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November 15, 2014 Updates

The former Ron Artest disclosed he and J.R. Smith had a heated incident in the locker room after a game last season because World Peace was trying to get Smith to play harder on defense. World Peace’s agent, Marc Cornstein, spoke to the Knicks during the summer, and World Peace reached out personally to Jackson, who never returned his phone call. New York Post

According to World Peace, on one occasion, owner James Dolan walked into the film room for a bull session. World Peace said he was the only player to speak up about why the team was in disarray. “You don’t hold nothing back when things are going wrong,’’ World Peace said. “You have to tell Melo [Carmelo Anthony] when he’s being lazy. You have to speak about these things, so when the playoffs come, everyone knows where everybody stands.’’ New York Post

November 14, 2014 Updates
November 13, 2014 Updates

For his part, Fisher said that putting a date on when a player will get the triangle is not in his thinking. Each players learns it at his own pace. “I don’t know if it’s a fair assessment or not,’’ Fisher said before the Knicks’ 97-95 loss Wednesday night to the Magic — their sixth straight defeat. “[Phil] obviously knows a lot about his offense, but I think it’s more than just a guy is going to get it. Each player and person has different learning curves. I don’t know if there’s a date. “It’s more where our team is from a management standpoint. For me, I don’t have a date on when I would assume a guy should or shouldn’t have it. I’m going to coach him until he’s here or isn’t here. Those won’t be my decisions.’’ New York Post

You recently moved to New York. Are you a Knicks fan now? Taylor Swift: Yeah, totally. You realize they’re not very good. Taylor Swift: I love them, though. Why does that matter? So you run into a bunch of different, interesting types of people at the Met Ball. I’ve gone the last four years. And the most normal people at that event, every single time, are Amar’e Stoudemire and his wife Alexis. I talk with them and hang with them every time I’m there. So I’ve always had this sort of love of the Knicks, just because Amar’e is so cool. And also I performed at the Knicks’—at Madison Square Garden’s—Kids Talent Competition at halftime when I was 12 or 13. And ever since then I’ve had this kind of sparkly, magical opinion of Madison Square Garden and the Knicks, since they let me sing when I was a little kid. TIME

November 12, 2014 Updates

``My thoughts are just that I’m all about being for my team right now. I’m all about where I’m at right now and that’s with the Orlando Magic,’’ Harris stressed. ``I’m not worried about (free agency) at all. I just want to help my team be the best that we can be. Each and every day I pride myself on helping my teammates helping us get better as a team and winning games. That’s my focus.’ NBA.com

Harris, who is in his third season with the Magic after coming to Orlando via a trade in February of 2013, said he isn’t allowing his focus to stray to when he can become a free agent in July. He said that while he was disappointed that he didn’t secure a four-year contract extension last month, he had no hard feelings toward the Magic and his first option is to remain in Orlando. ``It’s not personal; it’s just business. That’s the way you’ve got to look at it,’’ Harris said. ``We’re past that point (for a contract extension). There’s no hard feelings at all and it’s just business. As a basketball player this is my job, this is what I come out to do and this is what I love to do. It’s all about how I approach the game and help my team now." NBA.com

The source pointed out that the 6-foot-9 Harris plays well alongside Knicks star Carmelo Anthony. The pair worked out together multiple times this summer at Terminal 23, Anthony’s midtown gym. “They play well together,” the confidant said. “Carmelo always had him on his team when Kevin Durant came to town and they would win every game.” The Knicks Blog

Amare Stoudemire: I mean I've accomplished so much during my career – six-time All-Star to Rookie of the Year to FIBA Americas gold medal games to bronze medal at the Olympics to All-NBA First team... I've accomplished a lot in my career... I think the next phase in my career is to win a championship. So I want to do whatever I can from a basketball standpoint to improve as a player, to get better on both ends of the basketball court, to be an intricate part to a championship-caliber team. HoopsHype

November 11, 2014 Updates

“We’re out there trying. It’s not like last year. This year, we’re actually out there trying to give it our all,” Hardaway said after the New York Knicks' loss to the Atlanta Hawks. “You can see the frustration on our faces if we make a mistake.” Hardaway's words -- understandably -- caused a bit of an uproar on social media. The idea that professional athletes aren’t giving their best efforts doesn’t sit well with paying customers. Early Tuesday morning, Hardaway said on Twitter that he “misspoke” and he apologized to fans. ESPN.com


Carmelo Anthony already ahead of Phil Jackson, but still far away from the all-time New York greats.


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