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April 21, 2013 Updates

Despite the injury and second-half swoon, Batum justified that contract and established himself as a key piece in the Blazers' roster rebuild. "What really impressed me with Nicolas was the number of ways he can impact a game," Blazers general manager Neil Olshey said. "The three ball was always there. He can finish in transition. The chase-down blocks. But being able to play multiple positions, being able to play with the ball in his hands; he's a much more creative passer than I thought. I always knew he was a willing passer. But the creativity and the vision; he saw plays that I wasn't sure he could see." Oregonian

April 20, 2013 Updates

Going to tender qualifying offer to Eric Maynor? Neil Olshey: It's more strategic than complex. Eric has a very significant cap hold. We really like Eric. We made the moves because we want him to be a part of our future but there are realities to how strategically we can maximize the amount of room we have, the mini-mid level that we have and the draft pick. Who knows? Our roster may look far different come July 1 which can affect what we do as well. Eric, Andy Miller, everybody knows we are going to maximize every tool that we have knowing that we are taking into consideration that we want Eric back with us. Blazers Edge

Waiving Jared Jeffries Neil Olshey: Jared was well aware that we were always going to have to waive him. He was part of a sign-and-trade where we had to do three years. His second year would have been guaranteed within five days after the end of the season. We felt it was appropriate to handle while he was here. He was a player that we we were going to have to renounce anyway to create the maximum amount of cap room. As we told Jared, we'll look into it again at the end of the summer. If we have a need and he doesn't have a job, it's something that we can discuss. Right now, where this organization is going, we need every ounce of cap room we can get to create the best roster possible. Blazers Edge

April 18, 2013 Updates

Chris Haynes: #Blazers GM Neil Olshey says Jared Jeffries was always aware that he would be waived. Blazers have 11.6M in cap to work with this summer. Twitter @ChrisBHaynes

Q: How would you assess the first seasons of Olshey and Stotts? A: “I think they’re both doing a very good job. Obviously, here at the end of the season, we’ve had — injuries can really get you. Between Wes (Matthews) and Nic (Batum) and (LaMarcus Aldridge) having issues with his ankle and so forth, there’s just been, that can always — especially when you don’t have as much depth as you would like — that can really hurt you. I think you saw Terry institute that new brand of basketball to start out the season. I think it’s, as compared to the styles we’ve had previous seasons, I think it’s a refreshing, unselfish style. In terms of what Neil did, I think we did very well on the draft. I don’t think there’s any question about that. And I think getting Eric Maynor at the trading deadline, that was a nice move. So we’re positioning ourselves with the future, with cap room, draft picks, flexibility. So it’s going to be a very interesting offseason.” Oregonian

April 14, 2013 Updates

According to Olshey, Portsmouth is a good way to gauge work ethic. Only seriously hard-working seniors find their way to this event, and that’s something NBA scouts watch out for. “They’ve been through a long college season, so one of the indicators here is that the guys who are playing are guys that really love basketball,” Olshey said. “These are guys that are fringe draftable players, so this is a first step. Are they committed to the game? Do they play because they love it? Do they want to compete no matter what the environment is, or just when the popcorn is popping on ESPN that they bring their game?” HoopsWorld

April 5, 2013 Updates

They are not equipped with a ton of high-figure assets, but they will have the ability to execute a lopsided trade, taking on extra salary than what they sent out. Teams looking to shed salary will surely touch base with the Trail Blazers inquiring about such. “We'll be very proactive this summer,” Olshey said. “What we've seen this season is that this team isn't very far away. We'll have the flexibility to make a move if we choose to do so or not, but it has to be the right move for the organization.” CSNNW.com

March 8, 2013 Updates

McGowan speaks almost daily with general manager Neil Olshey, who runs the basketball side of the operation, and often sits with him at games. “But I don’t get involved in player-personnel stuff,” McGowan says. “There are organizational initiatives we partner on. We are going to remodel the practice facility this offseason, for instance. But I want to drive the business side. I have my hands full there.” Portland Tribune

March 7, 2013 Updates

Eric Maynor could stick? Neil Olshey: That was not a deal done in a vacuum just to get us over the next 25 games. Eric is being evaluated just like everybody else on the roster. What was intriguing about Eric is that he was a restricted free agent and we do have the ability to keep him long-term. He's represented by an agent who we have a good relationship with, who also represents Jared Jeffries and J.J. Hickson and had Jamal Crawford. For me in Los Angeles, he represented Kenyon Martin and Chauncey Billups. We're going to work together with Andy [Miller] to make sure that this is the right spot for Eric and he works into our roster composition and our culture going forward. Blazers Edge

Have you decided who is staying and who is going in the offseason? Neil Olshey: We have for the most part. It's certainly nothing that we're going to make public. There are certain guys that the organization had made commitments to prior to our arrival, both Terry and myself, that we were going to give an opportunity to compete, see how they fit into Terry's system of coaching offensively and defensively. How they fit into our team and culture going forward. That's another positive that's come out of this season. Where there were many question marks on some guys who may or may not have gotten an opportunity to play, others have gotten opportunities to play, we've gotten a feel for who they are and how they would fit into our program going forward. Blazers Edge

February 24, 2013 Updates

Maynor can become a restricted free agent this summer, if Portland opts to sign him to a $3.35 million offer sheet. In announcing the trade Thursday, Blazers general manager Neil Olshey said he wants to see how Maynor fits in before he decides on that, but said it is possible the Blazers could try to keep Maynor as a long-term piece “I think I’m going to cross that (bridge) later,” Maynor said. “I think just concentrate on the rest of this season. Hopefully, maybe we can get something done.” Oregonian

January 21, 2013 Updates

If the Blazers make the playoffs, they lose their 2013 first round draft pick to Charlotte as part of the Gerald Wallace trade. In fact, if the Blazers fall anywhere outside the top 12, their pick goes to the Bobcats. This is impedes the Blazers’ grand plan in two ways: 1. General manager Neil Olshey’s vision to retool the roster is based on acquiring young assets through the draft and making smart, sustainable moves in free agency. Losing a first round pick in 2013 - even with what many feel is a mediocre draft class - stunts that process. Oregonian

2. The potential of losing the 2013 first round pick to Charlotte this season also handcuffs Olshey in constructing a potential deal next month before the Feb. 21 trading deadline. He can’t entice a team with a 2014 first round pick because he has to be wary of The Stepien Rule, which prohibits teams from losing first round picks through trades in successive drafts. The restriction on including a 2014 first round pick in a trade is of the factors stacked up against Olshey improving the team’s bench for the season’s stretch run. “If that pick wasn’t encumbered, we would have far more flexibility in constructing a deal which would allow us to acquire a player that could contribute immediately,'' Olshey said. Oregonian

January 20, 2013 Updates

Which brings us back to Olshey, the man with a silver tongue, sharp eye and iron gut. He admits he misjudged how good the starters were. He acknowledges the bench needs to be upgraded. And, he admits, he probably won’t do anything about it this season. “Right now, this calls for some real patience and diligence. To not throw the baby out with the bath water because of a real successful first half of the season,’’ Olshey said. “I think the mission is still the same: The players we needed to play well are playing well and what we need to do is develop the guys on the bench, preserve our assets and our flexibility so we can go after guys and be really aggressive next summer.’’ Oregonian

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