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August 4, 2012 Updates

Will this man in his “Republic of Brooklyn” shirt, this filmmaker who made the borough of his childhood a living, breathing character in six movies over 26 years, now forsake his beloved New York Knicks and root for the Brooklyn Nets? Spike Lee shoots a sideways glance suggesting the reporter is guilty of early morning drug use. “I wish I had a dollar for every time people ask me that — I could finance another film,” he says. “No, no and no. Can’t do that. Can’t. “I am orange and blue, baby,” he says in reference to the colors of the Knicks. “Orange and blue.” New York Times

He waves his arms at the scene. (Caution: The difficulty for a writer bound by The New York Times’s style is that Spike Lee is gorgeously fluent in New Yorkese, including our birthright use of a certain four-letter word as verb, noun, adjective and adverb.) “The diversity of this place is great,” he says. “But if every” New Yorker “is a millionaire, then New York City is going to suck!” New York Times

July 6, 2012 Updates
July 2, 2012 Updates

Hennigan said on Monday that Howard reiterated a trade request last Friday when the two met in Los Angeles. Specifically, Howard asked to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets where he could play in the New York City market and team with close friend Deron Williams. Hennigan, who was hired by the Magic on June 21, described the talks with Howard (privately) and with his agent, Dan Fegan, as ``engaging and polite’’ and ``emotion neutral,’’ but he made no promises as what direction Orlando would go in the coming days and weeks. ``As I told Dwight, `I don’t know, I need to think about what you are telling me. I want to take some time and think about everything,’’’ Hennigan said of the talks. ``We’re going to continue to map out what we feel is in the best interests of our team. Any decision that we decide to go forward with will be one that we feel puts our team in a position to be successful.’’ NBA.com

June 20, 2012 Updates

All-Star point guard Steve Nash, an unrestricted free agent, said Wednesday he would weigh an offer from New York Knicks, should they choose to make one. "The Knicks are a great franchise and I live in New York City (each summer), so I'd definitely consider them if they were interested," the Phoenix Suns mainstay said at a promotional appearance in Manhattan. ESPN.com

April 3, 2012 Updates

After years of taking that winding drive along New Jersey Route 3 to have their fortunes determined by ping-pong balls in a drum, the 14 teams that miss out on the playoffs this season will be taking a journey to a different location in hopes of altering the course of their respective franchises. The NBA is moving the draft lottery to New York, according to multiple league sources. Since 1994, the NBA has held the draft order drawing for the teams that failed to make the postseason at its studios in Secaucus, N.J. But the league laid off more than 100 employees and shut down one of its two offices in Secaucus last summer, creating an opening for a new venue. The lottery will be held on May 30 and the location in New York will be announced in the next few weeks. Washington Post

February 1, 2012 Updates

The Knicks scored more points than any Pistons opponent. They shot the best field-goal percentage (60). The 27-point final margin marked the Pistons’ worst loss of the season, and was their seventh loss of 20-plus points, including all three games on this four-game road trip so far. New York also took advantage of another rash of Pistons turnovers -- 22 in all -- to shoot an astonishing 26-of-30 on shots in the paint, and hand Detroit its sixth consecutive loss. "We’re not even putting ourselves in position where these games are in doubt," Frank said. "I think we’re all embarrassed that we’re not doing better, and we’re all involved in it. We all have to raise our hand and figure out areas we can improve." Booth Newspapers

December 17, 2011 Updates

Travis Outlaw, who the Nets waived Thursday, also is on the Knicks’ radar. A source said the interest is mutual. Bergen Record

December 14, 2011 Updates

Evans strictly is a reserve — and potentially a good one, having played two seasons for assistant Mike Woodson in Atlanta when Woodson was head coach. “Mo has always been undervalued, whatever team he goes he always ends up playing more than anticipated,’’ Evans’ agent Roger Montgomery told The Post. “New York’s like his second home now [after the lockout]. When you mention Evans and Jamal, Jamal has the stylish name but the Knicks need the substance. Mo gives them substance. I think he can be perfect for what they’re looking for — defense.’’ New York Post

