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The Sacramento Kings today named Brendan Malone as an assistant coach, according to General Manager Pete D'Alessandro. Per team policy, terms of the contract were not disclosed. "I'm excited to add a coach with the breadth of basketball knowledge my father provides," said Kings Head Coach Michael Malone. "Aside from the benefits of having a trusted family member by my side, he's a talented coach who brings more than 25 years of invaluable NBA experience to Sacramento." NBA.com

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The plan, of course, was to be an NBA star. It is what Pete D'Alessandro, his brother Jon and all their neighborhood buddies dreamed about during those endless summer days, playing basketball on the court their father, a high school journalism teacher, had built in their backyard in Bohemia. This was the 1970s, when Julius Erving still played for the ABA Nets on Long Island and anything seemed possible. Then life, as it does, threw D'Alessandro an air ball. The Nets moved to Jersey, Dr. J was traded to the 76ers and by the end of his sophomore year in high school, D'Alessandro had failed to reach the height of 5-5. "I don't want to say I got cut by my JV team, but I read the writing on the wall," said D'Alessandro, who was named general manager of the Sacramento Kings last week and introduced at a news conference Monday. "That's when I started thinking about Plan B." Newsday

"I'm just a kid from Bohemia," D'Alessandro said with a laugh in a phone interview Wednesday. "I imagined this, I dreamed it and now I'm here." Truth is, it was a lot more complicated than that. Bespectacled, bald and barely 5-9, D'Alessandro looks more like a lawyer or a sports agent than a general manager, a position frequently held by former NBA or college players. But D'Alessandro, who has worked as a lawyer and a sports agent, is at the forefront of a trend in sports management that increasingly is relying more and more on statistical analysis. "The 21st-century GM has to understand the complexities of [salary] capology, the development of technology, the use of analytics," new Kings majority owner Vivek Ranadive said. "And if a good chess player thinks two moves ahead, in Pete we have a guy who can think four moves ahead." Newsday

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“When I started this process,” Ranadive said after the D’Alessandro hiring became official Monday, “to be totally honest, I was biased toward having a GM who had experience. Many years of experience. It was a very rigorous process. I interviewed some hard candidates. Quite honestly, when I spoke with Pete, he was a long-shot candidate. I went through a very rigorous interview process. I put these guys through the rigors. It was a few hours long, asking several questions, detailed questions. I did everything short of giving them an IQ test. Which I would have done. But this guy is amazing. I called (Chris) Mullin and I asked him that question the next morning. I spoke to Pete, it was early Saturday morning, I called up Mullin and I said, ‘Hey, what about this guy.’ He said, ‘He’s the smartest guy out there.’ ‘Is he ready?’ ‘Absolutely. No question about it.’ He was head and shoulders above, in my view, what I was looking for. Like I said, he was the smartest candidate, the hungriest guy and the most passionate guy. And you see that with all the comments that he’s making.” NBA.com

Pete D'Alessandro was in a comfortable place. He could have stayed in Denver and angled to be the Nuggets' new general manager, continuing to work with team president Josh Kroenke. But D'Alessandro wanted to take a chance on himself. "I've always been that second guy," D'Alessandro said. "I've always been the guy who can help, and we've had success wherever I've gone. I feel I'm ready." Sacramento Bee

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