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NBA Communications: LAL's Young Suspended one game w/o pay; Suns' Len Fined $15k, Marcus Morris Fined $25k for incident last night. http://www.nba.com/video/channels/originals/2014/01/16/bbops-lal-at-phx-altercation.nba/index.html Twitter

While Morris went off for 24 points, seven boards and four assists to make up for his early exit a game prior, Young got whacked in the face by Suns rookie Alex Len. Then, he lost his cool. Young stood up and found himself in a shoving match with several Suns, including Len and the Morris twins. When Goran Dragic tried to move Young away from the Phoenix players, Swaggy P got a little too close to the swagger of Muhammad Ali — at least for the game of basketball. “I got caught up in the moment like anyone would,” Young said. “It was a tough foul. What I’m mad about is it was one on five, I felt like, and if somebody would have gotten in the middle, it wouldn’t have escalated that much. “I feel bad for Dragic,” he added. “He was the last person right there and I didn’t throw I punch. I was trying to shove people out of the way. I didn’t try to push Dragic, he’s my guy. I feel bad for that.” Valley of the Suns

“What I’m mad about is just that it was 1-on-5. If somebody would have got in the middle it wouldn’t have escalated that much.” “…I’m very frustrated…but it’s basketball, you know?” beyondthebuzzer.com

“I went up for the ball,” Len said. “I didn’t mean to hit him in the face. Hard foul. I wanted to block him but I was a little late so I was about to foul him. But I didn’t mean to hit him in the face. I knew he was going to do that (retaliate) because I knocked him down on the floor. He had to get back. I respect that.” On replay, it seems clear that Len was not aiming for Young’s head because he is looking up at the arena ceiling prior to bringing his arms down. Arizona Republic

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Nick Young lost his mind in the second quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers’ Wednesday game against the Phoenix Suns. First, he drew a hard foul from Suns center Alex Len on this drive to the basket. Young retaliated with a shove against Len. From there, things escalated and Young threw a punch at Suns point guard Goran Dragic. After an extensive video review, Young and Len were both ejected from the game. Young will likely see a fine and could even get suspended for the punch of Dragic. For The Win

Jodie Meeks hit six 3-pointers while scoring a season-high 26 points in injury-plagued Los Angeles' fifth straight defeat. Nick Young scored 28 points, but the Lakers have lost 11 of 12 heading into a punishing seven-game trip starting Wednesday in Phoenix. "This is hard," said Young, who missed a potential tying 3-pointer with 10 seconds left. "We're losing, and we're losing players daily. It's frustrating, but we've still got to get up and play basketball. Nobody wants to get embarrassed. You've got to still take pride in that Lakers uniform." ESPN.com

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MT: Mike D’Antoni has raved about Nick Young’s play this season, and his teammates love him. Has he exceeded your expectations, and how might his play impact the market for him since he has a player option for next season? Kupchak: He's been great. Where it ends up remains to be seen. But I would credit his agent (Mark Bartelstein). I'm almost positive Nick had more lucrative offers. But what the agent did was look around the league for the spot he thought the kid could have a good year. Playing time, style of play, etc. … sometimes it can be a negative going back to your hometown, but he'd been through that with the Clippers. The agent, whom I spoke to for a long time about this, had to get to that place. Nick wanted to be here, and understandably, players and agents need to look at the dollars. There were more lucrative offers, but our roster provided ample playing time and the style of play fit, and Nick and his family bought into it. Going forward, there are a number of things to determine. Who knows. Money is important to Nick as to all players, but you can watch him play and he just loves to play. Some guys treat it as a job, but Nick loves to play. He has fun and basketball is a big part of who it is. Whatever he decides to do with his opt out … we'd certainly like to see him be a Laker for a long time. NBA.com

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Yet, Lakers forward Nick Young suggested the ongoing uncertainty contributed to the team’s 137-115 loss Sunday to the Denver Nuggets at Staples Center. “I love Nick to death, but we can’t have excuses,” D’Antoni said. “What affects Pau shouldn’t affect anyone. That can’t happen. Everybody has to hone in and do their job. It’s too important what we’re doing. We can’t let anything affect us.” Los Angeles Daily News

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