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March 14, 2014 Updates

Let Noel talk to the media. Per a policy agreed upon by the NBA and professional basketball writers, Noel is not obligated to talk until he is practicing full time with the team. The Sixers have held true to that for the whole season. But with interest in this organization sinking to alarming levels, why not have the 19-year-old talk about how excited he is to put on the uniform and predict what he can do in the league? Really, what is the harm? Without Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes, there aren't any players in the locker room comfortable talking to the media, so no one who can really relate to the fans. Let Noel talk. Philadelphia Inquirer

March 13, 2014 Updates
March 12, 2014 Updates

You can't talk about the Sixers without talking about Iverson and Brown, and their much-publicized contentious relationship. You couldn't draw up two more completely different personalities. Being on the inside, what was it like to see that unfold? Pat Croce: It was difficult because they were at each other's throats, and there was the one time when Larry Brown called me and Iverson called me because (Brown) sat him on the bench in Detroit—I wasn't there—and I got a call that night because I saw that he sat him. And I heard there was a blast on the bus and Larry Brown wanted him traded the next day. And Iverson called me, which was rare, and he wanted him fired. So I said, "We'll meet in the conference room at the practice facility." And all the team is waiting outside the glass with the assistant coaches, and inside the room was Larry Brown on one side of the table, Allen Iverson and me on the other side and Billy King toward the end of the table. And I think Tony DiLeo, our scouting director, was also there. It was really ugly, like really. Allen came in ready to kill someone. I've never seen him in such a foul mood. He wanted no part with this coach, none. This was my fourth year and (Brown's) third year. It got really ugly, and I remember saying—to this day, I don't think Larry Brown likes me because of this, because I made him sit down in this meeting, but it was the catalyst that turned our whole world around—"You two, I'm not going to trade him, Larry, and I'm not going to fire you. There's no way." I said, "You guys don't understand. You both are so talented, the best of what you do in your business. You're so headstrong. If you were to look in the mirror, you'd see each other. You both have a common goal; you just go about it in different ways." Bleacher Report

Pat Croce: With that I said, "Allen, the coach doesn't like when you motherf--k him when he takes you out of the game. That's disrespectful. Would you do that to your father or to your mother?" And he looked at me and he said, "No." I said, "I don't care how much you want to play; it's the coach's plan whether you play or not." I looked at coach and said, "Larry, Allen doesn't like when you treat him like the white prison guard that says, 'Sit down, n----r.' " And Larry went, "What?" He looked at me and I said, "That's what (Iverson) said. He said he feels that you are disrespecting him." So they both were looking at each other. I said, "You both are looking at each other in a wrong way." What I said at the time, then they started to talk. And Allen got up, walked all the way around the table and hugged him. I remember it to this day. That was the beginning; that was the real turnaround, I'll tell you. That year we did real well. We lost to the Indiana Pacers in the second round (in 2000), and then the next year it was a really, really good year, starting off 10-0 and Allen was co-captain. But it was really, really ugly and scary at that time. And Larry did call me after that, and I thought he was going to thank me, but he was angry. He said, "How dare you put me in a position equal to a player?" I said, "Larry, I'm sorry you feel that way, but you're bigger than this. Now you have a relationship." That was the little wedge between the two of us. It didn't matter to me because I'm all about people. I know how to unpeel the onion, and I wanted to peel it all the way down. Bleacher Report

Rookie center Nerlens Noel continues to impress observers in the closed-door sessions during 76ers practices. Though a source with knowledge of the situation doesn't expect Noel to play this season as he recovers from last year's knee surgery, all who see him are encouraged about what he will bring to the future. Philadelphia Inquirer

March 11, 2014 Updates

The Philadelphia 76ers are eyeing Casper Ware and may bring him in for a workout, a source told Sportando. Casper Ware parted ways with Italian team Virtus Bologna where he was averaging 11.7ppg, 2.7rpg and 2.2apg in 22 games in Serie A. Ware was Legadue MVP in his rookie season as pro. Sportando

Itching to play in his first NBA game, Noel circled the date because it is when the Sixers play at Boston, his hometown. He tweeted his desire, unknown to the team. Hell broke loose and the team is choosing to ignore the issue. Noel is not permitted by the team to talk to reporters until he is playing five-on-five in practice. "I've only heard about it and I haven't sat down and grilled him on that," coach Brett Brown insisted before last night's 123-110 loss to the New York Knicks. "I don't know the mystery and I think it's been blown out of proportion. At some point, yes [he'll talk to Noel]. We've been moving around pretty quickly here in New York and I haven't dug in maybe like I should have, but at some point, yes." Philadelphia Inquirer

March 10, 2014 Updates

Brett Brown may have another new face on his roster. The Sixers currently have the maximum 15 players signed, but Jarvis Varnado’s 10-day contract expires Monday. The Sixers could sign him to a second 10-day contract or they could fill that roster spot with someone else. “I am thrilled with him so far,” Brown said of Varnado. “I think he is a good guy. He is so willing to please and so coachable, and then he has the skill of blocking shots. He has a toughness inside. He is someone I want to keep moving forward with.” CSNPhilly.com

There are numerous reports that the Sixers will be working out a number of D-League players, though Brown said that is not set in stone. “Nothing has been confirmed,” Brown said. “The only boring comment I have that is true is that this next period of time we are going to be all eyes and ears and wondering can a guy continue on in summer league or with our team. This time of year is that for a lot of teams and we are no different.” CSNPhilly.com

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The 76ers have more MVPs than any other franchise outside of Lakers and Celtics, so the team's Top 50 is obviously stacked with talent.

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