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March 27, 2015 Updates
March 26, 2015 Updates

Will the Magic pay Tobias Harris? That is the magic question. Harris has posted a solid season since the Magic tabled extension talks in October. Harris is believed to be obtainable in free agency even though the Magic plan to issue a qualifying offer and restrict his free agency. There have been a number of teams linked to Harris including the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers and even Atlanta Hawks. Basketball Insiders

Jordan had a monster outing, finishing with 14 points (7-of-7 shooting), 10 rebounds and five blocks. He scored most of his points on rim-rattling dunks as the Knicks let him get behind the defense for a series of alley-oops. Asked if he’d consider joining a Knicks team despite its current 14-58 record, Jordan said: “I love New York City. I love the city. But right now I’m not thinking of free agency. I’m thinking about finishing our season off strong and focusing on the playoffs.’’ New York Post

March 25, 2015 Updates
March 24, 2015 Updates

Gasol’s history in the city of Memphis and what he has spent a large portion of his life building with the Grizzlies will almost certainly prove too much to leave behind this offseason. The Grizzlies clinched the playoffs for the fifth straight season and 50 wins for the third consecutive year on Monday night with a 103-82 drubbing of the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, holding the home team to 34 second-half points. “I don’t know what factors are going to play in my decision, but the factors there is today is that you can’t change the past,” Gasol said. “You can’t change where I’ve been for the majority of my life as an adult. I got to Memphis when I was 16. My family’s been tied to the franchise since the franchise has been in Memphis. You can’t change that.” SheridanHoops

In a different context, however, coach Derek Fisher said Monday that while there is a lot of time between now and July, Gasol’s history with the Grizzlies and their run of success seems very difficult to abandon. “I don’t know what the future holds, but I know what the past and the present is,” Gasol said. “I think that’s pretty clear.” SheridanHoops

Gasol was the Defensive Player of the Year in 2013. Allen, a three-time All-Defensive Team selection, would not entertain the thought of seeing Gasol in another uniform – especially that of the Knicks, who desperately need a star alongside Carmelo Anthony – because he views his teammate as more than a Grizzly. He sees Gasol as the Grizzly. “He looks good in a Memphis Grizzlies uniform,” Tony Allen told SheridanHoops. “The colors just fit him perfectly. He’s not a bright orange kind of guy. He fits the blue. The blue bear. He is the Grizzly.” SheridanHoops

And do not discount the lure of the success of the Grizzlies who are headed to a franchise-best season after becoming a 50-victory team for a third straight season. “I don’t know what factors will play into my decision but the factors that are there today, you can’t change the past,” said Gasol, a 14.0-point, 7.9-rebound performer for his career while averaging 17.8 points and 8.0 rebounds this season after his 21-point, 8-rebound effort against the Knicks. “You can’t change where I’ve been for the majority of my life as an adult. New York Post

March 23, 2015 Updates


Carmelo Anthony already ahead of Phil Jackson, but still far away from the all-time New York greats.


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