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June 11, 2014 Updates

Teasley's death was announced hours before Cole and the Miami Heat would play Game 3 of the NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs in Miami Tuesday night. On Twitter, Heat guard Mario Chalmers called the news "crazy." Chalmers also used to employ Teasley several years ago and he worked for some Miami Dolphins players. Miko Grimes, wife of cornerback Brent Grimes, said in a tweet that Teasley was going to cook for her birthday party next week. Former Dolphin Bryant McKinnie also posted a picture with Teasley on Instagram calling his death "disturbing." NBC Miami

June 4, 2014 Updates

Let's be honest: South Florida fans will jump from sport to sport, from team to team, for any intoxicating partnership with winning. "I think we've done a good job of transforming this into a basketball town,'' Wade said. "Now when people mention, 'Miami,' most of the sports fans around the country think, 'Heat.' '' There are 15 players who reflect the residue of this fame in their daily lives. They bump into it everywhere and the attention multiplies now. Chris "Birdman" Andersen gets stopped several times in one grocery trip. Rashard Lewis gets cheers picking up kids from school. "Any restaurant I go in, people clap for me, people want pictures,'' guard Norris Cole said. "That's just how it is now. It's pretty humbling to have happen to you, but when it happens all the time you figure it's just part of the playoffs scene." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

May 31, 2014 Updates

Indiana Pacers guard/professional antagonist Lance Stephenson maybe might have been going for the ball on this swipe to Miami Heat guard Norris Cole’s face during the Eastern Conference finals’ sixth game. Maybe. Probably not, but hey, ESPN’s Mike Breen thought it might not have been intentional. The referees disagreed and turned a personal foul into a Flagrant 1, which means he gets ejected if he picks up a second one. For The Win

“I’m going to f— you up,” Haslem clearly said, followed by either “That’s real” or “I swear,” depending on your current level of lip-reading skills. Haslem didn’t play at all in the first half, but he may get some run in garbage time if the game remains this out of hand. It’s unlikely he does anything that would earn him a suspension that would carry over into the Finals, but the threat is real, and Stephenson likely knows it. NBCSports.com

May 26, 2014 Updates

Searching for a solution, LeBron James suggested that backup point guard Norris Cole defend Stephenson. Since that move, the Heat have won Games 2 and 3. Miami has been a defensive and offensive powerhouse with Cole on the floor, and he's a major reason why the Heat have a 2-1 series lead against the Pacers in the Eastern Conference finals. "I take on the challenge," Cole said. "I love the competition. If they have confidence in me to do that, that's great. But also, you have to have confidence in yourself to get it done. Everyone can have confidence in you, but if you don't have confidence in yourself, you're done." USA Today Sports

May 23, 2014 Updates

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra’s willingness to accept input from players became a talking point after practice Thursday, two days after LeBron James’ suggestion for Norris Cole to defend Lance Stephenson paid dividends in the fourth quarter of Game 2. “It’s being made a little bit more than it is, but I’ll go along with it,” Spoelstra said. “It happens all the time. It wasn’t as major as people are making it out to be.” Miami Herald

February 18, 2014 Updates

For every call, the Heat have offered stiff rejections, sources said, and value Cole as one of their best young assets. Pat Riley traded for Cole in the 2011 NBA Draft and the 6-foot-2 guard swiftly emerged as a contributing reserve, boasting a consistent midrange jumper, defensive ferocity and a keen ability to run a team. RealGM

January 5, 2014 Updates

Pat Riley: We don’t like to build through the draft. If you’re going to do that, then you’re probably going to have to lose for two or three or four years in a row, and get high lottery picks. In my 19 years here, we’ve been in the lottery three times. We ended up getting three good players out of that. But it’s not much fun to go through. And so picking a late-round pick, somewhere between 22 and 30, wherever we are, you try to do the best homework you can on those kinds of draft choice. Norris Cole is a perfect example of a guy that we picked very late and is in our rotation. Mario Chalmers was a second-round pick. IndexUniverse.com

November 9, 2013 Updates
November 7, 2013 Updates

Cole has broken down in another way this season—loosening up, and showing more personality. While in New York City last week, he appeared on Regis Philbin's show on FOX Sports 1, dressed as Chuck Norris for Halloween. "It only made sense to be Chuck Norris," Cole said. "That’s probably the only costume I would be willing to dress up as. I normally don’t do costumes. I usually let my hair and let my swag do the talking for itself. But putting on a karate suit, I didn’t have to cover up my hair. So I was all for it. It was pretty cool....Playing on this team, you learn not to be camera-shy as much. Plus, it was fun. Being my third year, I’m trying to enjoy this experience as much as possible." Bleacher Report

October 11, 2013 Updates

Norris Cole was the subject of vague trade rumors earlier this week before the Heat exercised its team option on his contract for next season. Even though the Heat locked up Cole’s contract, he can still be traded. On Wednesday, he seemed unconcerned about the rumor. “I didn’t think anything of it because I can’t control what goes on in the business aspect of it,” Cole said. “All I can control is what [happens] on the court and how I play.” Miami Herald

October 9, 2013 Updates

Q: Why guarantee Cole now, when we don't know what this team will look like with the Big Three next season? -- Roy. A: Because unlike with other option clauses, which are exercised at season's end, rookie-scale options must be exercised by Oct. 31. Had the Heat not acted, Cole would have become an unrestricted free agent at season's end. Considering the draft choices the Heat dealt in order to complete the sign-and-trade deals for LeBron and Bosh, they hardly could afford to allow young talent to simply walk. As it is, Cole can still remain a trade chip, should the Heat opt to move in that direction. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

October 8, 2013 Updates

Cole said he heard of the recent Fox Sports report the Heat may have dangled his name in trade offers. He will leave those decisions to management, but he remains comfortable in Miami. "I'm comfortable with the guys, with the coaching staff, with the team," Cole said. "This is all I know. I'm blessed to be in this position." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

October 7, 2013 Updates

Miami Heat guard Norris Cole will leave the speculation to the media. His only focus is on becoming a better player as he enters his third NBA season. The chatter about him possibly being on the trading block is secondary. "I can't control that," Cole said. "The only thing I can do is control what I can control and that's to make sure I'm in the best shape, make sure I'm ready to perform and make sure when I get out there I show what I can do. Anything else, I can't control that so I don't worry my mind about that." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Cole said he heard of the recent Fox Sports report the Heat may have dangled his name in trade offers. He will leave those decisions to management, but remains comfortable in Miami. "I'm comfortable with the guys, with the coaching staff, with the team," Cole said. "This is all I know. I'm blessed to be in this position." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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