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Nick Collison: sad day as we lost Coach Neil Dougherty. He was a great father and husband. He was a mentor and friend of mine whom i owe so much. Twitter

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Nick Collison: the craziest thing happened in hot yoga. We were in the birth pose and I totally helped a chick deliver a baby!!! Congrats Amy!!! ... For the record I did not deliver a baby today nor wear yoga pants and sports bra combo Yahoo! Sports

May 20, 2011 Updates

But Serge Ibaka and Nick Collison took turns setting the tone on Nowitzki. They made his catches tougher. They avoided the temptation of putting their hands on him. They made him drive and become a playmaker. Through three quarters, Nowitzki was stuck on 13 points on 3-for-7 shooting. “We just wanted to challenge him on his shots and hope that he missed them,” said Collison. “We did a better job helping from the weak side, and it gave us more confidence to get into him knowing that if we did get beat off the dribble we didn't have to foul him because their was help coming. I think that helped us a little bit. “The guy's still tough. He scored a ton down the stretch when they needed it. But we did enough early, I think, that we were able to get a win.” And make Nowitzki's jaw-dropping performance in Game 1 meaningless. Oklahoman

April 29, 2011 Updates

Power forward Nick Collison smiled at the wide-ranging perceptions that have surrounded his team the past 30 months. "One thing I've noticed being in the league is there's always a story line," said Collison, who has been with the franchise since being drafted 12th overall in 2003. "There's always a story, but in our day-to-day lives, things don't really change. A lot of that is kind of peripheral, and we don't really feel like it's real." Oklahoman

April 12, 2011 Updates

Unlike his 22-year old teammate, Collison was firmly entrenched into Seattle culture at the time of the move. The Thunder big man played four seasons in the NBA before the Sonics packed their bags for Oklahoma City. And in fact, he still calls Seattle home. "You know I live in Queen Anne, the neighborhood where (Key Arena) is," Collison said. "There's (been) a lot of change and a lot of those businesses were affected. I had a lot of friends that were longtime Sonics fans their entire lives. It does have an impact. "But for me personally," continued Collison, speaking of Seattle's reality without the Sonics. "I'm there in my offseason, so I don't feel it as much because it's not basketball season." SB Nation

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November 24, 2010 Updates

Sources with knowledge of the contract specifics told ESPN.com that the value of the four-year extension that starts in the 2011-12 season is a modest $11 million and change. Highly favorable numbers for the Thunder. However ... The Thunder -- as a team roughly $6.5 million under the salary cap before re-signing Collison -- took advantage of their below-the-cap status to unexpectedly award Collison all of that space as a signing bonus that takes his 2010-11 compensation to a whopping $13.3 million. ESPN.com

With Collison now scheduled to earn $3.3 million in 2012-13 -- and with his salary descending all the way to $2.2 million in 2014-15 -- Oklahoma City has secured a valued member of its rotation at a very cap-friendly price that puts the smallest possible drain on its payroll in coming seasons when the Thunder have to accommodate the extension raises due Kevin Durant as well as future extension receipient Russell Westbrook (and possibly Serge Ibaka). ESPN.com

Nick Collison: Thanks everyone for the kind words about my new deal. Im thrilled to be able to continue to play with these guys for a few more years Twitter

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