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How's your foot? Nene: My Achilles, it's better. It's progressing. It's still a little sore. It's hard to warm up, and get relief. Do you have a return date in mind yet? We'll see day-by-day. Today, I played a little bit, and we'll see how I feel tomorrow. Grantland

Will you play in the FIBA World Cup in 2014 if Brazil gets a wild-card bid? I don't know. I had injuries in the past, and that gave other players the opportunity to play, to develop a little bit, to get experience. The season here, in the NBA, is almost 115 games if you make the playoffs. [The Brazilian Basketball Confederation has] no clue what it is. At the end of the season, you need rest. You need to calm yourself down a little bit. Grantland

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Michael Lee: Nene will play vs ORL despite sore right heel. "I don’t know how good I’m going to do but I’ll be there.” wapo.st/1k2D9Lo #wizards Twitter @MrMichaelLee

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“Nene played big for us. Humongous,” Trevor Ariza said after watching Nene reach a new career high with 30 points and help the Wizards defeat the Lakers, 116-111, at Verizon Center in their first game this season without Beal. In 638 regular season games, and another 44 in the postseason, Nene had never scored 30 points – or even 29 – until Tuesday night. In his first 9 ½ seasons in Denver, Nene scored 28 points three times. And since arriving in Washington, Nene had never scored more than 24 – which he had done twice already this season. As usual, the very religious Nene gave credit to Jesus for his performance but the 31-year-old power forward also wanted to make clear that he’s aging well. “I feel like wine,” Nene said, with a smile. “Get old. Get better.” Washington Post

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“They kicked our butts in the most classy way — playing the right way,” Nene said, fuming following the clinical destruction of the Wizards by the selfless Spurs. “It’s crazy, that’s what makes me mad. Our young guys think they’re so smart. But if I was young, I would watch video of that game for one week to see if I could learn something, because the way they play is how you’re supposed to play. Washington Post

“They not talented as us,” Nene continued. “They have great players, a great team, but the way they execute things, the way they cut, the way they exploit weaknesses, swing the ball. They don’t think about stats. We still think about stats. Our young guys must take their heads out their butts and play the right way, because I’m getting tired of this.” Washington Post

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But on Sunday night, when Wizards forward Nene picked a fight, Westbrook was virtually powerless to fight back, proof that while his knee may be structurally sound, neither his bark nor his bite are quite yet back. The Thunder went on to a secure a 106-105 come-from-behind overtime win over the Wizards without Westbrook, who after shoving Nene in retaliation following a second dust-up, was ejected along with Nene with 3:19 remaining in the fourth quarter. Oklahoman

Royce Young: Russell Westbrook absolutely did not want to talk about the mini-altercation with Nene: "What you talking about? Did we win? Alright." Twitter @royceyoung

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