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January 26, 2015 Updates

Either way, Scott said he wasn't happy with Young's effort. "It looked to me that he didn't want to be here," Scott said. "At halftime, we showed stuff on the tape where he was guarding [Houston swingman Corey] Brewer in the corner. I asked [Young], 'What were you thinking on his play?' The answer he gave me, I couldn't figure it out. So I just felt with his body language that he didn't want to play tonight, so I chose not to play him." ESPN.com

The Lakers' reserve guard was then a no-show after the Lakers' 99-87 loss to Houston, leaving without speaking to reporters after going scoreless for the first time for the Lakers in eight minutes of playing time -- his fewest as a Laker. ESPN.com

Lin didn't play in the Lakers' 99-85 loss at San Antonio on Friday, missing a game for the first time in his first season. He returned to coach Byron Scott's rotation in Sunday's game against Houston, playing as a reserve in the first quarter. ''I'm going to show up and do my best to play and work hard and stuff, but it definitely hurts,'' Lin said before Sunday's game in his first public comments since being a healthy scratch. ''I'm human. I've got emotions, too. ... It's discouraging sometimes. It's disappointing sometimes. All of those emotions, of course. I don't think anybody would feel great after a DNP, anybody. It doesn't matter who you are.'' NBA.com

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Well, the former L.A. Cleveland High and USC product grew up idolizing the Lakers and remembers how customary it became for them to host championship parades. But the man who playfully labeled himself this season as the NBA’s best all-time shooter also argued he will play a significant role this offseason in helping the Lakers attract marquee free agents. “I told Goran Dragic on the court, ‘You might be my teammate next year.’” Young told the L.A. News Group shortly after the Lakers’ loss on Monday to the Phoenix Suns. “I’ll talk to Marc (Gasol.) Me and him are cool. Kevin Love, I’ll talk to him.” Los Angeles Daily News

Young sensed his partnership with the Lakers came close to dissolving after taking a risk by opting out of his contract before free agency. “I didn’t know what was going to happen,” Young said. “I was nervous and scared. I wanted to be here, but I kept hearing all the Carmelo rumors and Kobe having dinner with Carmelo. I knew once they paid him all that money, there would be none for me.” Los Angeles Daily News

Young has averaged 14.6 points per game this season, a mark that only trails Bryant’s team-leading 22.6-points-per-game average. Young’s production ranks fourth in the NBA among reserves. That has proven good enough for Young to lead the Lakers’ bench in scoring 17 times in the 32 games he’s played since returning from a right thumb injury that sidelined him for the season’s first six weeks. Young also owns all four of the Lakers’ four-point plays this season. “I try to block out all the negativity and just be Swaggy out there,” Young said. “They told me you can’t turn Swaggy off. You made this guy so you got to be him.” Los Angeles Daily News

Yet, the Lakers’ most serious star has downplayed Young’s playful personality. After all, Young often speaks softly for only a few minutes after losses. “He understands in order to be Swaggy P and for people to pay attention to Swaggy P, he’s got to put that work in on the court,” Bryant said. “Or no one’s going to give a (darn).” Los Angeles Daily News

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Swaggy is an adjective, derived from the noun swag, derived from the verb swagger, a term you probably started hearing from professional athletes about seven years ago. It seemed ready to fade from the popular lexicon before Young -- “Savior of Swag,” he calls himself -- swooped in. Swag is an amorphous concept, difficult to define but easy to illustrate. Picture a 6' 6" shooting guard, five months from his 30th birthday, with a four-year, $21.5 million contract, dressed in a black Versace robe, digging into a towering bowl of Fruity Pebbles, while a photographer and his assistant chronicle every spoonful. What’s swaggy about the scene, more so than the Versace or the contract, is the subject’s absolute lack of self-consciousness. “Swag is confidence: how you dress, how you move, your whole persona,” Young explains. “I tell Iggy all the time, ‘You can’t care what people say. You’ve got to have that swag!’ ” This advice could also be useful for the Lakers, who have won 16 championships and rank among the swaggiest outfits in sports history but are currently slogging through another listless season. The fall of the Lakers has coincided with the rise of Swaggy P, who provides much-needed baskets and even more crucial comic relief. Sports Illustrated

Time Warner Cable SportsNet, which broadcasts the Lakers’ games, camps a reporter at Young’s locker for scraps of sound. You never know what he might say. On his game: “There’s no such thing as a bad shot for me.” On his style: “It’s James Bond meets Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” On Magic Johnson more or less advising the Lakers to tank: “Chill out for a minute.” On Bryant, terming the Lakers as soft as Charmin: “I play like Scott. That’s a little rougher.” Sports Illustrated

It is a testament to the power of the Lakers that even now, at perhaps their worst moment, they could still make a celebrity out of a swingman shooting 37.5% from the field (but 38.8% from three-point range). “They’ve let him be the person he is,” Jamison says: a natural scorer who can create a shot with five seconds on the clock and three men in his path, and a willing jester who can deliver levity where it’s needed most. “I don’t think he’s a jester,” says Forer, the filmmaker. “I think he’s a joy-giver. He takes it upon himself to bring joy.” Before every game Young still whispers, “Junior, let’s go out and play.” He thanks his brother for leaving behind a daughter, Simone Young, who graduated from Long Beach State in 2013. Sports Illustrated

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