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May 21, 2015 Updates

The great unknown is that Jackson has never been responsible for making a first-round pick in his career, much less a pick as high as four. The consensus among executives, scouts and agents is that Jackson will actively look to deal the fourth pick for a proven veteran. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it shows that Jackson, who will turn 70 in September, is looking for a quick fix and doesn’t have the appetite for rebuilding. New York Daily News

“Teams are ripe for movement and are open to it,’’ one pro personnel director said. The thinking is the Knicks could add a veteran rotation player and perhaps still get Cauley-Stein, Winslow, Frank Kaminsky or Stanley Johnson. Since the Knicks don’t have a pick next year, they also have interest in acquiring a 2016 first-rounder to move back as that would not cut into their 2015 cap space. “They’re going to be really bad next year so might as well,’’ one Western Conference executive said. “They will do their due diligence,’’ another NBA executive said. “There’s going to be talks. It’s all about how much they are asking for.’’ New York Post

May 20, 2015 Updates
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April 21, 2015 Updates
April 14, 2015 Updates

Jose Calderon doesn't believe he's played his last game as a Knick. The veteran point guard said he wants to be back next season and thinks he will be. "I really want to stay here," Calderon said. "I think they want me here. That's the feeling I got. I think I really can help this team next year." Newsday

Calderon knows the business of the NBA, and that his name will be mentioned in different scenarios this offseason. But he doesn't seem concerned. "It'll be there," Calderon said with a big smile. "To be honest, I want to be here. When you go through a season like this you don't want to be out of it when good things are coming. We'll have some new guys or whatever. Melo will be healthy, and we'll be good. We'll be a good team for sure." Newsday

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March 12, 2015 Updates

If a team offered an established All-Star and at least one other high-caliber starter, wouldn't the Knicks be obligated to consider it? Absolutely, said a rival general manager, who noted that a top-five pick offers no guarantee of stardom, or even competence. Indeed, many high picks go bust or turn out to be merely average. In the NBA, sometimes the sure thing is better than the prospect behind Door No. 2. "You could certainly make a case for trading (the pick)," said a veteran Eastern Conference scout. Bleacher Report

March 9, 2015 Updates

The Magic tried to trade for Quincy Acy at the deadline and the Knicks wouldn’t take back any salary to make a deal happen. As for Faried. I wouldn’t touch that contract yet. There are a lot of things that Faried does that I like, but there are as many as I don’t. I wouldn’t tie that much cap space up in Faried in Orlando, he’s very unpredictable and hard to coach. Basketball Insiders

March 8, 2015 Updates

But those counting on seeing Kentucky's Karl-Anthony Towns or Duke's Jahlil Okafor in a Knicks jersey next season might want to temper expectations. In an interview on ESPN New York's "The Robin Lundberg Show," ESPN NBA reporter Brian Windhorst said the Knicks are listening to offers on their first-round pick. Specifically, Windhorst said the Knicks are looking into "opportunities" to see "what they could possibly get if they trade their draft pick." ESPN.com


Carmelo Anthony already ahead of Phil Jackson, but still far away from the all-time New York greats.


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