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April 12, 2014 Updates

Knicks president Phil Jackson met with former Laker Lamar Odom 10 days ago at the Garden during halftime of the game against the Nets, and now is reportedly considering signing Odom for the final couple of games with the team’s open roster spot. According to a source, one part of the thinking in making an Odom addition now would be as a salary-cap measure in adding a potential trade pawn this summer if they decide he’s not worth keeping next season. New York Post

The New York Knicks have expressed interest in signing veteran free agent Lamar Odom, according to sources close to the situation. Sources told ESPN.com that the Knicks, at the behest of new team president Phil Jackson, have been looking into the possibility of signing Odom since the 34-year-old's short stint playing in Spain ended and are weighing whether to go through with adding the Queens native to their roster before the regular season ends. ESPN.com

Woodson, 775 kilometers from home, tried to be as philosophical as he could be, given the dire arithmetic. “We have to hope that Atlanta loses the next three and we win the next three,” he said, shrugging his shoulders, tilting his head. “That’s the only way we have a shot of getting in. It probably will little surprise you to discover the Knicks themselves were a little less obsessive than Woodson about tracking the Hawks. “Didn’t know they lost until you just told me,” J.R. Smith said. “I don’t have time for that,” Carmelo Anthony said. New York Post

April 11, 2014 Updates

Anthony takes the court Friday with a strained right shoulder, possibly playing his final week as a Knick. Bargnani is traveling with the club nowadays, but that’s all. “Getting anything for him was a surprise,’’ a Western Conference executive said. “But you get desperate. The guy has talent, a 7-footer, mobile, his first few years he made shots. But I question his love for the game and mental makeup. I’m surprised the Knicks didn’t do more homework on him.’’ New York Post

He could miss the playoffs for the first time in his 11-year career. “It is what it is,’’ Anthony said. “We have to win all four games, and it’s not a given if we win all four games we get in, but we have to do our part.’’ New York Post

Steve Mills believes he and Phil Jackson “can do something special” working together even though Jackson, who replaced Mills as Knicks president, could potentially hire a basketball executive to replace Mills as general manager. “I think from my standpoint, the relationships I have around the league with players and agents, as we start to think through strategically where we want to go from a free agent standpoint, we’re going to be able to understand what players are available and want to come and play in New York,” Mills said Thursday on SiriusXM NBA Radio. “There are not going to be surprises. We’re going to have the relationships in place with players and agents, and you couple that with Phil’s credibility from a championship standpoint and coaching and what he’s done to build teams, I think together we can do something special.” New York Daily News

April 10, 2014 Updates

Phil Jackson’s been around the Knicks this week. But he hasn’t been as “hands-on” with the team as some expected him to be. “He’s letting me coach. That’s all you can ask at this point,” Mike Woodson said after practice on Wednesday. “At the end of the day, we’re trying to get this team in the playoffs and I’m sure when the time comes for Phil and I to talk we’ll talk.” ESPN.com

“I gather he’s kind of staying out of the way and letting me do my thing in terms of trying to get this team in the playoffs,” Woodson said. “That’s OK. I’m sure when the time comes he and I’ll have a chance to sit down and talk and see where we are. But first things first, guys, make no mistake about it, we’re in a playoff race trying to get this eighth spot. That’s where everybody’s focus should be.” ESPN.com

April 9, 2014 Updates

Tim Hardaway Jr. has emerged amid the gloom. This one is legit, according to a group of NBA scouts and executives. While Hardaway, who is looking like a steal at No. 24 last June, must work on consistency, the consensus was decidedly positive about the 6-foot-6 shooting guard from Michigan. “He’s a keeper,” said one scout before predicting, “other teams may try to get him. … He’ll be a good fit in the triangle. Coming off the pinch post would be good for him. He’d get shots, they’d send him to the corner. Definitely a keeper.” New York Post

“They want him to put points on the board, and that tells you he’s a good shooter. If he wasn’t, they’d say just go cause disruption on the defensive end so he must be a player they count on to score,” said one former player/scout. “He’s an obvious NBA talent. It looks like he could be a good defender, seems like a good teammate. Can shoot but really needs to work on his consistency. He can be lights out one night, out of sync the next.” New York Post

Was there any internal discussion about Phil coming back, and where did you stand on that? How did that go? Mitch Kupchak: Yeah. Yeah. I mean there was nothing formal. This went on for a year or two. Q: But the most recent one. A: Well I don't know when the most recent one was. We discussed a year or two ago about how could we — and this was Jimmy and I and I know he may have discussed it with his family — and it was open for discussion. And it was kind of a standing understanding, but I think Jeanie said it best two weeks ago. At the end of the day, there was no position for a person of his stature. USA Today Sports

Q: What does that mean? Can you translate that? Because what it sounds like to me is that Phil is a larger-than-life figure and if he's coming he wants final say. Was that a factor? Mitch Kupchak: Well I'm not sure that it got to that, but what we talked about was involvement and being a piece, a part of it. But based on where he ended up and what he got, it's easy to see why he did what he did. It's a no-brainer. Before you even get to the money, he got a wonderful — a challenging — but a wonderful opportunity. Logistically, he has got to work it out but, um, you know, it's one of those things where I'm not sure if it's what he was looking for but when it came on the table you can't turn it around. USA Today Sports

April 8, 2014 Updates

Chris Broussard: NBA execs chuckled at Larry Brown's radio comment that NYK GM Steve Mills doesn't "have a clue.'' Not bc it's true but bc it's obv personal. Mills & Brown butted heads a few times when Brown coached NYK: Brown got mad when Mills warned against trading for Steve Francis. Of course, Brown won that battle, got Francis and well, the rest is history. Then, Brown grew upset when Mills didn't want to trade Antonio Davis for Jalen Rose and the 2 yrs, $32 mill left on his deal. 3 weeks after Brown won out and got Rose to NYK, sources say he wanted to trade him. The capper btwn Brown & Mills came when Mills' testimony in arbitration helped lower the $ NYK had to pay Brown from $40 mill to $18 mill. Now, u have a clue as to why Brown took his shot at Mills.... Twitter @Chris_Broussard

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