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October 14, 2011 Updates
October 13, 2011 Updates

Carroll was known as a master recruiter during his days at the University of Southern California, and it's clear he's kept his skills sharp despite his transition to the NFL. "Nice!!! looks great," James replied. Judging by the choice of jersey number (No. 1), Carroll has James slotted in to play either quarterback, kicker or punter. Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst -- Seattle's two-headed monster of signal-calling ineffectiveness -- better prepare for some pressure on the depth chart. CBSSports.com

October 11, 2011 Updates
October 7, 2011 Updates

"Dear tony romo. Don't worry abt all the critics. I heard that same garbage for a long time. Keep working hard and keep improving." Reached by ESPNDallas.com to find out why he decided to weigh in so publicly, Nowitzki cited two main reasons. "First of all, I think support to a local sports figure is important," Nowitzki said. "I love the Rangers. I watched that whole [Cowboys] game against Detroit. I support every local team." No. 2? "Last week he played with a punctured lung and he's the hero," Nowitzki continued. "This week they lose and it's all his fault. I just think every week you [media] guys change your minds. Just let him play." ESPN.com

October 3, 2011 Updates

Dirk Nowitzki: Dear tony romo. Don't worry abt all the critics. I heard that same garbage for a long time. Keep working hard and keep improving. Twitter

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July 21, 2011 Updates

If the NFL is able to move toward a labor settlement, it could create more pressure on the NBA to construct a deal. But players' union president Derek Fisher has a different view of the NFL. He wants no part of football's structure. "It breaks my heart to see the way guys like LaDainian Tomlinson get dealt with in the NFL," Fisher said of the former MVP who gained 914 yards for the Jets last season after he had been waived by the Chargers. "To see what he'd done for the San Diego Chargers and to get to that place where he was under a contract that's already been signed. The Chargers were able to absorb value in income and potential profits from years of his services, and then at the drop of a hat, based on arbitrary thinking because he's a certain age and he can't produce at a certain level anymore, he's gone. Out the door." SI.com

June 30, 2011 Updates

The meeting lasted a little more than three hours and reportedly featured NBA commissioner David Stern, deputy commissioner Adam Silver, NBPA executive director Billy Hunter and NBPA president Derek Fisher, among others. But some of the biggest names guiding a league that annually takes in about $4 billion in revenue were unable to keep the game going. "If the NBA feels the gap [in issues] is just too wide, a lockout is a way of putting pressure on the players to make some more concessions," said Michael McCann, Vermont professor of law and director of the school’s sports law institute. The 2011 NBA lockout coincides with an ongoing three-month NFL lockout. Professional basketball’s work stoppage could ultimately have more in common with a 2004-05 NHL lockout, though, which resulted in a lost season and a fully revamped CBA. Several NBA owners have ties to NHL teams, and hockey has enjoyed a resurgence under its new deal. Salt Lake Tribune

June 6, 2011 Updates

Marv Albert will join CBS Sports as a play-by-play announcer for coverage of the NFL. CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus announced Monday that Albert will be added to the NFL on CBS team. Albert worked for NBC Sports from 1977-97, announcing the NFL on NBC for 19 years. He will keep his lead role as basketball play-by-play announcer for TNT's Thursday night NBA regular-season and playoff coverage. NFL.com

April 30, 2011 Updates

Stern mentioned that NBAPA decertification is not a viable option in the NBA lockout scenario because it would unwind all the guaranteed contracts. Do you know if this is true? Thx. Ric Bucher (1:31 PM) I had been told that but the players union is under the impression that the contracts would not be affected. So I'm investigating. Will get back to you. ESPN.com

April 26, 2011 Updates

The ruling Monday by U.S. District Judge Susan Nelson putting a temporary end to the NFL lockout also was, by extension, a victory for the National Basketball Players Association in its ongoing labor negotiation with the NBA. In legitimizing the NFL players' move to dissolve their union in the face of the owners' lockout, and granting an injunction to end the lockout pending appeal, Nelson dealt a legal blow to both sports leagues in their efforts to use a lockout as a weapon in collective bargaining. "This is a victory for all professional sports unions," said Gabe Feldman, head of the Sports Law Center at Tulane University. CBSSports.com

Anticipating a lockout, the NBPA already has collected enough signatures to approve a vote for decertification, sources told CBSSports.com. Both sides in the NBA labor negotiation have been closely monitoring the NFL labor case, and top NBA negotiators for more than a year have been holding out hope that a decertification by the players would be ruled a "sham" by federal courts. CBSSports.com

The NFL labor situation took a step toward resolution Monday when a federal judge granted the players' request for an injunction halting the management-imposed lockout. The NBA is facing a lockout of its own after this season and hasn't had any progress in talks between players and owners. "I anticipate a lot happening between now and July 1 on our side," said Lakers guard Derek Fisher, president of the National Basketball Players Assn. "And because of what is playing out on the NFL side, I think you'll see both sides in the NBA watching it closely, making adjustments and adapting to things based on what is going on. "Our goal is to get a deal done, not to have to decertify or go into a court situation to drag the process out. NBA basketball has never been better. There's no reason for us to do anything to take that away from the most important people — our fans." Los Angeles Times

April 25, 2011 Updates

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