December 13, 2011 Updates

For the talks to gather significant momentum again, the Clippers want the NBA to return with a far more modest proposal of what they want for Paul. “They’re scrambling now,” one official said of the NBA. “But it’s still hard to tell if they really want to trade him, or they’re just determined to keep the asking price in a place where they can hold onto him for the next owner. …These guys in New York had no idea how hard this process would be.” Yahoo! Sports

December 12, 2011 Updates

Miller, according to several sources, sent a letter to teams over the weekend that reiterated that Billups would be unhappy if anyone claimed him out of the waiver pool (for at least $1.35 million, the minimum for 10-plus year veterans like Billups) after being released by New York on Saturday via the amnesty provision. Miller did not respond to e-mails and calls seeking comment Monday. NBA.com

The Chris Paul circus began anew on Sunday, when two sources confirmed an ESPN.com report that the Hornets and Clippers have re-engaged in trade discussions for the four-time All-Star point guard. While Paul had long hoped he could wind up with Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire in New York, sources close to Paul have previously told SI.com that Los Angeles -- either with the Clippers or Lakers -- would be desirable as a long-term landing spot, as well. Because Paul can become a free agent next summer, teams are looking for some assurance that he would eventually commit beyond this season. SI.com

December 11, 2011 Updates

The Indianapolis Star reported earlier Sunday that the New York Knicks' pursuit of Jamal Crawford in a sign-and-trade deal with Atlanta and one more unspecified team was expected to put the Pacers back on the Mayo trail. Yahoo! Sports reported Saturday night that the Pacers had moved strongly into the bidding for West when the Hornets and Celtics could not immediately complete a sign-and-trade deal to land West with the Celtics. ESPN.com

December 10, 2011 Updates
December 8, 2011 Updates

This summer and fall, I spent 156 hours in some of New York’s finest hotels. I did not sleep, or shower, or earn rewards points. I was not, in the vernacular of the service industry, a “guest.” At times, I felt more like a hostage, subsisting on a diet of stale pizza, trail mix and anonymous sources. To be a reporter covering the N.B.A. lockout was to enter a parallel universe, where normalcy was suspended, truth was pliable and time had no meaning. Absurdity reigned. New York Times

The fans helped keep us sane — along with reruns of “Seinfeld” streaming on the touchpad screens of Ken Berger of CBSSports.com and Alan Hahn of Newsday. The fans kept us fed, too. A network of generous bloggers, coordinated by the salary-cap savant Larry Coon — out of pity or support — regularly sent us stacks of pizza. Marc Cornstein, a New York-based player agent, sent two massive deli platters (thus inspiring a new sandwich title, the Cornstein on rye). The Brooklyn-bound Nets also sent pizza one afternoon, to the chagrin of the Waldorf security staff, which harrumphed at the stack of cardboard boxes in their pristine lobby. (That lobby was routinely chilled to what felt like 55 degrees, which at least helped keep us awake.) New York Times

December 1, 2011 Updates

Anthony, who was the first Knick to arrive at MSG Training Center, denied that he is doing any recruiting, though he and Paul spent much of the summer together -- some of it in New York -- and have developed a close friendship. "I'm not involved in that process. No way," Anthony said of Paul's future. "That's a subject, a topic, that I don't want to touch. I don't want to deal with that. Regardless of what I'm saying here today, that will be the biggest topic, the biggest discussion, at the beginning of the season. "As far as me recruiting Chris Paul, no, not at all. We're very close friends, I'm pretty sure you guys saw him out here in New York a lot . . . but we've never had any kind of conversation about him coming to New York.'' Newsday

November 2, 2011 Updates

After spending the past few days trying to convince outsiders that its union is not splintering, members of the NBA Players Association's executive committee will meet this week to map out their next move in stalled labor negotiations with league officials. Sources told ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher that the union's executive board has scheduled a Thursday session in New York in the wake of multiple public denials from executive director Billy Hunter and president Derek Fisher. The denials followed numerous published reports since the weekend that the union's top two officials are no longer working in concert. ESPN.com

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