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October 28, 2011 Updates
October 27, 2011 Updates

Neither Stern nor Hunter disclosed the exact progress made on the system issues, but sources indicated the sticking-point luxury tax issue still hasn’t been fully resolved. Yesterday, the ownership group was represented by Stern, Silver, owners James Dolan of the Knicks, Peter Holt (San Antonio) and Glen Taylor (Minnesota) and economist Dan Rube. The Players Association group featured Fisher, union executive director Billy Hunter, lead attorney Ron Klempner and economist Kevin Murphy. New York Post

October 26, 2011 Updates

Bonner heard the unsubstantiated rumor, proffered on Twitter after Thursday’s blowup, that Spurs owner Peter Holt told the players they hadn’t yet endured enough pain. Re- tweeted so often that it took on a life of its own, the quote was attributed only to an unnamed source but gained traction for a few hours, a veritable lifetime in cyberspace. “I never heard Peter say anything like that,” Bonner said. “Peter’s a really good guy, and he never loses his cool, and he’s always respectful.” San Antonio Express-News

October 21, 2011 Updates

Alan Hahn: Ominous quote from Holt, off my question if, like NHL in 04-05, it's worth to the owners losing an entire season to achieve their goals: "There are certain things we feel we must have. So that's how I'll answer the question." Twitter

They take our money to finance their palaces, gouge us for pretzels, beer and parking, and laugh all the way to the country club. All they want, said labor relations committee chairman Peter Holt of the San Antonio Spurs, whose arena was built with $145 million in public funds, is the chance to "make a few bucks." Do me a favor, Mr. Holt: Leave the condescending cowboy talk in Texas where it belongs. CBSSports.com

October 20, 2011 Updates

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