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Which brings us to Olshey's big challenge this offseason: Pulling off a small miracle. "Look, we've got some tools," Olshey said a few days later at his exit interview. "We've got the mid-level [exception], we've got the bi-annual [exception], we clearly don't have a lot of roster spots. But I think one of the things we've proven over the first two years is that we're going to be creative, we're going to be aggressive." Oregonian

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"They did a remarkable job with the remodel here," Stotts says. "When it was built, it was extremely functional and the best around at the time. Now after the remodel and expansion, I don't know if there's one better in the league." If one person deserves credit for pushing the project through, it's second-year general manager Neil Olshey, who convinced owner Paul Allen to provide the capital to update Portland's facility. "It shows commitment," Olshey says. "It has become an arms race around the league. This used to be a unique building. It was one of the first in the league that had its own practice facility. Now it's commonplace. Portland Tribune

Adds Olshey: "The dining room has become the showpiece. This has become the biggest impact spot, more than any other area in the building. Every morning you come in and guys are sitting together like a family, eating breakfast and sharing time together. After practice, guys are lingering, whether they're getting treatment or watching games. It's the lounge concept in a dining room." Portland Tribune

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