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February 17, 2014 Updates

The Portland Trail Blazers have made it known that the city of Portland wishes to host NBA All-Star Weekend. The year 2017 was the first opening the organization was shooting for after the mid-season extravaganza visits New York in 2015 and Toronto in 2016. CSNNW.com

But according to a league source, 2017 is now out of the question for Portland due to the tirelessly slow process of getting a Hyatt Regency convention-size hotel approved which would reside at the Oregon Convention Center. Funding and hotel competitors appear to be the main obstacles holding the project up. A city official told CSNNW.com that they do expect to eventually break ground on the project, but adds that now the earliest the hotel can be constructed is in the year 2017. CSNNW.com

January 30, 2014 Updates

"They did a remarkable job with the remodel here," Stotts says. "When it was built, it was extremely functional and the best around at the time. Now after the remodel and expansion, I don't know if there's one better in the league." If one person deserves credit for pushing the project through, it's second-year general manager Neil Olshey, who convinced owner Paul Allen to provide the capital to update Portland's facility. "It shows commitment," Olshey says. "It has become an arms race around the league. This used to be a unique building. It was one of the first in the league that had its own practice facility. Now it's commonplace. Portland Tribune

Adds Olshey: "The dining room has become the showpiece. This has become the biggest impact spot, more than any other area in the building. Every morning you come in and guys are sitting together like a family, eating breakfast and sharing time together. After practice, guys are lingering, whether they're getting treatment or watching games. It's the lounge concept in a dining room." Portland Tribune

December 13, 2013 Updates
October 1, 2013 Updates

Trail Blazer owner Paul Allen showed up for the season’s first practice Tuesday and brought a message of optimism and excitement about the upcoming year. “There are going to be a lot of great stories this year,” he said. “We have turned the page and gone into a new era here. “Seeing all the new players blend in, seeing the defense improve -- that’s going to translate into many more wins than we had last year.” CSNNW.com

September 16, 2013 Updates
August 27, 2013 Updates
August 13, 2013 Updates
July 15, 2013 Updates

What are you thoughts on being able to get CJ McCollum at No. 10 in the 2013 Draft? Paul Allen: "Well, with nine picks ahead of us, we were very chaotic. We were gasping. I think for a while there, there was a video that showed the process of the draft. There was a lot of gasping in the room because we were surprised by some of the picks. But in the end we got the player we were hoping we would get in CJ McCollum." TrailBlazers.com

The team also made a move to bring in Thomas Robinson, after which Neil Olshey said his development was one of the team's primary goals. Allen: "We're very excited to have a player of his potential. He's a very good rebounder, he's extremely tough. Obviously he's got some rough edges to improve on his game, but the reason we're so excited is he's got upside and he's really hard-nosed and he rallies the other guys around him. So we're excited to have him as a part of our team." TrailBlazers.com

July 10, 2013 Updates

The Glendale, Ariz., City Council Monday signed a 15-year, $225 million lease agreement with the prospective new owners of the NHL Phoenix Coyotes, keeping the team in that suburb of Phoenix. It was considered a bit of an upset that the agreement was reached and the prevailing wisdom was that the franchise was going to be moved, with Seattle said to be the leading candidate for the relocation. But, according to a highly placed Portland Trail Blazer source, the Blazers were closely monitoring the situation, had been in discussions with the NHL and were ready to make an offer for the franchise in order to move it to Portland's Rose Garden, if the lease in Glendale didn't work out. The interest by the Blazers was considered serious, by the team and the NHL, with much time spent on financial analysis and projections. It is believed the team could consolidate several of its operations to serve both basketball and hockey while adding another full-time tenant for the arena. CSNNW.com

Trail Blazer owner Paul Allen was said to be fully on board with the acquisition of the team, as long as the price and terms made financial sense. The Phoenix team is currently owned by the NHL and is valued somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 million. The Trail Blazer source said, "Allen continues to be very supportive of investing in things that are good for the Portland market." CSNNW.com

June 26, 2013 Updates

It's unclear whether the Trail Blazers would consider signing Pekovic to an offer sheet as retribution for Batum or whether a signing would merely be business in the NBA. At the least, however, Pekovic's free-agent status makes the Wolves vulnerable for payback from Portland, which could make Minnesota overpay considerably to retain their popular 6-foot-11, 290-pounder. I asked Wolves owner Glen Taylor on Tuesday if he's aware of the possibility. "Yep, we think about that," Taylor said. Taylor is a billionaire. Portland owner Paul Allen is a billionaire 15 times over. It's unclear whether Allen is a vindictive sort. "I don't know if they would do that or not," Taylor said of the Trail Blazers. St. Paul Pioneer Press

June 20, 2013 Updates
June 10, 2013 Updates

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