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Patrick Baumann: So it would be premature to make changes in the quality of basketball at the Olympics, especially before having maximised the potential of the World Cup. So it's too early to make any changes in the Olympic programme. To give you a concrete example, I don't think we would have had the investment in basketball in Britain - which is not a basketball country - had it not been for the Olympics. Also, without the Olympics, the amazing work done by Nigeria with its men’s team would have gone unnoticed. The same applies to the popularity of basketball in China. FIBA.com

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Jeff Zillgitt: NBA commish David Stern is here, watching final ticks of ARG-BRA. He waved to FIBA secretary-general Patrick Baumann from across the court. Twitter

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However Baumann is dismissive of those who would close their borders rather than capitalise on the global popularity of the NBA. Tap into their investment and their publicity machine, he says, rather than fearing it. “They want to sell jerseys. They want to find partners. They want to increase their audience. That’s fine. It helps the game. If they play regular season games in London, people will come, you will write about it and basketball will grow. “If someone from England Basketball picks up the phone and says ‘they didn’t give me 50 tickets, I only got 20’, I’ll say go to hell because you don’t understand the real value of their activity.” MVP 24/7

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