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June 29, 2013 Updates

Saunders told a group of reporters Friday that he'll be out of town this weekend, presumably visiting a free agent. Who? Not sure as of publication. But what is known is that Saunders has strong interest in shooting guard O.J. Mayo. One possibility for Saunders' trip: meet with Mayo in Southern California. Oh by the way, unrestricted free agent Chase Budinger is in that area too. 1500 ESPN

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June 7, 2013 Updates

A source close to the situation reiterated what was reported in this space two weeks ago: guard O.J. Mayo is a big- time free agent priority this summer for the Wolves. Interestingly, depending on your view, there is no free agent buzz involving the Wolves and guard Kevin Martin. He played for Wolves coach Rick Adelman in Houston. 1500 ESPN

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Rick Carlisle on OJ Mayo: opting out of his contract: “That was expected. I think one of the reasons he came, I think his market value was higher than what we gave him last year but to protect him against injury and stuff like that, we gave him the second year player option. This was all logical stuff and certainly no surprise.” Dallas Morning News

April 21, 2013 Updates

After a season that began strong but ended with a whimper, O.J. Mayo said he will opt out of the final year of his contract and again become a free agent. The Celtics have long coveted Mayo, who has said before he does not want to play in Boston. Mayo averaged 17.9 points and shot 46.3 percent from the field and 41.3 percent from the 3-point line before the All-Star break. In Dallas’s final 30 games, those numbers dwindled to 10.9, 41.7, and 39.2. Teams will have to decide whether Mayo is really an All-Star-caliber player, or the wildly inconsistent player of the first five years of his career Boston Globe

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The Mavs aren't the only team conflicted about OJ Mayo. A survey of several GMs on what Mayo might garner on the o- pen market ranged from "not much more" than what he's slated to make next season to "Oh, $10 to $12 million easy." The conflict starts with the interpretation of his performance with the Mavs this season. After two years coming off the bench for playoff teams, he started for Dallas, as he did his first two years in the league for lottery-bound Memphis squads. No one disputes he produces numbers, but the question is: are they winning ones? Sulia

Shooting guard O.J. Mayo, the subject of coach Rick Carlisle’s public wrath after Monday’s loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, wants to return to Dallas next season. “Yeah, I’d like to be back here,” Mayo told reporters after Wednesday’s final shootaround of the season. ESPN.com

Mayo, however, said he has yet to consider whether he will exercise the player option for the second season in the contract he signed with the Mavericks last season. Mayo can opt to make a $4.2 million salary from the Mavs next season, or he can decide to test the free agency market for the second consecutive summer, perhaps signing a long-term deal with Dallas. “I haven’t really sat down and talked to Cuban about it or my agent,” said Mayo, who has averaged 15.4 points and 4.4 assists while playing a team-high 35.6 minutes per game this season. “I think I’ll probably take a week or so off after this season and get together and meet.” ESPN.com

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Me: What offensive adjustments has Rick made this year? Dirk Nowitzki: I think honestly, he's been hard on (Darren) Collison and (O.J.) Mayo all year. He's challenged them to be better decision-makers on pick and rolls, on the fastbreak. I think both of them have made tremendous strides from earlier in the season. I think with Coach (Jim) O'Brien implementing his offense, we're playing a lot more movement. We're one of the fastest-paced teams in the league. I think we were number one for a while; I'm not sure if we still are. But we really like to push it now with our guards. If we don't have the break, we like to move it. Five guys touching it, swing it, pick and roll. If it's nothing on the first side, move it, get another pick and roll. It's a fun way to play. Everybody's sharing it, less pounding, less iso. We all know that at the end of the game, when the game slows down, there will be some pick and rolls and some isos. But in the course of the game we're trying to keep the pace up and it's been working for us. NBA.com

March 31, 2013 Updates

Mayo is playing through the pain of a sprained AC joint in his left shoulder, an injury suffered on a hustle play late in Tuesday’s win over the Clippers and diagnosed by an MRI on Friday. He’s the only Maverick who has played in every game this season. Mayo played with a harness protecting the shoulder during Thursday’s loss to the Pacers but ditched the restrictive device after the first quarter Saturday afternoon. “I just said, to heck with it, and just tried to play without it,” said Mayo, whose only bucket was a big one, a driving layup to trim the deficit to six with 1:44 remaining. “If your shot is broke, you at least want to shoot it comfortably. You want to be comfortable shooting a broke shot. You don’t want to be uncomfortable shooting a broke shot. “But, hey, it was a great win, a win we needed. I’ll get in the gym tomorrow and try to fix that break in my shot and keep playing hard.” ESPN.com

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