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October 25, 2012 Updates

Steve Aschburner: Spurs CEO Peter holt elected Chairman of NBA Board of Governors. Succeeds Timberwolves' Glen Taylor, who has had the role since Oct. 2008. Twitter @AschNBA

November 26, 2011 Updates
November 25, 2011 Updates

Spurs owner Peter Holt, chairman of the owners' labor relations committee, also was in New York for Friday's settlement conference on the 148th day of the lockout, as was former union president Derek Fisher, sources told CBSSports.com. Tempestuous players attorney Jeffrey Kessler will not be present. While Kessler still is "very much involved," according to a source, he no longer has the role of lead negotiator for the players and has been replaced in that capacity by Quinn, a voice of reason with a long history of deal-making with key figures and attorneys on both sides of the dispute. CBSSports.com

November 24, 2011 Updates
November 23, 2011 Updates

Back-channel talks of various forms have been taking place "for a while now," though the parties have tried to keep that quiet, another source said. Peter Holt, chairman of the NBA's labor relations committee that oversaw CBA negotiations with the now-former-union, was in New York on Tuesday. NBA.com

November 10, 2011 Updates

Alan Hahn: The "competitive balance" refrain by Silver was clear message that small market teams will rule day. I'm told Holt (Spurs) is unrelenting. Twitter

Another 12 hours of talks are in the books, and the push to get this mess past the finish line endures. ”I don’t want to talk about our current state of mind or where we are,” said Stern, who was joined in the negotiating session by just one owner, Peter Holt of the San Antonio Spurs (the chairman of the owners’ labor relations committee.) “At the end of the negotiating session, whether it ends today or tomorrow, that’s when our offer reverts. We trying to demonstrate our good faith, and I think the union is trying to show its good faith,” Stern said. “Every day that we lose another game it just enhances the case to make a deal and causes both sides to try to make a deal. We’re here, the clock is stopped, and we’re trying to see if we can get something to go back to our respective sides with. SheridanHoops

November 9, 2011 Updates

According to a person involved in the process, the owners have played it wrong in challenging the players -- unless it is their intent not to have a deal. Which it may be. Last month, during the first federal mediation, Chris Paul got overheated when San Antonio owner Peter Holt said of their revenue-split 50-50 offer, “Take it or leave it.’’ Paul shouted back several times: “Take it or leave it?’’ The union left it. New York Post

But fans aren’t the only ones upset with these owners. Players and agents are just as frustrated, and one agent tells HOOPSWORLD that they’ll remember their actions long after the lockout comes to an end. “I don’t want any of my clients playing for Michael Jordan, Paul Allen, Robert Sarver, Dan Gilbert or Peter Holt,” said one agent. “We won’t sign with them, unless they’re willing to really overpay. That’s going to be the only way these hardline owners are going to land any free agents after the way they’ve handled these negotiations.” HoopsWorld

October 28, 2011 Updates
October 27, 2011 Updates

Neither Stern nor Hunter disclosed the exact progress made on the system issues, but sources indicated the sticking-point luxury tax issue still hasn’t been fully resolved. Yesterday, the ownership group was represented by Stern, Silver, owners James Dolan of the Knicks, Peter Holt (San Antonio) and Glen Taylor (Minnesota) and economist Dan Rube. The Players Association group featured Fisher, union executive director Billy Hunter, lead attorney Ron Klempner and economist Kevin Murphy. New York Post

October 26, 2011 Updates

Bonner heard the unsubstantiated rumor, proffered on Twitter after Thursday’s blowup, that Spurs owner Peter Holt told the players they hadn’t yet endured enough pain. Re- tweeted so often that it took on a life of its own, the quote was attributed only to an unnamed source but gained traction for a few hours, a veritable lifetime in cyberspace. “I never heard Peter say anything like that,” Bonner said. “Peter’s a really good guy, and he never loses his cool, and he’s always respectful.” San Antonio Express-News

October 21, 2011 Updates

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