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April 18, 2013 Updates
April 17, 2013 Updates

The Mavs aren't the only team conflicted about OJ Mayo. A survey of several GMs on what Mayo might garner on the o- pen market ranged from "not much more" than what he's slated to make next season to "Oh, $10 to $12 million easy." The conflict starts with the interpretation of his performance with the Mavs this season. After two years coming off the bench for playoff teams, he started for Dallas, as he did his first two years in the league for lottery-bound Memphis squads. No one disputes he produces numbers, but the question is: are they winning ones? Sulia

Shooting guard O.J. Mayo, the subject of coach Rick Carlisle’s public wrath after Monday’s loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, wants to return to Dallas next season. “Yeah, I’d like to be back here,” Mayo told reporters after Wednesday’s final shootaround of the season. ESPN.com

Mayo, however, said he has yet to consider whether he will exercise the player option for the second season in the contract he signed with the Mavericks last season. Mayo can opt to make a $4.2 million salary from the Mavs next season, or he can decide to test the free agency market for the second consecutive summer, perhaps signing a long-term deal with Dallas. “I haven’t really sat down and talked to Cuban about it or my agent,” said Mayo, who has averaged 15.4 points and 4.4 assists while playing a team-high 35.6 minutes per game this season. “I think I’ll probably take a week or so off after this season and get together and meet.” ESPN.com

April 16, 2013 Updates
April 1, 2013 Updates

Me: What offensive adjustments has Rick made this year? Dirk Nowitzki: I think honestly, he's been hard on (Darren) Collison and (O.J.) Mayo all year. He's challenged them to be better decision-makers on pick and rolls, on the fastbreak. I think both of them have made tremendous strides from earlier in the season. I think with Coach (Jim) O'Brien implementing his offense, we're playing a lot more movement. We're one of the fastest-paced teams in the league. I think we were number one for a while; I'm not sure if we still are. But we really like to push it now with our guards. If we don't have the break, we like to move it. Five guys touching it, swing it, pick and roll. If it's nothing on the first side, move it, get another pick and roll. It's a fun way to play. Everybody's sharing it, less pounding, less iso. We all know that at the end of the game, when the game slows down, there will be some pick and rolls and some isos. But in the course of the game we're trying to keep the pace up and it's been working for us. NBA.com

March 31, 2013 Updates

Mayo is playing through the pain of a sprained AC joint in his left shoulder, an injury suffered on a hustle play late in Tuesday’s win over the Clippers and diagnosed by an MRI on Friday. He’s the only Maverick who has played in every game this season. Mayo played with a harness protecting the shoulder during Thursday’s loss to the Pacers but ditched the restrictive device after the first quarter Saturday afternoon. “I just said, to heck with it, and just tried to play without it,” said Mayo, whose only bucket was a big one, a driving layup to trim the deficit to six with 1:44 remaining. “If your shot is broke, you at least want to shoot it comfortably. You want to be comfortable shooting a broke shot. You don’t want to be uncomfortable shooting a broke shot. “But, hey, it was a great win, a win we needed. I’ll get in the gym tomorrow and try to fix that break in my shot and keep playing hard.” ESPN.com

March 14, 2013 Updates

Is it a possibility for Mayo to play his 4.2 Million player option for next year, to proof his value and maybe get bird rights? Or is he 100 % opting out? Eddie Sefko: I can't imagine he stays with the player option. That would be leaving an awful lot of money on the table and I can't see any way his agent would let that happen. Stranger things have happened, but I'd be stunned if he doesn't opt out and let the offers come rolling in. He not only would make more next season, even at the mid-level, plus he would have security for years ahead. Not much down side to opting out at this point, it doesn't seem like Dallas Morning News

March 9, 2013 Updates

Mayo insists he isn't looking past the last few weeks of the season, but if you think he isn't looking forward to his future and re-establishing himself as one of the game's best young players, you've got another thing coming. "Man, I haven't looked that far down the road," Mayo said. "I'm just looking at Detroit, to see if we can finish this season on a high note." Detroit News

