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March 26, 2014 Updates

On Tuesday, Jackson wasn’t granting interviews inside Staples Center, and considering Dolan’s suffocating media policy and total disregard for the press in general, the Zen Master’s silence makes him the early favorite to win Employee of the Month after one week on the job. The word from the Knicks was that Jackson, just seven days after promising a more professional working relationship with the media, wasn’t talking. He is, however, doing a lot of avoiding. New York Daily News

With 8 minutes 54 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Phil Jackson had seen enough. He texted his fiancée, Jeanie Buss, and agreed to meet at the loading dock inside Staples Center where their car would be waiting. The Knicks were losing by 26 points. “It was awful, huh,” Jackson, the new Knicks president, said with a slight grin as he exited a luxury suite in the corner of the arena and took an elevator down to the floor level. New York Times

March 25, 2014 Updates

Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson might finally have had that first conversation everyone has been anticipating. At Tuesday's morning shootaround while most players were on the court, the Knicks' best player and their new president were in the visiting locker room at the same time. The fact that Jackson was in there wasn't known until after Anthony met with reporters. "I've seen him here and there -- not to where we sit down and talk," Anthony said before the Knicks played the Lakers Tuesday night at Staples Center. "We'll figure that out. I'm pretty sure we'll get together soon." Newsday

Enter Azoff, who has been business partners with Dolan since 2004, when Dolan began investing in Azoff’s management company. (Dolan and Madison Square Garden have since poured millions more into other Azoff ventures.) They speak on the phone several times a day, Azoff said, and spend time together socially. It was at a party in December, at Azoff’s home in the exclusive Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles, that Dolan and Jackson retired to a downstairs office so they could discuss the Knicks. It was all a part of Azoff’s plan. “Phil had R.S.V.P.’d and Jim had R.S.V.P.’d, and I just said, ‘Hmm,’ ” Azoff recalled. New York Times

March 23, 2014 Updates

Willis Reed heard the phone ring. And ring. And ring some more. Inquiring minds wanted to know his take on the Knicks’ pursuit of Phil Jackson for the front office. So they called. And called. Reed ignored them all in his Louisiana home. “I’m not a betting man,” the Knicks legendary and Hall of Fame center said Saturday, “but I would not have bet on it. I just didn’t believe we were going to get him. I never thought it was going to happen. I just thought somehow, someway, through his relationships with the Lakers and with Jeanie [Buss] that Phil Jackson would end up in the Lakers organization. “I just think for us, the Knicks, we won the lottery.” New York Post

March 22, 2014 Updates

Jim Boeheim says Carmelo Anthony “always wanted to be in New York” and that new Knicks President Phil Jackson “brings a lot of credibility” and the ability to attract quality free agents around Anthony beginning in 2015. in Buffalo where Syracuse will meet Dayton Saturday night in an NCAA Tournament South Region game. “He’s built for New York. He can handle New York. If [the fans] get on him or whatever, he still goes and plays. Some people can’t handle it. He can handle it. If they get on him, he’ll go play. I think he’s playing as well as he’s ever played.” The Knicks Blog

It's a little late in Jackson's 11-title legacy as a coach to start proving he can make decisions better than the front-office guys he's loathed (Jerry Krause in Chicago) or lorded it over (Jerry West and Mitch Kupchak in L.A.). Jackson, through Sam Vincent, floated the same sweetheart deal a few years ago to run the Magic, occasionally from Orlando, although it never got anywhere. Orlando Sentinel

March 21, 2014 Updates

Other sources believe Jackson’s presence will certainly improve New York’s chances of keeping Anthony, but Jackson’s arrival will ultimately be one of several factors considered. “I think it helps, but I doubt he’ll be the deciding factor,” one former teammate told SheridanHoops. SheridanHoops

Amare Stoudemire: I want to be a Knick for life and win multiple championships here. I don't want to go anywhere else, especially with Jackson coming in. He has an incredible legacy; it's probably unmatched. With a leader like that, it can only become a positive output with that type of leadership. He's been around great organizations, from Chicago to L.A., so now joining us with the Knicks, it's great to see. Regarding the Triangle offense, it's funny because I've been hearing that it would be great for me for the past six years. It could be possible that we implement the Triangle offense, and I just can't wait to perfect whatever system we're going to be in. I'm ready to get to work now. Bleacher Report

On major decisions, such as the recent choice on whether to offer former coach and Buss' fiancée, Phil Jackson, a formal role with the franchise, Buss said that she prefers to "build consensus" among the other siblings and shareholders. "When it comes to major decisions in any area of the organization, I like to the get the blessings of the shareholders -- of which my siblings are the majority -- and build a consensus even if it isn't something that all of them agree on," Buss said. "I like to build a consensus and work as a team." ESPN.com

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