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While the Nets have yet to announce who will be part of Hollins’ coaching staff, one likely option will be Henry Bibby, a longtime Hollins assistant in Memphis who spent last season working under Maurice Cheeks with the Pistons. Other names that have been reported as possibilities for Hollins’ staff include former Suns, Sonics and Kings coach Paul Westphal, Lakers assistant Johnny Davis — a teammate of Hollins on the 1977 champion Trail Blazers and a former assistant on his staff in Memphis — and current Nets assistant Joe Prunty. New York Post

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Peter Vecsey: Henry Bibby, like Westphal, almost sure to join Hollins' staff. NY brings back Jax, '73 title member. BK does same w Bibby? I'd call it even Twitter @PeterVecsey1

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Lionel Hollins. The former Memphis coach was interviewed weeks ago and was willing to take the job, Love or no Love. The Wolves still could circle back to him, but Cleveland and the Los Angeles Lakers now are interested. He also might be too defensive-minded for Saunders, who’s an offensive coach at heart. A package deal with offensive-minded Paul Westphal as his top assistant is possible if the Wolves change their mind. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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While a full-length training camp and ample practice time in season is important to all the teams, it especially means a lot to the Kings. It gives head coach Keith Smart, who had the interim tag removed this summer, the opportunity to really put his system into place after having to take over early last season when Paul Westphal was fired. Even though the situation wasn’t ideal, Smart shined and won over the locker room in a big way. “I’m happy,” Evans said. “He is a good coach. He worked his way up and deserves it. If you need help he’s going to let you know. He really gets us to believe to trust each other, see the big picture, and rally around each other so I’m glad that he’s back because he’s a big part.” HoopsWorld

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I continue to hear that Paul Westphal pushed very, very, very hard for the Kings to trade second-year center DeMarcus Cousins, so hard, in fact, that his persistence helped push him out the door. There was no way the Kings were moving Cousins for Nene, the Denver Nuggets center swapped to the Washington in the deal involving JaVale McGee. George Karl has long coveted Cousins. But McGee? Karl did a phenomenal job coaching Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp, not to mention Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith, Carmelo Anthony, etc. But, man, I can't wait to see George trying to coach McGee. Sacramento Bee

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Has your approach changed with Smart as your coach? DeMarcus Cousins: "It has. Everything has been positive right now. Coach isn't scared to speak his mind. He's going to tell the truth. He's going to tell you how it should be and how it's not going to be. He sets his guidelines and we all go by them. That's something that we needed from the beginning. Coach is going to be real. If you mess up he's going to tell you, 'You messed up.' That's all we needed from the beginning." So you didn't have that structure under Westphal? DeMarcus Cousins: "We didn't, honestly. And it showed." USA Today

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The Kings needed a new voice after opening the season 2-5 under Westphal. The 61-year-old coach had lost the players this season over complaints about his limited offense and constant lineup changes, sources close to the team said. That the firing came just four days after Westphal had another in a string of blowups with Cousins – and banished Cousins from the team for a game – showed just how strained the pair’s relationship had become. Yahoo! Sports

"I think we all knew something had to be done," Joe Maloof told David Aldridge of NBA.com and TNT. "We know we have a lot of (young) players but we were expecting to do well this season. We have a couple of guys who are in their third year in the league. We still have 60 games. We still have a shot.... Geoff came to us and said it probably was never going to work between those two guys. It was probably best to move on. (But) none of the guys were playing up to their potential. It didn't make sense, our play on the court. It just didn't make sense." NBA.com

The Westphal-Cousins dynamic was "part of the decision," Maloof said, but hardly the overriding issue. Which is fair. The development, or lack thereof, of Cousins is huge for the future and management has a right to expect progress. But Cousins has not gotten along with a lot of people besides the head coach. The same front office knows this. "It was probably time," Maloof said. "Paul's a class act, just tremendous. But it just wasn't working out. We thought it was best to make a change and give Keith a chance." NBA.com

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