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December 17, 2010 Updates

The Texas Legends thus took it hard upon learning that Daniels, who's trying to get back to the NBA as the D-League's oldest player ever at 35, will be lost for at least four to six weeks thanks to a hand injury that probably will require surgery. "We will miss him dearly on many levels," Legends coach Nancy Lieberman said Thursday night. ESPN.com

November 30, 2010 Updates

Rookie guard Dominique Jones will be one of the featured attractions for the D-League Texas Legends’ first home game in Frisco. The Mavs will send their first-round pick down to the D-League for at least the rest of the week, allowing Jones to play in the Legends' next three games. “It’s a chance to play,” coach Rick Carlisle said. It’s a chance to work on his game. I’m sure [Legends coach Nancy Lieberman] will kick his ass, which is great. It’s an opportunity. Not many teams have a D-League team this close in proximity, so it’s an opportunity for us and for him.” ESPN.com

November 19, 2010 Updates
November 18, 2010 Updates

If it weren't Nancy Lieberman, this wouldn't look so natural. A slender 5-8 woman is crouching on a hardwood court gazed upon by a dozen breathing, sweating, balling, human-equivalents of the Sears Tower who also happen to be male, and she's the one offering rebounding instruction. "This little box-out here, that's rec league," she says. "Send a message." She speaks with what you might call an outside voice. Not with a yell, but with enough oomph to emphasize a point to her Texas Legends basketball team. Dallas Morning News

November 6, 2010 Updates

Nancy Lieberman is big news these days. Just ask President Obama. Lieberman, the Hall of Famer whom Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Terry calls the "Michael Jordan of women's basketball,'' was named last November as the first woman to coach in the NBA D-League. Last May, the Texas Legends boss was made to feel rather legendary when she visited the White House in honor of Jewish American Heritage Month. "I was invited and I went there and all he wanted to do (was talk basketball),'' Lieberman said of Obama. "It's weird. I felt this pull. He was shaking hands with all these people, in Congress, Senate, and then he looks at me and says, 'Nancy Lieberman.' I go, 'Hi Mr. President.' And he grabs my hand and he kind of pulls me. And I go out and we take a picture. And he's like, 'You've got to come play ball (on the White House court).''' FanHouse.com

Lieberman isn't too worried about any adjustments players must make to being coached by a woman. "When I did the "Today''' show in May, Amy (Robach), one of the hosts said to me, 'How are these guys going to take information from a woman?''' Lieberman said. "My response was, 'It's going to be normal. We've been telling you guys what to do our whole lives.' Woman have telling you what to do. Your mother. Your grandma. Your wife. Your ex-wife. Your girlfriend. You've been communicated to by woman your whole life. What's the difference?'' Well, one difference is Lieberman will have a won-loss record by her name. She's aware she will be judged by on that mark and there will be some who might equate losses to the fact she's a woman. But that's no big deal. Lieberman figures to take care of that by winning. "We will win,'' she said. "We will win because every one of those 10 young men (on the Legends) that comes here will have career years. We will make them better individually.'' FanHouse.com

July 19, 2010 Updates

Former WNBA coach/superstar Nancy Lieberman, who last November was named coach of the D-League's Texas Legends franchise, has been in town for 10 days scouting players in the NBA Summer League. She stuck around until the very end, even endured the Kings 85-54 loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the finale. "I've learned so much," said Lieberman, who will be the first woman to coach in the D-League. "Everything is so different in the mens game at this level, from the way the game is called, to the rules. I'm looking forward to the season." As is the case with the men who coach the WNBA, it will be interesting to watch the feisty, dynamic Lieberman transition to coaching men. Sacramento Bee

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