He's at career highs across the board this year (17.4 points, 46.2 percent shooting, 4.4 assists), having carried the struggling Mavericks while franchise mainstay Dirk Nowitzki recovered from knee surgery. That was a pleasant surprise, to be sure. "Yeah, I just got the chance to open up my game," said Mayo, one game off a career-high 12 assists. "Make some plays for myself and my teammates." It's not only that he's entered into a second tier of shooting guards behind Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade and James Harden, but it's also the manner in which he's done it that will look attractive to the Pistons' brass. Detroit News

March 8, 2013 Updates

One, Mayo is near the top of the wish list because the Pistons have need for his particular skill and he can provide some insurance if Jose Calderon doesn't re-sign. Two, I'm not breaking the bank for Mayo because there are other ways to address the Pistons' various needs. If he doesn't want to talk, then call Kevin Martin's agent next. Or a rival general manager about a trade. Or a college coach whose guard you might draft. Booth Newspapers

February 20, 2013 Updates
February 6, 2013 Updates

For a playoff push to be even a remote possibility for the Mavs, they must protect their house leading into the All-Star break. Tonight’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers begins a five-game homestand, with four of those games coming before the break. “It’s pretty much a must week for us,” O.J. Mayo said. The Mavs, who were the best road team in the NBA in the recent past, have been an awful 8-19 away from the American Airlines Center this season. Making matters worse, the Mavs have played the most road games in the West so far. ESPN.com

January 31, 2013 Updates
January 17, 2013 Updates

After Dallas’ 105-100 victory over Houston, Carlisle was asked Mayo’s all-around performance, despite 3-of-14 shooting, was a sign that Mayo is learning to contribute in multiple ways. “It’ll be a bigger sign when I don’t have to scream at him at halftime about it,” Carlisle said. Call it tough love. Carlisle went on and on about how thrilled he has been with Mayo’s recent play, starting with the Jan. 1 Washington game. Carlisle saw slippage Wednesday night. “I thought in the first half, he took some shots that were ill-advised, when he is becoming a very good play-maker and a very good all-around basketball player. I’m sorry, it’s beneath me to watch a guy continue to veer off from the path that’s best for him and our team.” Dallas Morning News

January 7, 2013 Updates

"I think we started kind of smelling our own stuff a little bit, got relaxed," Mayo said. "Obviously with the big fella [Nowtizki] coming back, we got even more relaxed -- like, 'He's here now. We held it down; he's here now.' And he wasn't all the way ready, you know? He was happy to be there, obviously, but he got tired from the workouts and the conditioning. So it was better to get him in some games. But I think we got even more relaxed when he came, thinking he was gonna come and take control of everything." NBA.com

Carlisle has been unrelenting, demanding, driven at practice and in film sessions as he has tried to figure out a way to get the Mavs out of their dive. But the results have been middling at best. "I don't mean this in a bad way, because I love it, and this is probably not the best language," Mayo begins. "But to be all the way real? He's a [12-letter word]. He's on it, every little detail, every little thing -- 'You're not cutting hard.' We're five-on-oh [in practice], you're not moving fast enough. Defense, you're not help-side talking. Help, ball.' -- I love it because he hates to lose, and I hate to lose and we're losing games. We carry the attitude at home that maybe we shouldn't." NBA.com

December 28, 2012 Updates

However, Dirk Nowitzki had plenty to say about the man who had been filling his shoes as the Mavs’ go-to guy until recently. “Juice gotta go back to playing the way he was when I was out,” Nowitzki said. “I don’t know what’s been going on lately. It looks like he doesn’t have the confidence. “But we depend on him. He’s got the ability. He showed it early in the year. He’s gotta make plays for us down the stretch as long as I’m not all the way there.” ESPN.com

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