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November 15, 2011 Updates

The Sacramento Kings have hired former Golden State Warriors head coach Keith Smart as an assistant under Paul Westphal, according to a release. Smart spent the 2010-11 season as the Warriors coach and had a 36-46 record before being replaced by Mark Jackson in the offseason. San Jose Mercury-News

November 14, 2011 Updates
November 12, 2011 Updates

Last Friday, Kings coach Paul Westphal flew to Phoenix to inform assistant Truck Robinson he would not be re-signed for a third season, a source revealed. Robinson, the former All-Star forward, and unruly rookie DeMarcus Cousins often squared off (no punches thrown, or at least landed, as far as I know) last season. By now, you’d think unless you’re Gregg Popovich, voices of authority would know better than to challenge the incessant insolence of a potential franchise player. What was Truck thinking? New York Post

October 27, 2011 Updates

But while refunds are available, the Kings are trying to persuade corporations to accept other benefits instead, including sponsorships of other events and community outreach programs. For instance, the Kings offered a meet-and-greet with coach Paul Westphal to Jeff Hallsten of Hallsten Corp., a North Highlands manufacturer that signed on as a sponsor during the spring rush. "They're really working hard to keep people plugged in," Hallsten said. And for Western Health Advantage, a $100,000 sponsor, the compensation could include an appearance by the Kings strength and conditioning coach at a wellness program. "It's a little bit of make-good," said Rick Heron, spokesman for Western Health. Sacramento Bee

September 10, 2011 Updates

SI.com: As this process has unfolded and now that it seems like the team could stay in Sacramento, what kind of sense and vibe do you get from the locals when you're doing events and around town? Westphal: The overwhelming sense that I get is how important the Kings are to a great many people in the Sacramento area. There's a real void that would be created if things aren't worked out and there are a lot of people who want to do everything they can to be able to say that, whatever happens, they won't look back with regret. They want this team. They want to support it. They enjoy basketball, and they want to do their part. That's the No. 1 thing I get out of the interaction I've had with fans. SI.com

SI.com: What about for you? Are you glad to see there's progress in Sacramento now, or how do you approach that aspect? Westphal: Oh, I absolutely look at it through the eyes of the people who have supported the team in Sacramento and want to see it remain there. I think that when people care that much about something like basketball -- we all know it's not life and death -- but the Kings have done a lot to unite this community, and there are a lot of hopes that can continue [if they're there]. How can you not root for that? SI.com

August 22, 2011 Updates

Scotty Robertson, a former Suns assistant coach, passed away last week of lung cancer at age 81 and was laid to rest Sunday in Ruston, La. Robertson was a Suns scout before moving to the bench when Paul Westphal took over for Cotton Fitzsimmons. Of course, those were the days before the Internet and 24/7 news cycles when a reporter could sit courtside with an assistant coach before games and talk basketball rather than having to worry about "blogging" or feeding the monster that is Twitter. Arizona Republic

August 19, 2011 Updates

Basketball lost a member of its global family when former Suns assistant coach Scotty Robertson passed away this week. He was 81 years old. Robertson served as a Suns assistant coach from 1989-95, which was preceded by stints as the head coach of the Jazz, Bulls and Pistons. Before coaching in the NBA, Robertson coached in high school and in college, leading Louisiana Tech to three Gulf States Conference Championships during the 1970s. “The overwhelming thing about Scotty was his incredible love for the game,” former Suns Head Coach and current Kings Head Coach Paul Westphal said. “He was extremely innovative and never really received the credit that he deserved, despite his tireless work behind the scenes.” NBA.com

May 2, 2011 Updates

What was your and coach Paul Westphal's last meeting with Omri Casspi like? He wasn't happy with his role at the end of the season. Geoff Petrie: I guess he was happy that the team played better and was winning more games, but he was frustrated that his playing time had really diminished from what it had been two-thirds of the season. We did have a discussion, which usually comes up with some players, about maybe it's better if I play somewhere else. But a lot of that gets borne out of frustration. I think he still has a chance to be a pretty valuable contributor because there are some things he does really well. But, again, there are areas of his game he needs to continue to work on to become more well-rounded in terms of the things he can do out there. He's a competitive guy, he's got a lot of pride, and we just left it at that. Sacramento Bee

How do feel Westphal handled the team this season with injuries and managing a young team? Geoff Petrie: I think Paul's got a great capacity for understanding and patience and maintains a pretty even-keeled approach to things. Obviously when you don't win a lot and you have stretches where you don't win at all, that's hard on everybody, but I think coaches are the ones that are closest to it. Trying to maintain your perspective and trying to keep a group together, I think that was a real big focus of his as the season went along. Sacramento Bee

April 20, 2011 Updates

Paul Westphal How his exit meeting went with DeMarcus Cousins: “It was one of our longer exit meetings. He knows how talented he is and he has been having people telling him for a long time if you do this if you would just stop doing that. He has heard that, but we needed to tell him that again. Geoff (Petrie) and I sat in the meeting and talked about his conditioning, his work habits, his learning to leave the officials alone, and all the things that people can see or can’t see about what DeMarcus needs to do to really take a step into the stratosphere as one of the best players in the NBA. We leave him with the understanding that we will do anything that he will let us do to help him get there and that ultimately every step that can be taken has to be taken by him. No person can make another person push for and strive for every last ounce of potential turned into achievement. That has to come from inside and we challenged him to let everything he’s got in him come out so he can look back at his career and next year without any regrets.” Sports Radio Interviews

Paul Westphal On whether or not they will be able to talk to the players more before a potential lockout: “No we will for sure. Certainly we educate players. I have experience directly from players during a prolonged summer vacation who let themselves go and really ruined their career. Certainly tell all the precautionary tales we can to the players about how important it is to treat this like a job everyday and that their livelihood depends on their physical conditioning and how seriously they take their improvement. Just staying the same is not an option because if you do that somebody is going to pass you up. We have those kinds of conversations and stay on the players about that.” Sports Radio Interviews

April 14, 2011 Updates

"Fans are the people who get hit the hardest," said Kings Coach Paul Westphal, a USC product and longtime Southern Californian so sensitive to Sacramento's "slow death," as Mayor Kevin Johnson has called it, he declined out of community respect to discuss a three-team Southland future. Los Angeles Times

April 8, 2011 Updates

Paul Westphal, not that he deserves to be fired, might have saved his Kings job by winning some games the last couple of weeks. The fact is, he ought to get a raise for having to put up every day with DeMarcus Cousins' antics, said to be much worse than advertised. New York Post

March 19, 2011 Updates

Kings co-owners Joe and Gavin Maloof issued a statement Friday afternoon after an ESPN report cited unnamed sources that should the team relocate to Anaheim it would consider changes to the front office before deciding whether to retain coach Paul Westphal. "There is absolutely no truth that we are considering anyone else for our general manager position," the statement said. "We consider Geoff Petrie to be the best in the business and look forward to continuing our resurgence with him at the helm." Sacramento Bee

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