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Former Clippers coach Kim Hughes: "I would put my intelligence up with anyone. I’m willing to take an IQ test." Hughes was responding to Charlotte's Paul Silas saying big guys aren't perceived as being smart when it comes to hiring NBA head coaches. Sulia

March 29, 2012 Updates

The NBA wants to know in advance which Silas is the Charlotte Bobcats’ head coach for any single game. Coach Paul Silas told me at shoot-around this morning that the league has asked the Bobcats for a heads-up whenever lead assistant Stephen Silas is taking over the team for a game. With the front office’s blessing, Paul Silas is having his son coach about once a week the rest of the season as a training exercise. Charlotte Observer

The likely next game Stephen Silas will coach is Saturday, on the road against the Detroit Pistons. It makes sense that the league office wants to inform that night’s officiating crew in advance that Stephen Silas is in charge. Referees give head coaches more latitude – to stand throughout the game, to argue calls, to ask for interpretations – than they do assistants. So it makes sense for refs to know how to delineate between Paul’s and Stephen’s roles. Charlotte Observer

March 21, 2012 Updates

Diaw played only twice in his last eight games with the Bobcats and has had a strained relationship with coach Paul Silas, who was quite critical of his effort. Silas described his frustration with Diaw on March 7 before a home loss to the Utah Jazz. “I like a player who is really committed to not only the team but to himself and then doing the best he can as a player,’’ Silas said. “Some of the things that would go on, like not shooting the ball, passing all of the time’’ were unacceptable. “I needed hoops and he could put the ball in the hoop. When that wouldn’t happen it was very disturbing. I think if he had played all out, the way he should have, it would have been a much, much better club.” Charlotte Observer

March 8, 2012 Updates

The Charlotte Bobcats didn't activate forward Boris Diaw for Wednesday's game against the Utah Jazz, and based on the tone of coach Paul Silas' comments, Diaw might never play here again. "I think if he had played all out, the way he should have, it would have been a much, much better club," Silas said, when asked why Diaw has fallen out of the rotation entirely. Charlotte Observer

"I like a player who is really committed to not only the team but to himself and then doing the best he can as a player," Silas said. "Some of the things that would go on, like not shooting the ball (and) passing all of the time... I needed hoops and he could put the ball in the hoop. When that wouldn't happen it was very disturbing." Asked if Diaw would ever play again for the Bobcats, Silas replied, "We just have to wait and see." Charlotte Observer

March 4, 2012 Updates

Q: Describe your first NBA coach with the Charlotte Hornets, Paul Silas. A: I just thought that I was gonna just take the NBA by storm, and he was just like, “Nope.” (Laugh). I remember times that I would be dribbling up the court, and he’d be yelling at me, and I’d be yelling back at him (laugh), and then, the next day at practice, I’d be pouting, and he was like, “Oh, you mad, you mad at me? Come here, give me a hug.” He was really teaching me how to lead those veteran guys. New York Post

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February 6, 2012 Updates

But lately the losing has become even more gruesome, with the worst loss in franchise history after getting destroyed by the Blazers in Portland. Are you guys behind coach Paul Silas? Bismack Biyombo: Yes, we believe in Silas. We have some injured players, although that is not a excuse. It's a very difficult situation. It's complicated to say that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will win. He always says that the most difficult thing is winning. He's been there, he knows how it is to be in a winning situation. Although we have injuries, we must stay optimistic, keep working. Yes, we have lost some games by a lot of points but it doesn't mean we don't care. We lose, we practice the next day and we do our best. Personally I'm impressed about how hard we're practicing. It's true that is frustrating that we're losing, but with our effort I'm sure we will win again. HoopsHype

February 2, 2012 Updates

Poor Silas was sullen, slumped on a chair looking like a man who knew he was about to be convicted for a crime he did not commit. "I would say this," Silas began, slowly embarking on the type of mental game that coaches of basement-dwelling teams must play in order to grind through the motions. "You take three top players off of anyone's team, and they're not going to do well. And that's the only way I look at it. I don't have a full squad. If I had a full squad and we were losing this way, it would be awful." Blazers Edge

January 29, 2012 Updates

An NBA executive I know says coaches in this league do their jobs at the players' permission. I think that's some of what Silas was feeling Thursday. Someone who's been through all he has is a great resource, but only to the extent players have the wisdom and drive to tap in. "You have to want to be the best possible player you can be, and you just don't see that a lot anymore," said Silas, describing the league, not just the Bobcats. "You ask guys sometimes, 'Do you want to be an All-Star?' And they say, 'Oh....maybe.' It's not ingrained in them. "When I played, being an All-Star was the best thing ever. If they'd concentrate on that, not only would they get better for themselves, but better for the team. And they don't understand that. " I've got to play better. I've got to think better. I've got to focus better, in order for the team to be better." Charlotte Observer

January 15, 2012 Updates

But the heat started to come down on Silas this past week, even before the Bobcats lost to the Knicks at the Garden, falling to 2-7. It reached the point where Jordan felt the need to convene a meeting of his top aides and his coach to reevaluate where the team stands. Sources said that in the meeting, Jordan finally admitted the obvious: The Bobcats don’t have starting-quality talent, aren’t going to win anything this season, and that Silas should not be held accountable, as long as the team plays hard and sees development from its younger players. “Michael understands where we are and what this season is all about, and that’s rebuilding,’’ said a team official. “He has a real good idea of where we stand.” New York Daily News

A day after his team’s loss in New York, Jordan continued to meet with his deputies as his team’s starters didn’t even try in a 30-point loss to the Hawks. According to the source, in his meetings, Jordan was “trying to figure out where we’re going to go from here.’’ New York Daily News

January 11, 2012 Updates

With forward Tyrus Thomas showing signs of leg fatigue, Charlotte Bobcats coach Paul Silas chose to sit him, with hopes he'll play Thursday in Atlanta - the first of three games in three nights for the Bobcats. Thomas missed the first six games of the season with a sprained ankle. His return coincided with Corey Maggette's hamstring strain, so Silas inserted Thomas into the lineup at small forward and played him heavy minutes - an average of 29 per night. Silas said Thomas wanted to play against the Houston Rockets, but Silas vetoed that idea. "His legs are hurting him and he's very tired," Silas said. "Possibly we played him too much, too soon." Charlotte Observer

January 8, 2012 Updates

Charlotte Bobcats coach Paul Silas didn't want to talk about rebounding differential or field-goal percentage or shot selection. What troubled him so thoroughly about his team's 99-77 loss to the Indiana Pacers on Saturday was more gutteral, more elemental. Few things mattered more to Silas as a player than toughness, and to him, toughness was non-existent among his players. "We didn't play tough. They banged us and we didn't respond. And that cannot be," Silas said. "Unless we're going to put everything out there ... " Charlotte Observer

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