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November 1, 2012 Updates

As Rose relates, though, after a later Pacers win over the Knicks in Indiana, Rose got one up on Patrick. "Both teams were flying out to away games. I just so happened to go into the airport," Rose said. "I walk in and I see a silver chest, with blue, and a sticker that says 'Patrick Ewing.' So then the Detroit instincts came out." (NOTE: These instincts seem less regionally specific than inherent-thieving-and-sneaking-based, but we're not from Detroit.) Yahoo! Sports

"I look to the left, I look to the right, [and] I hit the handles," Rose continues. "I open it — it's a TV with a VCR attached. That was something then. We don't use VHS and VCRs anymore, but to have a TV, with the attachment? And it has his name on it? I was like, 'I'm getting this.'" With the help of a "Detroit homeboy" whom Rose says was "down like four flat tires" for the rip and run, Jalen says he stole Patrick Ewing's TV and kept it in his house for years as a conversation piece and a trophy. Of course he did — like Martha Stewart always says, nothing makes a house a home like a large piece of electronic equipment you stole at the airport. Solid work, Jalen. Looking forward to the next "Story Time" segment, when he shares a hearty laugh at slashing Shawn Bradley's tires or setting Jamal Mashburn's beach house on fire. Yahoo! Sports

October 15, 2012 Updates
October 13, 2012 Updates

At 6-foot-11 and 235 pounds, he should have an easier adjustment than his predecessors. The position no longer has bruisers such as Shaquille O'Neal, Patrick Ewing or David Robinson. With the exception of Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum, Bosh will face competitors who are mostly glorified power forwards. Bosh said the move is "over analyzed" because the evolution at center. "The game was different back then," he said. "The game changes every now and then. At that point, it was all about girth. You have to be big, Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley and Patrick Ewing and Vlade Divac. It's different now. The game is a lot faster. If you're big, we're going to run right by you. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

October 12, 2012 Updates
September 24, 2012 Updates
September 11, 2012 Updates

One source close to Ewing said the Hall of Famer felt a bit slighted by the Knicks' offer to coach the Erie Bayhawks because he has already established himself in the NBA. "Patrick has paid his dues," the source said. "He was a little insulted." ESPN.com

September 10, 2012 Updates

Patrick Ewing, who for years has been passed over for coaching positions with the Knicks, recently turned down an opportunity to become head coach of the club’s D-League team, the Daily News has learned. Although Ewing is out of work after not being retained by the Orlando Magic, the former Knicks great, who interviewed for the Charlotte Bobcats head coach position in June, would prefer to work in the NBA. Ewing has previously worked as an assistant coach with the Wizards, Rockets and Magic but has never been offered a job with the Knicks despite numerous openings over the years. New York Daily News

September 5, 2012 Updates

How about the time he put 6-foot-7 Chris Mullin on 7-foot-1 David Robinson in a playoff series? That was quirky. Just like Mullin on 7-foot-4 Mark Eaton, also in the postseason. And Patrick Ewing as a point-center. Innovative. That was the tag Don Nelson got for decades of trying to lure opponents into mismatch hell as coach of the Bucks, Warriors (twice), Knicks and Mavericks. It was the quirky way he'd encourage Manute Bol to rain threes to force the defense to come out (in the days before zones, thereby opening the interior to give small-ball Golden State a chance to get to the rim) or maybe just to force a good laugh on people. Nelson's fish ties in Milwaukee, Bol launching from distance -- same difference. NBA.com

August 29, 2012 Updates

The company released more than 20 different shoe models until 1996, when challenges, including the overall sneaker market itself, forced Ewing and his partners to shut down the business. "We did very well for a while, but it got harder," Ewing said. "Lot of kids started replacing basketball shoes with Timberland sneakers and Nike became more of a force." Nike is even bigger today, selling 95 percent of the basketball shoes in this country, according to market retail tracking firm SportsOneSource. That's why Ewing says the key is to start small. "We're not going to mass produce and try to sell as many pairs as we can in the first year," Ewing said. "We know that if we're patient, we'll do well for years to come." ESPN.com

He said that he thought LeBron James and Nike were recently unfairly criticized for a shoe that could have a $300 price tag. "There are $500 Louis Vuitton sneakers," Ewing said. "You can say it's too high or too low, but if people can afford it, there's a market for it." ESPN.com

August 23, 2012 Updates

President Barack Obama assembled what he called his own basketball “dream team,” calling in retired basketball greats Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing to help him raise more than $3 million for his re-election. Jordan, who led the Chicago Bulls to six National Basketball Association championships, co-hosted a dinner last night in New York for 120 people who paid $20,000 each to attend. “We are in the fourth quarter, we’re up by a few points, but the other side is coming strong and they play a little dirty,” Obama said. “Nobody knows better than Michael that, if you’ve got a little bit of a lead and there’s about seven minutes left to go, that’s when you put them away.” BusinessWeek.com

August 12, 2012 Updates
August 8, 2012 Updates

President Obama's campaign is planning a fundraiser with some of the biggest names in his favorite sport, basketball. Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony and Patrick Ewing are among the participants in the upcoming "Obama Classic," the campaign announced in an e-mail that offers donors a shot at an invite. The e-mail asks donors to "imagine shooting hoops" with these and other players. "Now stop dreaming and make it happen," it adds. "You and a guest of your choice could join President Obama and some of the greatest basketball stars for a special night at the Obama Classic." The event is Aug. 22 in New York City. USA Today

August 7, 2012 Updates
July 29, 2012 Updates

Patrick Ewing was stunned that Dwight Howard opted in last March. “I was very shocked that he had opted back in because everybody thought he was going to leave.’’ Ewing, who watched the situation up close as an Orlando assistant, said on NBA TV. Ewing is now looking for work after he was let go along Orlando head man Stan Van Gundy. Sulia

Patrick Ewing thoroughly dismissed comparisons between this Olympic team and the Dream Team. “They’re a lot smaller than we were,’’ Ewing, one of 11 Hall of Famers on that Dream Team, said on NBA TV. “(The current team is) kind of light in the middle. Myself and David Robinson, we would have had a field day… I’m not saying we would have creamed them. Best out of 10, I’d say we’d have beaten them 10 out of 10.’’ Sulia

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