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Stern said when each side was in its respective room during the Oct. 4 session, there was a knock on the door. "It was Derek Fisher, the president of the union and Jeff Kessler, the lead negotiator who probably does 70 percent of the talking for the union," Stern said. "And they asked us to come out into the hall, where I went with Peter Holt, the head of the labor relations committee, and Adam Silver, who's really our lead negotiator. "Without trying to pin it on anybody in particular, all the parties to that conversation agreed that we would go back to our respective rooms and each promised to try to sell a 50-50 split," Stern said. "We were in the process of selling it, and there was a knock on our door. Kessler and Derek Fisher asked us to come into a room where they were with three other players -- not Billy -- and they said, 'We can't do it. We can't sell it.' And we said, OK, we get it.' Now it strikes me as strange that the union and the chief negotiator are being left out there because Billy wasn't in the room? I'm sorry." CBSSports.com

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“I think Peter and Glen Taylor, Mr. Stern, Adam Silver are articulating certain things in the room, expressing their desire to get a deal done,” Fisher said. “But where their proposal lies makes it hard to believe that.” Informed of Fisher’s comments, which echo the NLRB charge about failing to bargain in good faith, stern said, “He’s entitled to draw his own conclusion. We have absolutely the opposite take on it.” CBSSports.com

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The two sides broke for private discussions, and then the owners responded by saying the latest offering did not address the core economic issues. The Spurs' Peter Holt, head of the labor relations committee, did much of the talking for the owners, and it was all very respectful from both sides of the table. The players understand the owners' point of view, which is that the players are making much too much money. The owners likewise understand the players' point of view, which is that the owners are losing money because of their own regrettable decisions. SI.com

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