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January 15, 2015 Updates

Time Warner Cable SportsNet, which broadcasts the Lakers’ games, camps a reporter at Young’s locker for scraps of sound. You never know what he might say. On his game: “There’s no such thing as a bad shot for me.” On his style: “It’s James Bond meets Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” On Magic Johnson more or less advising the Lakers to tank: “Chill out for a minute.” On Bryant, terming the Lakers as soft as Charmin: “I play like Scott. That’s a little rougher.” Sports Illustrated

It is a testament to the power of the Lakers that even now, at perhaps their worst moment, they could still make a celebrity out of a swingman shooting 37.5% from the field (but 38.8% from three-point range). “They’ve let him be the person he is,” Jamison says: a natural scorer who can create a shot with five seconds on the clock and three men in his path, and a willing jester who can deliver levity where it’s needed most. “I don’t think he’s a jester,” says Forer, the filmmaker. “I think he’s a joy-giver. He takes it upon himself to bring joy.” Before every game Young still whispers, “Junior, let’s go out and play.” He thanks his brother for leaving behind a daughter, Simone Young, who graduated from Long Beach State in 2013. Sports Illustrated

January 14, 2015 Updates

Young, or Swaggy P as he is more affectionately known, was profiled in a recent Sports Illustrated piece that mentions these employees, as well as a detached building on his property that he is turning into a shoe house. It's unclear whether Swaggy is paying his shoe keepers just to keep things clean and orderly, or to vigilantly watch over this 500-pair collection should anyone "try to get Swaggy", as he put it last March. A look into Nick Young's sneaker tastes is presented below from the Sneaker Shopping with Complex series. Sole Collector

The 6,600-square-foot white traditional he recently purchased with Azalea -- which used to be owned by singer-actress Selena Gomez -- is a monument to his passions. The property, tucked behind a gate in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Tarzana, comes with a detached building that Young is converting into a “shoe house.” He employs not one but two “shoe keepers,” who oversee his 500-plus pairs of sneakers, a collection that includes Vans fitted with roller-skating wheels. As Young leads a tour from shoe house to main quarters, he pretends he is on MTV Cribs. Off the kitchen is a replica of the hollywood sign over a red carpet. In the billiards room is a 10-by-10-foot mural, painted by graffiti artist Dame MSK that incorporates a cartoon basketball with arms forming the three-point goggles. In the living room is a set of eight whoopee cushions, presumably for two-year-old Nick Jr., who shows less interest in them than his dad. And behind the bar are two oversized neon letters, s and p, the orange p familiar because it was once part of a Home Depot marquee. These are the initials of Young’s self-manufactured alter ego, a loopy but lovable character named Swaggy P, who fires 35-foot jumpers, attempts 360-degree layups and sometimes even makes them. Sports Illustrated

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Nick Young enjoyed his brief time with the Los Angeles Clippers. He spent 22 regular season games with the franchise in 2012, went to the playoffs, and was part of one of the greatest comebacks in postseason history. “I was really one of the reasons that happened,” said a grinning Young, who never lacks for confidence. But when it comes to learning and improving, the L.A. native said he’s had a better experience with the Lakers. “Being a Laker, there’s nothing like it,” Young said. “I think I learn more just being here and being around an atmosphere of winning, toughness and learning how to play under a great player like Kobe (Bryant). Orange County Register

He saw the writing on the wall in the offseason of 2012 when the Clippers signed Jamal Crawford to be their sixth man. “I was a little disappointed,” he said. “While I was a Clipper I felt like I wasn’t being used right anyway.” Orange County Register

Through it all, Young said he doesn’t have much animosity for the Clippers. He reserves that for the team that drafted him and traded him to the Clippers, the Washington Wizards. “I hate the Wizards,” said Young, who played in Washington from 2007-12. “But I like some of the guys over the guys, I just hate the Wizards.” Orange County Register

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