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November 26, 2012 Updates

From Casspi’s perspective, Israelis simply grew tired of living in fear of death and random missile launches and began fighting back. The damage has been great, with civilians and children killed on both sides. “It got to a certain point that the Israeli government and people said: ‘That’s enough. We can’t keep living like this. We can’t have a normal life when there is a missile every 10 days that might kill your kids,’ ” Casspi said. “It’s a tough situation. You’re dealing with a terrorist organization that doesn’t really care about its own people. They hate us more than they love their kids.” Akron Beacon Journal

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March 25, 2012 Updates

Cavs forwards Luke Walton and Omri Casspi are candidates to be bought out of their contracts this summer. Walton might be reluctant to take anything less than the $6.1 million he’s owed because he’s a minimum player — at best — at this stage of his career. Casspi is owed $2.3 million next year. He could return to Europe, which might be his best option. Morning Journal

February 3, 2012 Updates

It's not easy to keep kosher in the NBA, Omri Casspi said, but he does his best at home and on the road. "When you land at 1 o'clock at night at Indiana, for example, you need to have dinner," said the Cleveland Cavaliers forward. "So it's not easy, but it is what is. I'm proud of me and who I am and what I'm doing." When he's not traveling with the Cavaliers, Casspi gets most of his food from Jerusalem Grill in University Heights. Co-owner Oren Gahanian said more than anything, Casspi wants to feel at home in Cleveland. "He's looking for the home cooking," Gahanian said. "He's looking for something to keep him warm. He's not looking for fancy shmancy." One of Gahanian's friends at the Jewish Federation of Cleveland was acquainted with Casspi, Gahanian said. She promised to bring Casspi to Jerusalem Grill to sample the food. "He had a little dinner," Gahanian said. "He tasted some stuff, and he said, ‘OK, from now on this is what I want. I'll come every week.'" Cleveland Jewish News

"Everything here is strictly kosher," Gahanian said. "I talked to his cook in Sacramento (where Casspi played before being traded to Cleveland) ... He basically told me what (Casspi) likes, how he likes his food. We organized it so (Casspi) picks up his food or I deliver it." Cleveland Jewish News

January 9, 2012 Updates
January 1, 2012 Updates

The good news is that Omri Casspi has a pretty good idea of exactly what's wrong with his outside shooting touch, of why he's made only four field goals through three games and is shooting a paltry 26.7 percent. The bad news is that it will not be an easy fix. "I feel like I'm thinking too much during the game about my shot, about what kind of shots I need to take," Casspi said. "I've just got to let it go. Clear my mind and play the game and enjoy it." Cleveland Plain Dealer

Despite Casspi's woeful start, Scott said he has been pretty pleased with his defense. In training camp, Scott compared Casspi to a "pit bull" for his aggressive approach. While Casspi might not be quite that fierce consistently, he's not acting like a Chihuahua, either. "He's allowing that length and athleticism to work to his advantage," Scott said. "Every now and then he plays a little bit soft when I want him to be a little more aggressive. ... I think he's been solid on that end of the floor. But I think he could still be better." Cleveland Plain Dealer

December 21, 2011 Updates

Stepien Rules: Can you talk about playing with Omri today in some live game action? You linked up with him a couple times on the fast break. Can you just talk about playing with Omri, and looking for him to finish when you're running the break? KYRIE IRVING: I'm really glad that we finally got Omri out there. It was really exciting to see him out there, especially the way he played. He shot really well from the field tonight. He was running the court, I just told him that if he ran the court I'm going to get it to him. I love to run. Like you said, we had a few connections on the fast break, so I'm looking for that more and I'm just going to continue to push the pace. But Omri's a great player and I'm really looking forward to playing with him. Stepien Rules

December 12, 2011 Updates

Mary Schmitt Boyer/Tom Reed: Omri Casspi suffered a knee injury last night and will be out for several days, Chris Grant said. He bumped knees with Harangody. #Cavs Twitter

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