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Trying to utilize Saric, who has the ball skills to initiate the offense, at small forward in the NBA would be a risk because “he's not so fast,” according to the journalist. “The problem is with his lateral quickness,” the journalist said. “That is pretty average at this stage. He's frequently getting burned by smaller players on the perimeter.” The Intelligencer

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May 6, 2015 Updates

In his move out of the D-League and to the June draft, forward Jamal Jones could become the NBA’s next domestic draft-and-stash player with the affiliate organization that has plans to work him out and seriously consider him with six second-round picks: the Philadelphia 76ers. Jones, a 6-foot-8 product, left Texas A&M a season ago with a year of college eligibility and entered the D-League draft. He was a second round selection by Delaware. The 76ers will soon work out Jones, who is aware of the franchise’s interest and its possibility to make him a domestic draft-and-stash. RealGM

“At times, I think I should have stayed in college,” Jones said. “That’s mainly what the NBA is looking at right now: Players who are in college. It’s not that they’re not looking, but they can forget about the players who are draft-eligible in the D-League. So sometimes, I feel I should have stayed, but life goes on. You learn from the decision you make. I grew as a man over these past eight, nine months. Now, I need to show teams that I can knock down the NBA three-pointer consistently. I don’t feel like teams know this part about me. I shot 34 percent [from three] this year, so I need to show them that I can shoot and also handle the ball. If I show these things, I feel NBA teams can be excited about the type of player I am. It can be done. I just have to work harder than everyone who got exposure at the college level this year.” RealGM

During a Philadelphia radio interview with 97.5 The Fanatic on Wednesday, Brown remembered on the Morning Show that the 76ers actually ranked Pierce as the No. 2 prospect in 1998. After the forward fell on draft night, he was still available when the 76ers made their selection. But Brown, Philadelphia's coach at the time, wanted to keep his word. "We took Larry Hughes because (with the eighth pick) because we thought we had a need," he said. "But the reason we took Larry is I promised him when we interviewed him -- we knew we were getting the eighth pick -- I promised him if he was there at (No.) 8 we would take him." Booth Newspapers

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April 29, 2015 Updates

“More and more, we’re seeing teams transition from hosting their content primarily on their websites to using their social channels for that purpose instead,” Rappaport says. “When I started with the Sixers, sharing a video from your phone to Twitter required you to upload it to YouTube and share the link. But now, with Vine, Snapchat, native video on Twitter and Facebook, Instagram video, etc., the process is not only incredibly simple, but it’s also way more effective. “It won’t be long before we start to see [NBA] teams beefing up their social teams in lieu of staffing traditional content creators.” complex.com

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April 26, 2015 Updates

MR: Would you say that your biggest goal for the offseason is to put on weight? Nerlens Noel: “Yeah, I definitely would say that’s my biggest goal along with continuing to work on my skillset. But I think working on my body will be an around-the-clock thing that I’ll have to be fully conscious of, and I have been.” MR: So what does a day look like for you in terms of what you’re eating? NN: “Just eating four times a day, minimum. Eating heavy calories, a lot of shakes, and just continuing to stay with the weight lifting. They compliment each other in helping size come on a lot faster.” NBA.com

MR: I know the Philippines is pretty NBA crazy. What was their reaction to seeing you, the campers? Nerlens Noel: “They were definitely showing some shock. They were definitely surprised, and you do see how much they pay attention to NBA basketball and keep up with it, so that was great to see." NBA.com


The 76ers have more MVPs than any other franchise outside of Lakers and Celtics, so the team's Top 50 is obviously stacked with talent.


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