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August 21, 2013 Updates

Chicago Bulls Center Nazr Mohammed and his wife, Mandi, last week moved from a rental house in Lake Forest to a downtown Chicago apartment. With 16 seasons in the NBA and this year’s $1.4 million contract, Mohammed could afford to buy a house, but at the moment, he’s a committed renter, as he told me when we met backstage at Windy City Live a few weeks ago. Chicago Magazine

Nazr Mohammed: “[We rented when I played in New York and San Antonio, and then in 2007] when I got to Detroit as a free agent, I had just a signed a pretty nice contract and we had had two kids, so I wanted that feeling of owning something. But same situation: my financial adviser said, ‘Don’t,’ but I didn’t listen. We paid $700-something in Rochester Hills for 3,500 square feet finished and 2,000 feet of basement unfinished. Detroit wasn’t a good fit basketball-wise, but I started finishing the basement as soon as we moved in because I knew it would help sell the house at some point. We spent about $200,000, put a kitchen and bar down there—things we liked but that would help resale value—and we finished the basement a week after I got traded [to Charlotte]. The bottom had fallen out of the real estate market, and that house sat empty for a few years before we sold it. We sold for a little less than the purchase price, so we lost the whole [cost of the] basement.” Chicago Magazine

July 24, 2013 Updates
July 22, 2013 Updates

Nazr Mohammed: Congrats to @Nate Robinson on ur deal in Denver. U saved our asses on many nights in Chicago & we couldn't have done it without u. #Holdat Twitter @NazrMohammed

July 14, 2013 Updates
July 11, 2013 Updates
July 4, 2013 Updates
July 2, 2013 Updates

Nazr Mohammed: It was an easy decision because I really enjoyed my teammates, coaching staff, management and the fans. I felt that we exceeded everyone's expectations but our own. I decided to return to the city that I was born and raised in to play my 16th season. Looking forward to going to battle with a group of guys who never made excuses and just tried to find a way to win. Can't wait to play for the Bulls again next season #SeeRed #BullsNation #Holdat. Twitter @NazrMohammed

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June 28, 2013 Updates
May 28, 2013 Updates
May 17, 2013 Updates

One reserve the Bulls could bring back is center Nazr Mohammed, who was huge off the bench the last few months. “Yeah, I thought Nazr was tremendous,’’ Thibodeau said. “Hopefully we’ll have an opportunity with him, but again, you don’t know what the market will call for.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

May 13, 2013 Updates

For the second straight day, Thibodeau wouldn’t comment on the $35,000 fine he received from the NBA for criticizing officials following Game 3. The Bulls will be without Hinrich, Deng and Derrick Rose but will return Nazr Mohammed, who won’t receive any further league discipline after getting ejected from Game 3 for shoving LeBron James. Chicago Tribune

May 12, 2013 Updates

A few minutes later, Chicago forward Carlos Boozer had finished complaining about a noncall inside when James dribbled into the Miami forecourt. Mohammed tried to grab James to prevent a transition basket. James extended an arm to create space and sent Mohammed tumbling to the floor. “I seen him hawking me down for a long time, and I seen him come with one of those club fouls, which was unnecessary,” James said. “I basically just tried to protect myself, stand my ground.” New York Times

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