friday. “This is a disgrace to the fans,” Mychal told 95.7 The Game as he was in town to broadcast the Los Angeles Lakers game Monday. “It is a disservice to the fans. “My cousin has nine kids. He bought his tickets. He didn’t ask Klay for his tickets. He bought his tickets to take his kids to the Denver game for the first time for them to get to see Klay play in person. He gets there. No Klay.” Contra Costa Times

January 24, 2015 Updates

SO: What was your reaction? Mychal Thompson: Mouth agape, eyes bugged out, just couldn’t believe, like any basketball fan, just could not believe what I was seeing, the shots he was taking. And you know, if you play this game long enough, and you’re good enough, we’ve all been in a zone where you just feel like everything you throw up’s going in. But I have never seen someone hit, what, nine threes in a row, something like that. SO: Klay said, “My dad’s going to say I should’ve got 60.” MT: Well, I can’t fault him this time, because he didn’t play (much of) the fourth (quarter). If he’d’a played the fourth quarter, definitely you gotta get in the 60s. San Francisco Chronicle

SO: Did you talk to Klay after the game? MT: For a minute. He was out with his brothers in a noisy environment, so I told him I’d call him this morning. He was out having fun with his two brothers. SO: What will you tell Klay? MT: Definitely enjoy it, and understand the historic significance of it. To do something that four of the greatest scorers in the history of the game—George Gervin, Michael (Jordan), Kobe and Wilt (Chamberlain)—never did, that’s surreal. Definitely enjoy the moment and appreciate it and respect it, and embrace it, too. You have one of those kind of games, the main thing you’ve gotta do is stay humble and stay focused. Enjoy the moment, but tomorrow you’ve gotta come out and perform all over again, can’t live in the past in the NBA. San Francisco Chronicle

January 5, 2015 Updates

And indeed, Thompson credits competition between teammates for his development into an all-around scoring threat. “Trying to chase Steph,” he says. “That’s how you stay hungry. Try to do what he does. I can’t do that. I don’t think anyone on this planet can.” As Thompson and Curry have grown into what many believe is the NBA’s best backcourt, it has become clear that they’re linked by much more than their catchy Splash Brothers nickname. Their fathers, Mychal Thompson and Dell Curry, both had successful NBA careers before becoming broadcast analysts for the Lakers and Hornets, respectively. Grantland

October 29, 2014 Updates

Mychal Thompson has said that his son, Klay, is seeking a maximum-salary contract. Myers has declined to comment on the nature of negotiations with the 24-year-old Thompson, who averaged a team-leading 21.7 points per game in the preseason. Contra Costa Times

October 14, 2014 Updates

Mychal noted that the player the Warriors did not trade Klay for in the offseason, Kevin Love, would have gotten a super max contract from Golden State. Klay’s father also indicated Friday he agreed that after Utah’s Gordon Hayward got a max contract, so should his son. “I think he is (a max player), but of course, I’m his dad,” Mychal said. “You know what, though? If he wasn’t, I would say it. I can be honest about it. “I think he is. I really do. His game’s really evolving, getting better, and he really puts in the work, got a great work ethic. And he’s the kind of guy that you can trust. You know when you give him the money, he’s not going to stop working hard.” Contra Costa Times

August 23, 2014 Updates
June 25, 2014 Updates
June 22, 2014 Updates

Warriors guard Klay Thompson understands that trade discussions involving him and Minnesota’s Kevin Love are part of the business and has the “right attitude,” Mychal Thompson, his father, told NBC Sports Radio on Saturday. “He’s got the right attitude,” Mychal said. “He’s not getting personally offended by his name being rumored to go someplace. He understands that unless your name is LeBron James or it’s Kevin Durant, anybody could be thrown into a trade or talked about in a trade. “So he’s got a professional approach about it, and if he ends up with the Lakers, great. He’ll make the most of it. He’ll be thrilled to be (in Los Angeles). But if he stays with Golden State, then he’ll be happy to stay up there with those guys. If he got traded to Minnesota? I told him, ‘Hey, you get to play with Ricky Rubio, the best passer in the game.’” Contra Costa Times

June 20, 2014 Updates

"It's disappointing, because Klay and I have been talking about this all summer and the possibility of this happening, as far as him and Kevin being together on the same team – along with Steph Curry," Mychal Thompson said. "And he was really looking forward to that. He thought that if you added Love to the Splash Brothers, with (Andrew) Bogut and (Andre) Iguodala, they had a chance . . . to get to the West finals next year. CSNBayArea.com

June 19, 2014 Updates

The potential trade, as described by Mychal Thompson, is this: Klay Thompson, forward David Lee and a future No. 1 pick (probably 2015) would go to the Timberwolves in exchange for Kevin Love and guard Kevin Martin. "My source knows what's going on up there (in Oakland)," Thompson said Thursday morning on the air of ESPN LA 710. "And since this guy told me that this is really close to happening, it just kind of depressed me." CSNBayArea.com

"It's disappointing, because Klay and I have been talking about this all summer and the possibility of this happening, as far as him and Kevin being together on the same team – along with Steph Curry," Mychal Thompson said. "And he was really looking forward to that. He thought that if you added Love to the Splash Brothers, with (Andrew) Bogut and (Andre) Iguodala, they had a chance . . . to get to the West finals next year. If this happens, I'm going to have to talk him down off the ledge." CSNBayArea.com

April 27, 2014 Updates

The NBA doesn't want its playoffs overshadowed by the growing controversy over racially insensitive comments attributed to Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling in an audiotape. But keeping it on the front burner Sunday, former Los Angeles Lakers center Mychal Thompson said black fans should stay away from Game 5 in the Golden State Warriors-Clippers series scheduled Tuesday at Los Angeles' Staples Center. "I think there will be thousands of empty seats," talk show host Thompson said on the radio Sunday on Los Angeles' 710 ESPN. Sterling "has said he doesn't want black people at his games, so I expect them to stay away." USA Today Sports

April 13, 2014 Updates

"It's unfortunate for those franchises if they don't make it," ABC/ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy said. "But the league, just because of how it's grown and the depth of teams and organizations, I don't think it's a major deal either. Those teams have proven to be great organizations, and they'll be in the playoffs in the near future and in the short term, once in a while to not have them in doesn't impact the playoffs negatively at all." That view isn't shared by everyone. Lakers radio analyst Mychael Thompson, who was part of some Showtime championships, disagreed. "It's horrible for the NBA that those markets may not be in the playoffs," Thompson said. "The NBA is a lot healthier business when those franchises are competing for championships, and they'll get back there." USA Today Sports

November 1, 2013 Updates
September 20, 2012 Updates

Mychal Thompson: Respected Kevin McHale immensely. When I first met him as a freshman at Minnesota, I realized how talented and special a player he was. He was a very confident player and carried that over into the NBA. One of my favorite players to go against because I had so much respect for him and his abilities. He was a great winner, and we will always be good friends off the court. Now on the court, we wanted to kill each other [laughs]. I had a lot of respect for him and he was one of the toughest guys I had to go against. SLAM

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