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Paul Millsap will miss at least two games with a right shoulder injury. The Atlanta Hawks can live with that diagnosis, as long as their All-Star forward is healthy for the playoffs. X-rays were negative, the Hawks announced Monday, with an MRI showing that Millsap sprained and bruised his shoulder against Brooklyn this past weekend. Aiken Standard

Millsap suffered a right shoulder contusion and mild sprain during Saturday’s game against the Nets. He will miss the next two games – versus the Suns Tuesday and at the Nets Wednesday – and will be re-evaluated. X-rays were negative and an MRI exam revealed the sprain. “When someone has an MRI or gets banged like that you are worried something more might be revealed,” Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer said. “We are pleased.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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The Hawks' Paul Millsap was asked specifically if temperatures have any impact on a player's choice. "It shouldn't," he said with a smile. "I don't know. I've seen it all. I've been in Atlanta, I've been in Utah. Utah is one of the coldest places. To me, it's all about the team, it's all about the development. Those are what I base my decisions on." Newsday

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Millsap: “I would welcome him back. We still don’t know the truth as far as everything that’s going on or everything that happened. I try to stay out of it. But we had a great relationship before all of this happened. I’m not going to let one day throw that relationship down the drain. People make mistakes.” NBA.com

Potential candidates had better want to play in the Triangle Offense, because Fisher will continue to run it. And they will have to fully buy in on Anthony - believing that he’ll not just recover from his current knee troubles and probable upcoming surgery but that they'll also be able to win big with him as a teammate. "I’ll base my decision off what I see - where the team is, will I be able to grow with the team, how is the coach, and the community," Millsap, the Atlanta Hawks forward, told me during the Friday player media sessions. "There are a lot of things that factor into it, including who’s building the team and the owner. Yes, those are factors I will look at." NBC New York

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“Give me four or five really good players over one superstar. I will take that any day,” Millsap said. “It gives you a lot of comfort. When things aren’t going right and you are having one of those 3-for-10 or 1-for-7 nights, you know somebody else will pick up the slack. That is what a full team does.” Washington Post

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