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May 21, 2015 Updates

The group leading the bid to bring the 2024 Olympics to Boston is shaking up its management. Boston Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca is taking over the bid committee, replacing construction magnate John Fish. The group is trying to revive its chances of bringing the Summer Games to the city after early stumbles left the USOC second-guessing its decision to pick Boston as the American bid city. The USOC would have to submit a formal bid to the IOC in September. The host nation will be picked in 2017. Boston is expected to compete against Rome; Paris; Hamburg, Germany; and Budapest, Hungary. USA Today Sports

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May 12, 2015 Updates

NBA Communications: Today’s @kevinmdraper Deadspin post is grossly misleading and contains many false assertions. FACT: Roughly 1/3 of teams losing $ this year. New TV money does not kick in until 2016-17 season. As in past, all league and team audited financials will be shared w/ NBPA in collective bargaining. Avg player compensation in ’16-17 projected to be more than $8 million, roughly 50% higher than ’10-11. Notion that BRI rules disadvantage players is fiction. Specifically: 1. BRI definition hardly ‘out-of-date’; was negotiated in 2011 w/ NBPA; 2. Assertion that CBA assumes "owner doesn't own any related businesses" is false; 3. CBA expressly addresses related parties, incl. arenas and broadcasters, to ensure players get fair share of BRI; 4. Equity received in broadcast deals is not a BRI "workaround." 2011 CBA specifically covers receipt of equity; 5. BRI reviewed by NBPA and audited by independent accountants every year. Twitter

Now the NBPA has decided to once again undertake an action sure to displease the league’s owners, telling Deadspin that it plans to exercise its option to audit the books of up to five teams later this summer. The union has held this right since at least 1995, but has rarely, if ever, utilized it. The collective bargaining agreement, or CBA, that governs the league doesn’t expire until 2021, but either side may give notice by Dec. 15 of next year that it plans to opt out after the 2017 season. Roberts herself has said that it is a “pretty good bet” that the union will opt out, and independent experts don’t think she’s bluffing. Deadspin.com

Even with the union demurring, you can bet that the Knicks will be one of the five, and that more generally the union will target teams that earn the most revenue and have a host of complicated related party issues. An informed guess would be that the Knicks, Nets, Mavericks, Nuggets, and Lakers will be audited, with the Rockets, Bulls, and Warriors candidates as well. Deadspin.com

The announcement of Williams' firing was made via press release in which executive vice president Mickey Loomis and GM Dell Demps expressed nothing but praise for Williams, who'd become not only popular in the locker room but also influential in the league as a member of the competition committee and, like Thibodeau, an assistant with Team USA. But league sources pointed out Tuesday that the people whose names were on the press release may not be the ones making the decision. Former Pistons executive Joe Dumars, a Louisiana native, has been providing input with the team and has a close relationship with Loomis and owner Tom Benson. CBSSports.com

May 10, 2015 Updates

J.A. Adande: And before you start with your support for this junk http://espn.go.com/nba/playoffs/2015/story/_/id/12842752/nba-gimmicky-fouls-hackneyed-philosophy Twitter

Mark Cuban: @J.A. Adande Better chance there is a parent saying 'come watch this. This is why you practice free throws'. How is a guy getting to the line from attacking the basket any different ? Game stops. And there is less drama because ft goes in. Twitter

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Mikhail Prokhorov has said he never wanted to sell a majority interest in the team. "I never intended to sell the team and have looked at selling only the minority stake," he said on April 8, noting there have been "approximately" 10 offers for his shares. "And for the time being there is nothing on the table. . . . If somebody wants to send me any kind of proposal, why not? Just to have a look. But we’re only speaking about minority stakes in the team." NetsDaily

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