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December 18, 2014 Updates

Batum looks around the league, hears everyone already discussing the free agency of Kevin Durant. They’ll both fall in 2016, yet Batum believes he and Durant are made of the same disposition with different external temperaments. Durant’s been swarmed with questions about his future with the Oklahoma City Thunder. For Batum, the case is simple: Why leave Portland? “I still have time and I like low key so there’s no reason to think yet, but why not stay in Portland?” Batum told RealGM. “I’ve been here for seven years now, so why not?” RealGM

And so Batum went for 35 and 27 points in the final two games of the World Cup to give France the bronze medal, and he noticed his Portland teammates urging him in training camp: Shoot, Nic. Shoot. “I try to do everything on the court, but I know I got to be more aggressive,” Batum told RealGM. “The team needs it. Everybody’s pushing me here. When Tony Parker didn’t play with us this summer, Boris Diaw and I had to step up our games. That was a cool learning experience for me. Here, we’re all young and I would like to be the guy for LaMarcus and Damian. I would like that a lot. But I know I need to be aggressive, and it is coming.” RealGM

December 17, 2014 Updates

Every summer, his old French buddies return to their native country for the national team’s training camp and words of the practices in San Antonio, of the culture and free-flowing system, fascinate Batum. Tony Parker, Boris Diaw and San Antonio gave Batum and the Portland Trail Blazers a clinic in the Western Conference semifinal playoff series last season, and Batum pondered how he could play for those Spurs amid all the connected passes for wide-open shots, all the cuts and drives born of the sport’s fundamentals. As Batum thought aloud, “Yeah, maybe I could. Maybe.” Batum wasn’t looking outside Portland, but rather gauged his fit on a champion, any title winner, really. RealGM

November 19, 2014 Updates

Nicolas Batum's treatment for a right knee injury hasn't simply involved rest, ice and patience. It also has featured two Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, The Oregonian has learned. According to a source with knowledge of Batum's injury and treatment, the Trail Blazers' starting small forward spent last Monday in a Vancouver doctor's office receiving two rounds of PRP injections in his right knee. The nonsurgical procedure, which first became well known in Portland during the Brandon Roy era, is a process that involves extracting a patient's blood, running it through a centrifuge -- which separates red blood cells from platelets -- and re-injecting the resulting fluid into the injured area, in this case Batum's right knee. Oregonian

A source close to Batum said his injury isn't simply a right bone contusion, though the source could not state exactly what the ailment is. That said, there are no concerns about the long-term health of his knee and Batum is on pace to return to the starting lineup Friday, when the Blazers host the Chicago Bulls at the Moda Center. Oregonian

November 17, 2014 Updates
November 16, 2014 Updates
November 12, 2014 Updates

Prior to Tuesday night’s game versus the Charlotte Bobcats at the Moda Center, Trail Blazers forward Nicolas Batum took questions from the media regarding his status after sustaining a right knee contusion near the end of Sunday night’s 116-100 victory versus the Nuggets. “I tried to jump but somebody kicked my knee,” said Batum. “Kind of twisted a little bit. It felt like a big hit on my knee. I’ll be okay.” Forward Center

“It could be worse,” said Batum. “We thought it was going to be worse than that when that happened. The first thing when the doctor saw that, yeah, they were pretty worried. It’s scary, it swelled a little bit but I’m okay. Forward Center

November 11, 2014 Updates
November 10, 2014 Updates

Trail Blazers starting small forward Nicolas Batum has a right knee contusion, nothing more. That dose of good news was delivered late Sunday night, when magnetic resonance imaging tests performed on his knee did not reveal significant damage. Batum suffered the injury late in the Blazers' 116-100 victory over the Denver Nuggets at the Moda Center. Oregonian

October 5, 2014 Updates

Batum has played for France every summer since 2009, but this year there was a difference. "This was my first time since I got drafted I had a team for me. I had a challenge ahead of me," he said. He had San Antonio's Boris Diaw, who helped knock out the Blazers, but the keys to the team were turned over to Batum. "I was the leader. Coach really gave me the team for the World Cup. That was big for me. I learned a lot," Batum said. "The first seven games I was Nic Batum, run around, play the team game." Columbian

He wants to get on the line more than he did, which can only help the Blazers. "That's one aspect of my game I want to improve more this year," Batum said. "Being on the line more, being more aggressive. Last year Wes (Matthews), LA (LaMarcus Aldridge) and Dame (Damian Lillard) were the scorers." Columbian

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