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Capela befriended some other French NBA players, like Portland's Nicolas Batum, and picked up valuable advice. "He told me if I worked hard and was very serious, I could make it to the NBA," Capela said. "He still gives me advice and helps me while I am going through everything." Capela has found comfort in the fact that the NBA has become such an international league. "There are so many players from different countries, and France has a lot of players," Capela said. "That makes it feel better for me to come here." Houston Chronicle

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Scott Howard-Cooper: Talked with Nic Batum on Mon. He said offseason workouts have focused on developing a post game. Considers it part of taking the next step. Twitter @SHowardCooper

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With the Trail Blazers finished for the year, Nic Batum is looking for some new people to improve his game with. And because dogs need to go outside to generally be happier dogs (at least according to our understanding of pet ownership having only occasionally pet-sat our friend’s dog) Batum’s game against his dog seems like the perfect way to accomplish both. For The Win

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After a successful 2013-14 campaign, the Portland Trail Blazers have transitioned from a team trying to win to a team about winning. Portland returned to the postseason for the first time since 2011 and advanced past the first round for the first time in 14 seasons – the longest such drought in the Western Conference. So after a 54-win season and appearance in the conference semifinals, the Blazers aren't shying away from upping the ante for next season. "We gotta be Top 4 next year," forward Nicolas Batum said about the Blazers, who finished fifth in the Western Conference this season. "And at least for one round have the homecourt advantage ... that's minimum for us." Oregonian

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He has been guarding Parker for stretches of games for four years now, and Monday was the longest, and most important assignment. The theory is Batum’s length — he is 6-foot-8 — bothers Parker (6-2), but really, Batum says his biggest asset against Parker is his mind. “I know him,’’ Batum said. “I’m not saying I can stop him, but I know Tony, I have played with him a lot, I have watched him for so long.’’ Oregonian

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He not short of any confidence when it comes to his small forward matchup with Nicolas Batum, who is a more established player. Batum may have the experience, but according to Parsons, he’s the best small forward in this series. “100 percent, I’m the best,” Parsons told CSNNW.com without hesitation. CSNNW.com

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It’s hard to make sense of it considering four players I spoke with — LaMarcus Aldridge, Damian Lillard, Wesley Matthews and Nicolas Batum — all say they want Stotts back. It’s hard to fathom there’s danger for the guy who has coached the league’s best offense, and has guided the marked development of Joel Freeland, Will Barton, and Lillard while igniting career-best seasons from Aldridge, Robin Lopez, Batum and Matthews. Yet, from all appearances, Stotts is dangling in the wind. Oregonian

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During a recent question-and-answer session with fans on NBA.com, Wesley Matthews was asked who would win a one-on-one matchup between him and teammate Nicolas Batum. The uber-competitive Matthews didn't pull any punches when he answered the question. "Me," Matthews said. "Because I'm better than him. He doesn't want to see me one-on-one. This ain't no European thing. You know how me and Earl (Watson) get down. We don't play. No foul calls, all that. You're going to have to earn every bucket." Oregonian

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