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May 17, 2013 Updates

Kevin Durant leads all NBA players in career commercial appearances with 63 at last count, according to standings calculated by HoopsHype. Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is second with 42 and Miami's LeBron James is third with 39. In team rankings, OKC ranks third with 88 total commercials, trailing the Los Angeles Lakers with 125 and the Miami Heat with 91. Russell Westbrook is second among Thunder players with 11 commercials, followed by Serge Ibaka (six), Nick Collison, Kendrick Perkins and Thabo Sefolosha (two each), Kevin Martin and Reggie Jackson (one each). Oklahoman

April 30, 2013 Updates
March 22, 2013 Updates

“Nobody ever asks me about Nick,” offers Brooks with an amused grin. “He’s one of the team’s favorite players. Our guys love Nick Collison because he does everything that you want from a teammate and never, ever, ever gives you less than maximum effort. He means everything. On the floor, in the locker room, on the bus, in the hotel, just everywhere, he’s a great role model for all of our players to look up to and see, that’s how you have to be an NBA player. “Every team needs a Nick and we’re not giving him up.” Red Bull

In a weird way, Collison’s injuries may have been a blessing in disguise. While perhaps preventing stardom -- although he doubts that was ever destined -- they laid the blue-collar foundation for a career. But despite sincerely embracing the role, 82 games’ worth of grunt work wasn’t particularly enjoyable at the outset. Collison’s early teams didn’t just lose often. Their records grew progressively worse each season. Sacrificing stats and flesh is difficult when wins aren’t part of the equation, and Collison admits wishing at times for a change of scenery. “Don’t get me wrong,” says Collison. “It’s basketball. It’s a great job. It’s not the real world, but those are still long seasons and kind of dark days. There was definitely a time where if I were to have gotten moved, I would have been happy.” Red Bull

“Without Nick we wouldn’t be who we are,” praised Durant. “Just his words, his leadership, his play, how he sacrifices his body. He knows his role. He plays it to a T. And he’s tough. He has all the toughness in the world. I’m just honored to play with a player like that, who’s selfless and doesn’t really care about nothing but winning. He makes it easier for everybody.” Red Bull

March 20, 2013 Updates

Nick Collison: Now I'm at the stage of my career where I'm one of the veteran guys, and I definitely try to help out the younger players. The main point I always try to make to new young players is that you are a professional now. You represent yourself. You shouldn't look at the work as something your coaches are making you do anymore. Instead, look at the work as an investment in your career. Find a way to help the team, and do the work to get better at it. I can't think of many careers with the opportunity to advance financially that playing professional sports can provide. On the flip side there are few careers with less job security when you consider the number of roster spots compared with the number of new applicants every year. Players can tell if you're fake--you can't say one thing and do another. It's not about making speeches or taking guys out when you're on the road. It's about doing the work every day, and helping when you can. GQ.com

February 12, 2013 Updates
February 1, 2013 Updates

Nick Collison sounded like he was practicing his lines in the mirror before defending Westbrook. As soon as he was asked about the incident, he was ready. “We lost a lot of veteran guys here. We lost Derek (Fisher). We lost Nazr (Mohammed) and Royal (Ivey). And the reason we’ve been able to keep up and go — we made a big trade earlier in the year — is because of what Russell and what Kevin have done as leaders. They’ve been great this year. They’ve grown up a lot, their voice with the team and they’ve done it with their play, too. I didn’t see what happened tonight. But I know those guys deserve a lot of credit, Russ in particular. He’s grown up a lot. We’re going to be fine. He’s had a great year.” Oklahoman

January 10, 2013 Updates
January 6, 2013 Updates

Ibaka's biggest offensive impact comes from offensive rebounds and springing free for mid-range jumpers when defenses crowd Durant and Westbrook on the pick and roll. It's a shot Ibaka has mastered over the past few years, taking dozens of them at the end of practice. "He's a machine," Collison said. "He's been that way since he's been here. He works and he puts in as much time as anybody. He's very serious about his work and it shows. He's improved a lot since he's been here." NBA.com

December 9, 2012 Updates

Equally impressive is the Thunder's offensive efficiency, or points scored per 100 possessions. The Thunder through Friday ranked second with an Oklahoma City-era best 111.1 points per 100 possessions, just 0.1 points behind league leader New York. When searching for what gives with the offense, the answer begins with maturity. “I think it's the growth of our players,” said Nick Collison. “Our guys are making better decisions. We're not having those long stretches where we don't get good shots like we used to have at times. I just think it's a maturity and growth of our team.” Oklahoman

October 6, 2012 Updates
September 1, 2012 Updates
August 31, 2012 Updates

Thunder forward Nick Collison, along with NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo and Bucks forward Luc Mbah a Moute is in Kenya representing the NBA as part of a UNICEF field trip. Collison has filed this travelogue for NBA.com. Entry 1: Making my way to Kenya: I previously attended Basketball without Borders in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2008, so this marks my second trip to Africa. I had a great experience and wanted to return, so when I was approached by the NBA to come to Kenya as part of a UNICEF field trip followed by another BWB in Johannesburg, I jumped at the opportunity. Friday morning I left New York on a flight to Johannesburg then on to Nairobi. The total travel time was over 20 hours. After relaxing Saturday we had a day to spend in Nairobi. A small group of us toured Kibera which is one of the largest slums in the world, located in the middle of Nairobi. Walking through Kibera was a powerful experience. NBA.com

For Nick Collison, taking a trip to Africa changed the world he lives in. The Oklahoma City Thunder forward was only in Kenya for three days, but it felt like three weeks. He witnessed people who walked 30 miles just to get two drops of polio vaccine, then turned around and walked home. He mingled among 100,000 people seeking refuge from wars and famine. He'll come back to the United States a changed person. "To see things like that, it makes it real because you always hear about what's going on in different places of the world. To see it firsthand, for me, made it real," Collison said by phone Thursday from South Africa, where he's participating in the NBA's 10th Basketball Without Borders clinic. "It's just an incredible trip." MSNBC.com

August 24, 2012 Updates

Always wanted to get your hands on an ivory leather half-moon sofa once owned by former Sonic and current member of the Oklahoma City Thunder Nick Collison? Now is your chance. According to an email sent out this morning by Seattle company Estate Teams - which handles estate sales, business liquidations and moving sales according to its website - this Saturday those interested will have an opportunity to peruse high-end furniture being offered for purchase as part of a estate/moving sale at 16 Comstock Street, a parcel of land on Queen Anne registered to Collison. Several posts on the Estate Teams Facebook page also announces the sale. A parcel search reveals the home was built in 2006, has a total square footage of 7090, and features five bedrooms and just over five bathrooms. The home's total appraised taxable total in 2012 was $2,614,000. Seattle Weekly

June 28, 2012 Updates
June 23, 2012 Updates

Susan Bible: Nick Collison says he wants Coach Brooks back. Says Cole Aldrich will be ready for more next season. Twitter

June 15, 2012 Updates

Thunder forward Nick Collison, who doesn't wear glasses, surmised that some players have motives that go beyond fashion. "Maybe they think it makes them look smarter," he said. Mr. Collison blogs for GQ.com but doesn't consider himself particularly stylish: "I'm from Iowa, so we're used to being a year or two late on everything." Wall Street Journal

May 14, 2012 Updates

Thunder forward Nick Collison said shaking hands is "so low" on the team’s list of concerns, and coach Scott Brooks said they have moved on. "The subplots are part of NBA basketball," Brooks said. "If you focus on that, that's not where your attention needs to be." FOXSports SouthWest

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