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January 9, 2015 Updates

The Sixers placed Andrei Kirilenko on the Suspended List, a source tells Hoops Rumors. It appears as though the team suspended Kirilenko, who hasn’t played since November 13th as he’s reportedly been dealing with a medical issue involving his pregnant wife. The 33-year-old forward has yet to report to the team after Philadelphia acquired him on December 11th in a trade with the Nets Hoops Rumors

The difference with this transaction, however, is there are lingering hard feelings about how it played out and unsettling questions from some league sources about the way Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie handled the deal. According to two sources with inside knowledge of the negotiations, the Sixers had agreed to release veteran forward Andrei Kirilenko after the trade was consummated, but did not follow through on that handshake deal. Kirilenko, who played only seven games with the Nets this season, remains on the Sixers roster but has refused to join the team despite a request to do so. Philadelphia Inquirer

"He might have an IQ of 150, but [Hinkie] doesn't seem to realize you have to deal with these people over and over," one league source said. Could Hinkie have misinterpreted or misunderstood the alleged agreement with the Nets, who wanted to satisfy the desire of Kirilenko - a favorite of Russian team owner Mikhail Prokhorov - to become a free agent? "No," said another source. "I think he started thinking he can just hold onto him and use him at the trade deadline in a package to get something." Philadelphia Inquirer

According to two sources, the Nets told the Sixers that Kirilenko would not report and wished to become a free agent. Brooklyn had other trade options that would have worked out just as well or better if Kirilenko had been willing to play. Those sources insist the Sixers agreed to release Kirilenko but did not. "That's 100 percent accurate," one source said. "[The Nets] clearly believed there was a handshake deal." Philadelphia Inquirer

That's fine, but sources around the league indicate that Hinkie is also gaining a reputation as someone with whom other teams are leery of doing business. There is always reason to question the motivation of sources, and Hinkie's analytical approach to the game does represent a challenge to the old-boys club's way of operating. But not living up to a handshake agreement, if true, would be a bad way to build relationships. "General managers like to call each other and talk, but nobody wants to talk to Sam Hinkie. Nobody trusts this guy," one source said. Philadelphia Inquirer

January 8, 2015 Updates

Tony Wroten went out of his way to say how much he loves every aspect of his professional life in Philadelphia. You didn't have to look very hard to see the tinge of wonderment in his eyes, however, when he was asked about a rumor circulating that he may be part of a deal that would send him to the Los Angeles Clippers. "You hear it. You hear what you hear, but whatever happens, happens," said Wroten, the Sixers' leading scorer at 17.2 a game. "I just control the ball on the court, really. You hear about the rumors and I let my team and my agent handle that. With this team there is a lot of change and a lot of new faces, but that's a part of the business. You just have to cherish the moment with the team when you can." Philadelphia Inquirer

January 7, 2015 Updates

According to a league source, the conversation is in preliminary stages. It’s unclear what the Clippers would offer (or what the Sixers would want) for Wroten, but they were interested enough in the point guard to inquire. Wroten initially said he doesn’t pay attention to the trade rumors, then added “yeah, you hear it. You hear what you hear.” Wroten said he’s content to let the team and his agent handle the matter. He also said he expects to remain in Philadelphia, though he admitted that other teams asking about him is flattering. CSNPhilly.com

Under president and general manager Sam Hinkie, the Sixers have become one of the most active teams in the NBA. Wroten said he and his teammates understand that they will be inevitably linked to trade talks or potential personnel moves. “You pretty much know that it’s going to happen, especially on this team,” Wroten said. “A lot of change. A lot of new faces. But it’s part of the business. You have to cherish the moment as best you can." CSNPhilly.com

“I’m auditioning for everybody. But I was blessed and fortunate enough, with a few guys, who got to stay on this team. It’s like you feel wanted. I continue to play for the lovely fans and the lovely community and see where it takes us.” CSNPhilly.com

A league source has confirmed to Liberty Ballers that the the Philadelphia 76ers are fielding trade inquiries about point guard Tony Wroten. Dan Woike of the Orange County Register was first to report the trade chatter regarding Wroten, which Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia's John Gonzalez confirmed shortly after. LibertyBallers.com


The 76ers have more MVPs than any other franchise outside of Lakers and Celtics, so the team's Top 50 is obviously stacked with talent.


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