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Portland Trail Blazers forward Nicolas Batum has a concussion and has been ruled out of Wednesday's preseason game against the Phoenix Suns, the team announced Tuesday afternoon. Batum suffered the concussion when he fell during Tuesday's practice while going up for a layup. Guard Will Barton leaped to challenge Batum, the two collided and Batum fell into the stanchion. Oregonian

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But it was the evening before the European Championship title game and it was a curious time for a visit, so Batum swung open the door to see who was standing outside his room in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Staring back at him was Tony Parker, his teammate on the French national team and one of the NBA's premier point guards. Batum's friend wanted to chat. "I had messed up in the semifinals — had a baaaad game — and he came to me before the final," Batum said, recalling the unexpected face-to-face. "He said, 'Tomorrow's game is going to be your game. We need you. If we're going to win, you've got to lead us.' When a guy like that comes to you, before the biggest game of your life, and says 'you have to show the way, you have to be the man,' it gives you a lot of confidence." Oregonian

Before Batum knew it, he was meeting throngs of giddy fans in French airports, visiting France's president, Francois Hollande, and preparing to fly back to Portland for the NBA season. And as he flew across the globe last week to start his sixth season with the Trail Blazers, Batum brought more than that shiny gold medal back with him. He brought a new purpose. A new perspective. A new resolve. Parker and that championship may have just changed the Blazers' small forward forever. Oregonian

"Everything you do, the young guys are going to do the same — you're an example now," Batum said, relaying Parker's message. "Even though I'm only 24, this is my sixth year. So if I do something and (LaMarcus Aldridge) do something and Wesley (Matthews) and Damian (Lillard) do something bad, the young guys are going to be like, 'Yeah, if he do it, I do it, too.' "So I can't be late. I can't be lazy on defense. I've got to talk. I've got to be the first one on the floor to get the ball. I've got to be the first one to chase a rebound." Oregonian

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Two possessions later, Parker drove right into traffic, into the hands of Rodriguez. Off went Calderon, into the corner, a shot curling through the air, as the buzzer prepared to sound. Collet, like everyone, just watched and gasped. "You just hope," he thought. "For sure, we could lose it." But this time, they did not. When overtime ended, the weight of past failure was lifted off French shoulders. Mickael Gelabale offered Diaw a high five. Not enough, he thought. The pair embraced. And then, as a team, they went into a huddle, as Spanish heads bowed around them. Diaw spoke up. "Yes," he said, "be happy we're going to the final. But now we've got one more important game." For a few minutes, before thoughts turned to Lithuania, they soaked up the moment and savored the slaying of their nemesis. And why not? "We finally beat this team," Batum smiled. "This team have given us so many nightmare, breaking our dream every time. We wanted this win, we wanted this game. We finally did it." ESPN.com

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There have been these rumors that (LaMarcus Aldridge) has privately demanded a trade from Portland... Nicolas Batum: I heard that too and I laughed when I read that. He doesn't want to get traded, he wants the team to get better. LaMarcus is a winner. He has told you that? Nicolas Batum: I mean, I know that's what he wants. We had two bad seasons and missed the playoffs and wants the team to improve. I think he didn't ask for a trade. He wants to stay and win with the Blazers. He just wants a better team around him so we can get back to the playoffs. HoopsHype

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Jason Quick: "One thing that really hurt, was last summer. As far as, 'Why am I doing this? Why am I spending so much time...?' Nicolas Batum was probably one of my favorite players on this current team. I felt like we had a really good relationship. When he was going through all that crap, the Minnesota stuff. I ran into him downtown, right there at Director's Square, by the waterfalls and stuff. "During the interview, his agent Bouna [Ndiaye] calls, what a piece of work he is. Bouna asks him what he's doing and he says, 'I'm talking to Quick.' Bouna tells him, 'Don't, stop talking to him, don't run anything.' Nic gets off the phone, he says, 'My agent doesn't want to run what I just told you.' It was basically the same thing that he told David Aldridge about a month or so later. He said, 'But when it comes time, you'll be the first person I'll call.' We shook his hands, he put his other hands on our two embraced hands, and he said, 'Trust me. Trust me. Have I ever done wrong by you?' I was like, "Nic, I don't know about this. You said this was on the record and you're asking me not to do it.' He's like, 'Quick, trust me. Have I ever done wrong by you.' His hands are over our hands shaking. Blazers Edge

"For the rest of the summer it was nothing. I had his number, texting, calling, all that. The next training camp, he gets back, I don't talk to him. I didn't talk to him until the second game of the year, all through training camp, media day, I didn't say a word to him. He was asking Joe, 'What's wrong with Quick? Is he mad at me? What's going on?' "Finally we talk in Oklahoma City. He had a s---- game. You can go back and look at what I wrote. He said, 'Are you mad at me?' I said, 'Yeah, you know exactly why.' He said, 'I know, even my girlfriend said it's not right. I'd never been through something like this. My agent was telling me this.' At the end, I got over it. It was just like, 'Why trust these guys? Why have faith in these guys?' If there was a guy I trusted and had faith in being a good person it was Nic. That was like, 'What am I investing so much time into this for?' I've given a lot of time to this beat, that was a real... that was when things really started shifting for me. Blazers Edge

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Tony Parker and Nicholas Batum both headline the 12-man roster that France will have when they arrive in Ljubljana next month for Eurobasket. Head coach Vincent Collet has surprised many however by leaving out Leo Westermann, Evan Fournier and Kim Tille, a decision that was made by Collet on Saturday night, before the team’s first defeat of the pre-Eurobasket warm-ups to Greece. Many expected Fournier to make his senior debut this summer in Slovenia after impressing at under-20 level. He was also a major standout at last year’s Adidas Eurocamp in Treviso, Italy – where they showcase young European prospects under the watchful eye of NBA scouts. "Evan [Fournier] had little time to show us what he could do, and although in the last few games he improved and started to play more freely, it was still not enough to make us change our mind about what we had seen before," Collet explained. TalkBasket

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