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December 19, 2014 Updates

“I was happy in Denver. I was having fun in Denver,” he said. “You start getting smarter, you start getting wiser [and] you start realizing we can’t have this team forever. Key guys’ contracts are up; we can’t sign everybody back. I was thinking, ‘I don’t want to rebuild on my dime.’ ” Washington Post

Those close to Anthony credit his marriage to LaLa Vazquez and the birth of their son for helping him mature and break away from the people and distractions that could have derailed him. “I had to sit down with myself, ‘Do I really want to be known for being Melo the thug, or do I want to change my life?’ ” he said. “I can’t be Melo from Myrtle Avenue in Baltimore. I can’t roll with the same people that I was rolling with. That’s when I started making my circle smaller and really taking advice from different people.” Washington Post

“I didn’t think it would be like this,” he said. “I’m like, why? Time goes by so fast, and one thing you realize: You can’t control winning. It’s out of your control. You can control what you do. You can control your work ethic and your mind-set. When it comes down to winning, everything has to be synchronized, from ownership all the way down to the staff. Everything has to be in sync.” Washington Post

Anthony has averaged at least 20 points a game in every season, but he understands the team failings will inevitably fall on him. “At the end of the day, we all know what the goal is, and that’s to win a championship,” Anthony said, “I know that I’m a winner. Even though you might lose some games here or there, I know I’m a winner. I’ve won already. I’ve won off the court and on the court. I’m living the American dream. That’s winning to me. Nobody can say anything about being a loser.” Washington Post

“They are easy conversations because I tell my son like it is,” Anthony said. “Everybody has an opinion. Everybody knows it all. Everybody think they know you. You kind of become what the back page say you are. That’s messed up. I think just going through it and you’ve seen the worst of the worst. Being here at the bottom and you can easily see how people will dismiss you, step on you and forget about you. This is the belly of the beast. New York will eat you alive if you let it.” Washington Post

The Knicks didn’t come close to getting point guard Rajon Rondo, according to a league source, but at least they saw him leave the Eastern Conference. According to a source, the Knicks were well on the outside of the Rondo race because they didn’t have a current first-round pick to add to any package. They can trade only their 2018 first-rounder under league bylaws. They are without their 2016 first-round pick because of the Andrea Bargnani trade. New York Post

December 18, 2014 Updates

Just repeating a few points there: 5-22 Knicks, 15-9 Bulls. “What’s done is done. I kind of don’t look at it, I kind of don’t think about it anymore,” Anthony said. “That’s in the past for me. … As far as now and thinking about that situation, it doesn’t even come close to me thinking about that.” New York Post

Jonah Ballow: Fisher says Stoudemire will not play tonight vs. Bulls. They want to give Stoudemire rest with back-to-back coming up. Twitter @jonahballow

Silver said Charlotte would be awarded an All-Star Game. The 2015 and 2016 events are in New York and Toronto, respectively, with 2017 and 2018 announcements to come. Silver said he met with Hornets Chairman Michael Jordan and Hornets President and Chief Operating Officer Fred Whitfield on Wednesday about a timeline in relation to $40 million of upcoming renovations to Time Warner Cable Arena. Arizona Republic

So we all know what Anthony must know — that even money can’t can’t gloss over the mistake he made. But he steadfastly insisted as he readied for this trip that he won’t allow regrets to drift into his mind. “No, if I start doing that and saying what if to myself and second-guessing and questioning myself, it won’t be right,” Anthony said. “For me, mentally, it won’t be right, so I’ll not allow myself to sway toward asking myself what if with this situation or that situation. “What’s done is done. I kind of don’t look at it, I kind of don’t think about it anymore. That’s in the past for me, just a situation that I had to deal with, that I went through this off-season. As far as now and thinking about that situation, it doesn’t even come close to me thinking about that.” Bergen Record

December 17, 2014 Updates


Carmelo Anthony already ahead of Phil Jackson, but still far away from the all-time New York greats.


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