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He is also the only person to have served as head coach for both players, at any level, which makes him an almost unquestionable authority on one of the most popular comparisons in all of sports, and all of sports history. But Bryant disputes this claim from Jackson. All of it. "Nah, it's a myth," Bryant said. "Phil likes to say things a lot of times to create good content, to create good stories, as most [reporters] do." ESPN.com

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This is how bad it has gotten for Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks: Five months after swearing his allegiance to New York and signing a five-year, $124 million contract, sources told The Post the All-Star forward would be open to dropping his no-trade clause if team president Phil Jackson strikes a deal with a team Anthony would like to play for. New York Post

For now, Anthony has no desire to be traded, but his willingness to consider giving up the no-trade clause shows how frustrated he has become with the Knicks’ historically bad start to the season. The Knicks have lost 10 straight games — two shy of a team-record — and at 4-20 have the most losses in the NBA, one more than the laughingstock Sixers. New York Post

A trade to a contender would be a financial boon to Anthony as he has a trade kicker attached to his contract that is worth 15 percent of the remaining value at the time of the deal. That kicker was put in place by Anthony’s handlers to deter teams from approaching the Knicks about Anthony. He would receive a lump-sum payment of roughly $17.5 million if he is traded Monday. “He thought things would be better than this, but he still wants to stick it out for now, ’’ a source said. “He trusts Phil, but I think he’s afraid of Phil.’’ New York Post

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A source confirmed an ESPN report that Anthony, along with several other Knicks, is frustrated in the triangle offense which is the preferred system of rookie head coach Derek Fisher. Coincidentally, Phil Jackson’s first choice to coach the Knicks, Steve Kerr, is not running the triangle with the Golden State Warriors, who own the best record in the NBA and have won their last 13 games. New York Daily News

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"If I know Phil [Jackson, Knicks team president], he just feels like [crap] right now," Rodman told reporters at a promotional event in Manhattan. "I think he just feels like, 'Wow, I thought I came here to do a great job and revitalize the city of New York.' He didn't expect this. "He didn't expect this. I saw him a couple of times on TV when I was in L.A., and I'm like, I know what you feel like, Phil. You came to be the savior and all of a sudden it's like, ugh. Then you went and got Derek Fisher. Really, is he coaching? Is Derek Fisher coaching? I don't get it. I don't know what's up with that team, man. You've got Carmelo and after that who else do you got? ESPN.com

"They're not running the triangle. Derek Fisher's not really coaching. I know Phil is trying to throw his input in the background, but who expected this from Phil? They expected him, we're going to give you $15 million a year for the next six years and this team is -- wow -- they might not even make the playoffs." ESPN.com

Jackson said he could travel later in the season, but more to meet with other teams’ executives. He didn’t answer a question on how much traveling he’d do for college scouting, indicating top adviser Clarence Gaines has most of it covered. He has “the urge to yell’’ during games but “no desire’’ to be on the bench coaching. That’s too bad. This president’s job looks almost impossible. Maybe that’s why he needed $60 million to accept the challenge. New York Post

New York Knicks president Phil Jackson sees a troubling characteristic developing in his team. "It's about a loser's mentality," Jackson said on Monday. "It's not about the skill or the talent level." At 4-18, Jackson's Knicks are off to the worst 22-game start in the 69-year history of the franchise. One of their biggest issues of late is a failure to execute late in close games. ESPN.com

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It didn't take long for the sermon on the Knicks to turns serious, and Jackson said the Knicks' start is crucible. "Obviously, pretty disappointed," Jackson said of the team's 4-18 record, the worst start in franchise history, which includes a seven-game losing streak and the current eight-game losing streak. USA Today Sports

"We knew it was going to be a process. We talked about that before. But that process has been set in place. I think guys understand what we're trying to do. Hopefully, they're getting to be more compliant. There's some resistance to discipline and order and culture change and things like that. "We're kind of calling it a crucible what we're going through here." USA Today Sports

"I think everybody's still trying to learn it," Anthony said Thursday. "Guys for the most part are just trying to become more comfortable with their roles in this system. Now, with what we're doing, you've got to kind of be comfortable with being uncomfortable. A lot of times, in people's careers and guys' careers, they've never had to do that. So it's been a culture shock for everybody. But we've got to do it. This is what we're going to be running, and we've got to adjust to it." NBA.com

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